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  1. Well I'm sat on Southend seafront at the moment and what a change in the last hour or so. The wind has got up and is now blowing strongly from the SE, the waves are up and dark clouds loom ominously over North Kent. The Isle of Sheppey is slowly disappearing from view and lightning strikes abound. Just waiting for the storm to hit. Out to the west it's as bright as anything!
  2. I went to the Shetland Islands last week for the Up Helly Aa festival and had a marvelous time. The ferry crossing was a bit grim though, a northerly gale force 8 gusting 10 made sure at least half the 400+ passengers were seasick.As luck would have it I don't get seasick but even for me the crossing was bad. We arrived into Lerwick and it was snowing...but nothing was showing on the radar. In fact, nothing shows on the weather radar for Shetland, no rain, no snow nothing, yet we had plenty of weather up there. I tried various radar websites and non of them had anything for Shetland. Does anyone know why?
  3. Ok, how about a bit of perspective here. The front page of the Sun this morning reads "The World's on Fire" and "Planet gripped by killer heatwave". But there must be places which are colder than normal and having more rain than normal. I'm a great believer that things go in cycles and we have a hot summer but then we had a cold winter as well. So does anyone know anywhere which is currently experiencing worse weather than normal - I.e. cooler weather, more rain and more storms.
  4. Down here in Southend Tuesday 29th May is the last time we had any rain. That's 6 weeks next Tuesday without any rain.
  5. On Tuesday it will be 5 weeks since we had any rain in Essex. Ok, the odd minor shower here or there, but nothing substantial. On Tuesday 29th May it rained so hard it poured into my office. This is a new office in Stratford - just 18 months old - and yet it came through the windows in several places. For about a week after I was going for a lunchtime run round the Olympic park and everything was waterlogged and boggy. Now? Bone dry, dusty and in need of serious rain.
  6. -1c here in Southend ith a bitter wind coming straight off the North Sea. No snow since last night but a band of snow is on its way from the east and is currently sat over the Isle of Thant. I can see the clouds approaching and expect snow anytime within the next 30 minutes.
  7. Lightening strikes over the Thames estuary this evening. Mostly over the Kent coast to the east looking down towards Whitstable / Isle of Thant.
  8. Thank you Bristol Boy, it is indeed a Pembrokeshire Dangler- there's even a wikipedia entry for it: The Pembrokshire Dangler
  9. Okay, I was listening to radio 5 yesterday and the chap doing the weather said that when you weather conditions specifically like this you get loads of rain over Pembrokeshire as this is where all the air meets. He said that this would cause it to rain pretty muich non-stop in Pembrokeshire and watching the radar over the last 48 hours this is exactly what has happened. It has a specific name it's the Pemroke ????? I can't remember! Can any one help with this?
  10. Putting out my washing at 7am and was puzzled to find rain falling, despite it being a clear blue sky. Big drops, but not enough to soak everything. Radar confirmed there was indeed a shower sat over Southend. Most odd.
  11. The showers look to be developing around the Thames valley as well.
  12. Nothing here on Southend seafront at the moment. Looks like a dead rubber for tonight.
  13. Well, it' Saturday and I have reached Rhiconich and it's tipping it down with rain with strong winds which forced me off the hills early. I'm a day ahead of schedule anyway so it doesn't really matter but it has been very dry up until now. Temperature about 8c last night at the bothy I was at. Just right for sleeping!
  14. I started the Cape Wrath Trail last month and walked from Fort William to Dornie and then stopped due to an injury. Saturday morning I pick up the trail again and I hope to reach Cape Wrath in about ten days. But the big question is, what sort of weather can I expect this time of year? Also, what has the weather been like over the last 6 weeks or so? When I started in May it was very dry with a lot of the streams being completely dry, so what has the rainfall situation been like? More to the point, what are the chances of me being hit by a gale, particularly in the exposed bit between Rhiconich and Cape Wrath?
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