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  1. I often can't see the sky clearly when it's needed. That time it's been raining the whole night through The one good thing about it, I've found http://solarstory.net/comets/. They have a live video feed from the outside of the International Space Station.
  2. Simce I've got a steady job, and argue every friday with my boss - each friday
  3. Sunday it was Ice at our local ice cafe and coffee
  4. The night was cloudy, morning has sunny spells, +20
  5. A cloudy but a hot morning sunny afternoon and a strong shower to wind up the day
  6. Richmond park is high up on my list. A beer on Richmond hills The Roebuck is a treat.
  7. Enable the "Always Use HTTPS" option on websites that you visit frequently, or that require you to enter some kind of credentials. When connecting to the Internet at a public place, you're unlikely to want to share anything. You can turn off sharing from the system preferences or Control Panel, depending on your OS, or let Windows turn it off for you by choosing the "Public" option the first time you connect to a new, unsecured networ
  8. 1. Manchester United 2. Manchester City 3. Chelsea 4. Arsenal 5. Tottenham Hotspur 6. Liverpool 7. Leicester City 8. Everton 9. West Ham 10. Southampton 11. Stoke City 12. Middlesbrough 13. Sunderland 14. West Brom 15. Crystal Palace 16. Bournemouth 17. Watford 18. Burnley 19. Swansea City 20. Hull City
  9. Pollution is a consequence of all life, though humans are uncommonly effective polluters. Environmental pollution is an inevitable result of economic development, then cleanup is a result of further economic development.
  10. Clouds in the morning, windy, but the evening is leaves nothing to complain
  11. The past summer has been damp squib in several ways, hope that in 2017 it's gonna to be brighter
  12. Clouds, rain in the morning and a sunny afternoon
  13. Last impressing film I saw was The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared
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