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  1. Lightning every second now to the northwest beyond Manchester. Very picturesque. iPhone video doesn’t do it justice.
  2. Flashes to the West of here now over Merseyside lighting up the sky - seemed to come from nowhere...
  3. Out for a drive near Whaley Bridge and can see the anvil of the storm near Nottingham
  4. Can see the top of the cell approaching Manchester. Feels like it’s turning to the right (maybe wishful thinking). Last pic is from behind.
  5. Had a few rumbles of thunder from this to the west between Poynton and Manchester airport.
  6. Picturesque line of convection looking southwest from here towards Crewe. Towers going up behind this too.
  7. Heard a few rumbles of thunder from the cell towards the North West. Signs of convection to the North and in the now clear slot to the South too.
  8. Starting to see distant strikes from here now to the west and those to the south lighting up the clouds
  9. Amazing how quickly things have initiated. Love nights like this, how Mother Nature can keep us on our toes.
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