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  1. Kings lynn very heavy snow chucking it down about 3 or 4 inches in last hour Jason
  2. Radar on net weather showing nothing ?
  3. Totally agree with this, the locked in posts re weather are so wrong. Been here a hundred times and more only to see it all change in 24 hrs jason
  4. Snowing now in kings lynn getting heavier also jason
  5. Hi Nick in 2010 we had a wash streamer here in north norfolk, lasted nearly all day, but totally flat land here,how does that work? Thanks Jason
  6. Now snowing here in kings lynn again
  7. Heavy snow now king's lynn
  8. Thanks Nick Aso any thoughts of the northern extent of precip? Thanks Jason
  9. Showers pushing in to the wash area now could get interesting later here
  10. also for today winds now turning east pushing showers back in on the east coast
  11. snowing and settling in kings lynn though
  12. No I'm saying a rather wider extent of precipitation
  13. Looking at radar snowfall will be a lot further north also as well as south