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  1. I remember that 36-degree heat in 2017 because I was heading to Glastonbury that Wednesday and it was crazy hot. That heatwave seemed to expire and drop by 10 plus degrees without any kind of storm to break it up at all.
  2. I was living in Bournemouth in 2015 right when that storm hit I think it was in early July. The channel was already popping off and gradually moving towards the coast but luckily for us, it was a direct hit on Bournemouth with something people at the time called a Supercell. The sky was yellow and incredibly heavy right before it, knew we were in for something big. Usually only seen anything like that in Europe or North America. The number of lightning strikes recorded over that initial 30 minutes after it made landfall was incredible. Constant lightning, shotgun thunder, didn't let up for a moment. I was consoling my pets and girlfriend at the time so didn't get to enjoy the best of views but it was crazy to have that go straight over the top of you.
  3. It's been a very wet day in Reading, quite something how constant it's been.
  4. It was so ominous earlier and it came to nothing but a brief shower, the skies look like they have potential but it's not coming to anything here in Reading at least.
  5. The clouds building up look really ominous but not a drop of rain at all let alone anything more thundery.
  6. Just heard a second rumble of thunder in Reading, it's not near here though, out to the north/north east.
  7. Anyone can confirm lightning on the south coast off Brighton and towards Canterbury?
  8. Yes sorry I meant for the country as a whole rather than Reading, think we will miss out and just get rain instead today.
  9. Lightning map seems to be suggesting that we will get something today.
  10. Just had a smallest cell in Reading, about 5 flashes around the same time, over as quickly as it started. Hail too. Moving along the M4 towards London.
  11. i just saw two flashes in the sky, in disbelief I went straight to lightning map and presume that was from the cell in the channel right now.
  12. I can hear Thunder, it's a few miles too south to see it, cloud is moving very fast around it though, nice concentration of very dark skies, light cloud and even patches of blue around it.
  13. I'm looking out from my garden and I can very onimous clouds with towers and tops. If I'm not mistaken those could be thundery at some point.
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