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  1. Blue sky now visible over Clent. However Towers are visible on the Horizon.. Not sure if they will last after sunset. What a day.Gead on. But Thunder lighing activity dying
  2. 2007 comes to mind here. Correct me if wrong as I dint always go for patterns but the METO long range is worrying. Hope I am wrong.
  3. Dont want scare commuters for tomorrow. Got to be PC lol
  4. Really hope it comes now. Egg on there faces.
  5. ITV meto forcasts got no snow at all for tonight. Must be hours old.
  6. Not being reported by forcasters on 6pm forcast. Think West Mids will have a fresh fall.
  7. Beast as Returned. Welcome him Back Plesse.
  8. Totally disagree. USA sea board further south than us. Look snow they are getting. Not a typical winter. Worse to come or better how you perceive it. Bring it on.
  9. Welcome Back Beast This Weekend. Lets Partyyyyy
  10. Beast is on the way back.
  11. Lets hope so. Got soaked again not fun not healthy. Beast will bring snow crisp conditions. Then spring. No damp wet mild muck from atlantic.
  12. Mymum is 83 and hates mild damp weather really affects her joints. Born in 1934 she lived through 47 63 and says 80s was nothing. Always happy when it snows and cold like myself. Better prep is needed. Still cannot understand bust pipes not record bresking cold may be better infrastrcture. Wet leads to flooding like 2007. Lot more destructive
  13. May be snowman may have a kiss of life tonight
  14. Turn up 4 the books tonight n the midlands. Not a surprise if it happens. As I predicted. Beast us lurking
  15. I got a feeling tonight is ging to be a good good night. Surprises will be seen in the morning. Beasty is still lurking waiting to pounce