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  1. I was on holiday w/ my school at the time, on the isle of wight. Those storms were absolutely spectacular, as they kept on back building throughout the night. Those anvil crawlers were the highlight for me, and there were a couple of instances of upward-lightning! We also had the very strong, gusty winds as the storms approached, which took down a tree in the nearby forest. The next day it was 13c, drizzly, and damp. compare that to 31c and humidity of the previous day! EDIT: just realized you may have been talking about a different set of storms. Apologies!
  2. It was excellent here, 2-3 hours of distant anvil crawler lightning, coupled with deep, elevated thunder. We also had some very close lightning strikes just as it grazed the coastline!
  3. Who's hoping for another May 28-29th 2017? (thunderstorm event)
  4. It's officially the hottest April day (nationwide) since 1949!
  5. Cracking day here, temperature is 18.6C, dew point 11.7C. I might be going crazy, but the sunshine seems to have put everyone in a better mood, and I myself have lots of energy!
  6. And thus starts the brightening trend! I think the warmest day will be Thursday, but the temp will gradually rise from tomorrow onwards. Enjoy everyone, we deserve it after having to endure that wet spell!
  7. NE France is starting to look interesting!
  8. Do you think we have a chance of seeing any distant lightning in the channel tonight?
  9. Did I ever tell you that profile pic is great? lol
  10. yes it's a nice day here too! (surprise surprise, as we are more or less in the same town...)
  11. I know! it was so sudden too. IMO this is the first real storm watch of the convective season so far, and hopefully not the last!
  12. Hey Nick, have you seen whats lurking over extreme W Germany/Belgium? if so, what are your thoughts on it?
  13. is it worth keeping an eye on that lot over Belgium/ West Germany?