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  1. Just had lightning out to the west of Reading and deep rumbling Thunder.
  2. I think there is supposed to be more action tonight, forecast suggested Thunderstorms possible in South West and Central England the last forecast I saw.
  3. Just had heavy convectional rain and hail stones very briefly in Reading, then as it was heading further north east, could hear Thunder coming from it.
  4. I'm in Reading which seems to have a ban on rain today, rain moves towards us and without fail by the time it reaches here rain is off the radar, happened yesterday as well. Would be nice to get of something to get the humidity down a bit.
  5. pretty sure I can the cell just north of London from here, very envious.
  6. I can't wait it for it to rain, approx 5 mins away but even if that passes plenty more heading up this way.
  7. the tail end of that might have been more impressive for lightning than the front edge of it, coming to a close now in Reading from the looks of it.
  8. Big booming thunder, just had a strike reported in a local park, sounded close, real bright.
  9. The intensity seems to have dropped a lot, was a lot of red and orange on radar replaced with greens and it fizzling out.
  10. Slough has a storm shield on tonight then, seemed to skip over it and carry on in London.
  11. It's a nice but irregular show here, seen some lovely visuals and orange lit up clouds, couple of close strikes but mostly passing over to the east and west of us.
  12. lots of lightning from my window just east of Reading, barely any Thunder at all, some nice strikes though.
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