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  1. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    https://balticlivecam.com/cameras/latvia/riga/panorama-of-riga/ Riga is under a level 2 warning from ESTOFEX today, so keep an eye on this livecam!
  2. Lol i'm the only place that hasn't had a storm today...
  3. Got some convective cloud photos while on Beachy head today! (I think I managed to see the over hang of cloud from the elevated French storms, on the third photo).
  4. Tipping it down now; still getting some bright CGs, and the storm has intensified out of nowhere!
  5. Soft, booming thunder, frequent lightning, and light, convective rainfall. I'm loving this!
  6. To add insult to injury, i can hear distant rumbles...
  7. AARRRGHHH too many trees, and I cant even be bothered to go to the seafront...
  8. I don't even think the lightning was forecast to be this prolific. Surely ConvectiveWeather would have issued a MDT? (rather than the slight)
  9. What do you think? is a good night-time channel show likely?
  10. Yep, keeping an eye on on those!