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  1. But dark nights equate to lamp-post watching!
  2. There were some very nice cloudscapes after the cold front passed— I took this photo a few minutes ago:
  3. Just had a monumental shower in hastings!!! Huge convective raindrops!
  4. Looks like watching the perseid’s peak is out of the question... I suppose there’s always tomorrow night (activity will stilll Be high).
  5. Sorry for the quote, lassie!
  6. I saw a grand total of 34 meteors tonight! I saw one of the best fireballs of my life, it was bright green and very slow moving, flared white at the end, and had a smoky white tail. Absolutely breathtaking, to say the least.
  7. Bexhill has been experiencing some surprisingly persistent heavy convective rainfall for the past 2 hours or so, we must have had at least 13mm or more?
  8. Brief spell of torrential convective rain in Bexhill
  9. Our neighbors tent gazebo just blew into another garden!!
  10. The heavens have just opened in Bexhill; Fairly heavy convective rainfall and strong gusts of wind atm.
  11. Are you thinking of watching the Perseids tonight? It looks like it will be fairly clear from around 22:00 onwards.
  12. I've just seen an incredible CC-CG flash of lightning towards Eastbourne--it appeared as though it struck Beachy head!! Nice rolling thunder to go with it too. Maybe This convective season is finally done torturing me...?
  13. I just stuck my head outside, and I saw a flash pf lightning towards Eastbourne!!