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  1. Rain here. About 2 miles north of me (battle), the NW radar is showing sleet and snow. This is just frustrating.
  2. Frosty, clear, and cold! very nice!
  3. we had a very slight covering of sleet/hail on the bins this morning. amazing.
  4. Wet and windy sums up today. Tomorrow might be a day of radar watching.
  5. Very gusty winds all of a sudden behind the rain
  6. I'm currently under a potent little squall, with hail and more strong wind.
  7. Time to sleep w/ the curtains wide open. Everyone stay safe, and good luck.
  8. I have to admit, the BBC hourly forecasts aren't the most consistent. I'll leave my curtains open, in case anything develops overnight.
  9. And just like that, the BBC has downgraded the second squall into nothing. Perhaps it's bedtime for me soon?
  10. The sky seems to be clearing, and if anything the wind is getting stronger.
  11. I just had a series of really strong gusts, they almost seemed convective. (I would say they were 60mph-ish).
  12. Nothing has appeared on radar, Although multiple people have reported seeing flashes with this heavier rain.
  13. still showing for my location, but I highly doubt it will happen.