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  1. Walked from York racecourse into the city centre this morning -3C thermometer -10C windchill, through dry powder snow; great fun, not experienced since 2010 Difficult to be dogmatic about the northward progression of Storm Emma, but I think it'll be slow, with our area continuing to experience this exceptional cold from the east until at least Sunday
  2. It was a lovely scene at 7am with about 5cm of snow but has now all but gone. Been out for a walk and although it's a cold wind doesn't feel particularly bitter in the strong sun. Eerily qiuet actually with relatively few folk out and about on the Ouse paths Took my camera but nothing worth snapping Here's looking forward to the next few days
  3. Why the disappointment, today's been as forecast hasn't it? The Polar Continental airmass has announced its arrival with leaden skies, snow flurries and windchill taking it below 0C most of the day The real action starts tomorrow, as has been forecast for several days
  4. Don't know why some are expressing disappointment already. Today seems to have gone much as forecast: cold encroaching, snow flurries all day, 2C max, now 0C with windchill taking it down to -4C The next four days still promise some exceptional cold and significant snow. I for one don't really care if - and it remains a big IF - it all goes mild 'n' mushy at the weekend, plenty of interest before then Decent covering of snow in York tomorrow I trust; the first of any consequence since 2013 Camera at the ready!
  5. I too would like to thank Knocker for this thread; I'm sure I'm one of a multitude of lurkers who value his input Although there are some very good correspondents on the main Model thread - John Holmes, Tamara, Singularity come to mind - in general there's far too much traffic from folk passing confirmation bias off as measured analysis
  6. I dare say at some point next week we'll see RED Weather warnings. I hope not, but it does look increasingly likely that we're in for a severe event which might impact on Transport, NHS, National Grid etc; so I've sent my MP an email asking her to check if local and national Government have contingency plans It's a fascinating event unfolding and being a fit, healthy retired gent with no particular place to go I'll revel in the novelty but for the less fortunate it could prove dangerous Thanks to all for the on-going analysis
  7. Near York Racecourse, and light snow began about half an hour ago, settlling in temperature of -1C Given the forecast two days ago, I was looking forward to building snowmen and sledging on the Knavesmire, so dashed hopes have been slightly undashed
  8. It was no more than a bog-standard windy and blustery night here, peaking before midnight. Nearby Linton-on-Ouse weather station recorded maximum sustained winds of ~37mph with gusts reaching ~53mph Not been out yet but only expecting to see piles of blown leaves, small branches and litter lying around I'll be going to Stratford-upon-Avon by train on Friday and Saturday so it's now over to the thread dealing with the possible storm due then
  9. From a calm smelly gloom to a rapidly freshening (and fresh) breeze and bright sun in the space of an hour Is York too far from the Pennines to be subjected to lee gusts? A windy night and morning on the way, whatever
  10. Paul Hudson, the weatherman on BBC Look North, has just said that forest fires in Portugal are contributing to this yellowing, and presumably the burnt odour; both of which are becoming increasingly apparent here in York. Wind still negligible and sun yet to break through the grimly-grey cloud cover, though I live in hope I'll see the orange orb others have marvelled at, later this afternoon
  11. New member here, thanks to all for a fascinating and useful thread Here in York it's been almost flat calm this morning though a zephyr has just begun. The sun has yet to break through but it's about 16C and humid Had a walk to my allotment earlier and here too there's an eerie grey-yellow mistiness and very little birdsong or flight. Reminds me of the morning of the significant partial solar eclipse a couple of years ago which covered around 80% of the sun The response of animals to imminent 'natural disasters' is interesting. If I recall correctly there were reports of Elephan
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