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  1. Just had some torrential convective rainfall in Bexhill
  2. Is this embedded convection in the rain expected today?
  3. Do you have any links for those? Cheers
  4. Trees have gone a lovely colour this year:
  5. Does anyone else have a really good feeling about this winter...? with all the recent blocking highs, low solar activity, increasingly favorable el-nino signals, and plenty of other factors coming into place... This HAS to be our (the coldie's) winter! JUST FOR FUN: the CFS keeps pumping out easterly solutions for different parts of the winter...
  6. Another cool autumn morning.
  7. 6.7C at 7:36 this morning when I left, clear day has followed.
  8. After a brief interlude, it’s tipping it down again. The temp. Is currently around 9C.
  9. Some fairly large puddles around Hastings.
  10. Wind is increasing here in Bexhill.
  11. Current temp. In Bexhill, according to my fast response ETI thermometer (novelty still hasn’t worn off), is 15.0c. I’m going to play as much footy as possible today, while desperately wishing I could stay 15 forever... I’m 16 in October. I should squeeze a couple of hours in before the rain arrives.
  12. Wow. That squall came out of nowhere!! Just got woken up by gusts easily above 55mph, maybe topping at around 60. Absolutely crazy sound, with the trees in full leaf. I heard a couple of crashes outside, will investigate further in the morning.
  13. wind is steadily, but rather slowly, on the increase in Hastings.