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  1. Here’s the cloud that produced Sferics, and another portion of the sky:
  2. Hey all! I was walking home from a great day today, and I managed to get caught in a pokey squall line. Heavy rain fell, with some hail kind of melted in. On the way home, though, I saw a distant thunderstorm! It gave 5 bright Flashes over the channel. Very nice indeed! Have a great evening everyone.
  3. Slight frost and iced over puddles here this morning. Current temp is 1.6c.
  4. Hey! I had an absolutely spectacular night of stargazing! My expectations were high, but that just exceeded them by a mile. When we arrived, I knew it was going to be something special; We parked near a small café on the clifftop, and Instantly noticed just how quiet and desolate it was. We made our way down some steps to the beachfront, in near total darkness. When We made it down, I was greeted with a dazzling array of stars; Thousands upon thousands of them, spilling across the night sky like glitter. My breath was taken away immediately. We set up our deck chairs, and got comfortable. It was just sublime. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but when you’re alone in a place as quiet as this was, it becomes unnervingly easy to convince yourself that no other human exists. It felt like a surreal kind of deep fever dream, one of those truly unforgettable ones that remain vivid as time passes. I also managed to spot 7 shooting stars in process! It was cold, too! And lucky, no fog came and encroached upon the display.
  5. Blimey, has it rained in Bexhill, or what?! Since around 23:50 last night, the rain has been so persistent, only stopping every hour or so. It’s been fluctuating between >Moderate-Torrential, and it was mainly stratiform for a good portion of the night. Once the rain band cleared, however, we have been stuck under heavy-very heavy showers for a good few hours. In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s raining outside! Falling under >moderate on my scale.
  6. Odd topic, I know, but I must ask: Is it just me, or is the late winter of 1956 criminally underrated...? Right at the beginning of February, it looks like we may have just squeezed the -20c Isotherm in across our area, given how low-res the NCEP re-analysis charts are. For perspective, I don’t even think we managed that incredible feat during the January 1987 cold spell. I expect the maxima during this time (1st Feb-5th Feb) would have been around -6-8c widely, given VERY deep snow cover from NE/ENE winds. The snow streamer convection must have been immense! As well as this particular cold spell, Mid February was also very cold and snowy, given the blocked pattern waxed and waned, but generally kept its grip. We then had yet another cold period towards the end of February, with uppers widely between -12-15c. This renewed surge of cold was predominantly low pressure themed, with biting N/NE winds. Again, I know this is out of the blue, but I thought it was worth mentioning, and may further whet our growing appetite for cold and snowy weather. I have included some charts, too. (Click for higher res)
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