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  1. Heavy snow now king's lynn
  2. Thanks Nick Aso any thoughts of the northern extent of precip? Thanks Jason
  3. could that fall as snow?
  4. Showers pushing in to the wash area now could get interesting later here
  5. also for today winds now turning east pushing showers back in on the east coast
  6. snowing and settling in kings lynn though
  7. No I'm saying a rather wider extent of precipitation
  8. Looking at radar snowfall will be a lot further north also as well as south
  9. Yes but looking at the radar ect over ireland at present,it would need a hell of a push south not to reach us here? as per met office update also Thanks Jason
  10. Hi Nick what's your view on the most northern extent of snow ? norfolk lincs ect/
  11. Anyone have an idea of the most northern point of snow ? eg lincs ect cheers Jason
  12. Hi yes my point exactly WIB
  13. Hi Nick well it was done before ? but ok lets here from members in kent ect in a regional thread half way down the country ?
  14. I'm just saying in busy times as this,maybe a good idea? we are about 150 miles from some posters in this thread not exactly close is it ?
  15. I know but needs to be split up, area to big at present could have norfolk/susse/cambs as a thread? would make sense