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    Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex (11.8M ASL)
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    Thunderstorms, Cold, Snowy winters, weather in general, and football. (GET IN THERE, SPURS!)
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  1. Ahhh that's a shame, Lovely pink CC lightning and crawlers! Got absolutely soaked through however, some of the heaviest rain I've ever been outside in I think
  2. Suppose I can't complain after the night before yesterday... Hope you were awake in the early hours (04:00-07:00), quite the deluge!
  3. The moment I seemed to think about going to Galley hill, it died out completely!
  4. Nice rumbles from the E, Heard about 6 so far with the last 2 being closer
  5. Going to set an alarm for around 02:00, so I can quickly look for developments if there are any. Need to catch up on the zero sleep I got last night first!
  6. Just had an absolute deluge of monumental proportions in Bexhill… Huge tropical style raindrops that made an audible thud when they hit the ground, paths became flooded in minutes. I would guess 25-30mm in the space of around 20 minutes? If anyone could get a radar estimated accumulation grab I would highly appreciate it!
  7. The colours of the sunrise coupled with the lightning and soft elevated thunder make for a wonderful experience…
  8. Multiple cells around me! Just had a lovely CC bolt extend from a cell towards Brighton into a clear patch of sky.
  9. Flashes in the channel as soon I as I head back home?? Shock horror! Back I go…
  10. Latest met office precipitation rate projection (Based off of UKV I assume) is lovely for coastal East Sussex... Three separate rounds of activity during the early hours, courtesy of an extra push of High Theta-W air.
  11. One flash and I’m back out the door… Just had my coffee and still have my boots and coat on!
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