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  1. Just been reading about this. I was working on a bridge over the River Swale near Leeming and between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning the river rose 15ft in just 36 hours. It dropped just as quickly but it showed the amount of rain we had.
  2. That change in wind direction is absolutely fascinating. I was stood on the seafront watching the rain approach from the west whilst simultaneously getting blasted by the wind from the east. A fascinating hours worth of weather.
  3. Me and my big mouth! Just had a massive battering off the storm as it came through and wind direction and cloud direction all changed within a matter of minutes. When it all calms down I'm going to have a walk on the seafront to see what it looks like.
  4. Looking east over Thorpe Bay the clouds are heading off the North Sea and going north. Some brief rain just now, but still dry.
  5. Strange weather here in Southend. The radar shows heavy rain over Southend yet in my part of the town - Southend - Shoebury, there isn't any rain falling at all. I wonder if the stiff easterly wind is keeping it away.
  6. Something finally popping up for SE Essex. That storm is only just to the east of us and rumbles of thunder, fingers crossed for this!
  7. It's sweltering in Essex at the moment, only the sea breeze here in Southend keeping us cool. I have been watching the sky all day but nothing popping up. Normally I can see stuff building over Kent and drifting towards us, let's see about tomorrow.
  8. Hi all I'm furloughed until the end of June and need something to do to keep me occupied. I would like to do a course about the weather, may pay if necessary. What do people recommend? Best / worst courses also course content is important. Any help much appreciated!
  9. I'll be starting on Saturday 14th March from St Ives towards Pendeen then Land's End and round to Penzance and onto the Lizard. Hope to see you!
  10. I've put my walk back four weeks. The wind combined with the rainfall will make everything saturated and difficult to walk on so I'm delaying it. Disappointed but it's always best to err on the side of caution, especially on a coastal path.
  11. It all depends on what the weekend brings. I just don't fancy walking found Lands End and the Lizard in strong gale force winds. I have the experience - I normally go winter walking in the Cairngorms about this time of year - but this year I thought I would do something different. As for the Spine race, fell runners are utterly insane!
  12. Friday I'm supposed to be travelling down to Cornwall for a weeks walking the South West Coast Path from St Ives round to Falmouth. I'm seriously considering cancelling it though due to the high winds forecast with Storm Dennis. What do people think the weather is going to do over the next week or so? I need some help making my decision as I will lose almost £300 in fares, B&B's etc. But on the other hand I don't want to blown off a cliff, washed out to sea or end up spending the day drinking luke warm tea in a National Trust property. Any thoughts please?
  13. Just been hit by the squall line in Southend and that was something special. I could see it coming down the road towards me until it hit me and I was drenched within 20 seconds.
  14. 8.30pm down here in Essex on Southend seafront and it's still average for this time of year. The wind hasn't picked up, no black clouds in the sky but....y'know as a weather fan, I can just tell that something is about to happen.
  15. I'd been wondering about a sting jet as well, could really cause problems if that came about.
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