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  1. Good Morning! fairly breezy out there this morning.
  2. I've forgotten what rain looks like...
  3. very bright flash, coupled with a deep rumble. Good night everyone!
  4. I really do need to get some kip soon, so ill probably leave the curtains/windows open, as long as I don't get invaded by these rather large moths that are around!
  5. I'm in Hastings, East Sussex.
  6. That was bizarre... We had a brief spell of moderate convective rainfall, but the stars were still visible, as very little cloud was present. We are also still getting vibrant flashes to our ENE every once in a while, but it seems to be slowly easing down with time.
  7. Bright flash and a rumble just then!
  8. Can confirm, fairly decent (very distant) light show here in Hastings.
  9. Okay, I definitely saw that one.
  10. I think I saw a flash just then...
  11. Isolated elevated showers forming in the channel, nothing seen as of yet here in hastings.