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  1. Should also state if ypu see any damage tp the electrical network the number to call is 105 regardless of where you are in the country. A postcode, nearedt property and nearby pole number is very useful. Treat any cable as live and be aware in the wet it will conduct along the ground.
  2. Just about to hit ipswich; i can hear a constant grumble of thunder! Not at work till 3pm; so not only do i get to stay up and enjoy this i know i wont have to pick up the pieces!!! Just wish i had popcorn.....
  3. all I know is the forecasts agree that the storms arrive after I finish my shift today and should be gone before I start my shift tomorrow evening. perfect
  4. at working doing the 2nd 12hr shift of the weekend. i can just about see sunshine out of the window.
  5. i can only assume by the weather that the EU intends to melt us into submission over brexit.
  6. looks like perfect weekend coming up. not working (tick), sunshine (tick), hot weather (tick) chance of thunder Sunday evening (tick tickkedy tick)
  7. I half expect storms to appear out of nowhere like the Spanish Inquisition
  8. an unexpected amount of damage. the fun starts again at 06:00 07/06 apparently.
  9. Thank you for the welcome the 'powers that be' get specific warnings from the MET office but all that comes down to me is the notification when we are expecting certain conditions which cause significant damage to the network. high winds, snow, torrential heavy rain, all that jazz. problem is the ole MET office isnt always too accurate, many is the time we have geared up for a 'storm'; got loads in on overtime and then.... nothing happens. Thunderstorms are quite an interesting one, you can get a massive storm which hardly hits anything then some small cell with only a few strike hit
  10. ...I work for the electricity board covering East Anglia and the South East; I remember a few years ago a lightning storm crawled up the coast from London and just sat over Southend. totally destroyed the electricity network over the course of an afternoon. I really REALLY used to love storms right up to the point I got this job.
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