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  1. Very heavy convective downpour in Hailsham about an hour ago, a few lightning flashes visible to my North.
  2. Tornado and severe thunderstorm watch issued by TORRO: (Sorry it's FB, the TORRO site itself isn't showing it for some reason)
  3. As it stands, the first batch is due to hit West of the IOW, with us getting it in the early hours if we're lucky. But I'm willing that rain Eastwards. I just tried to do half an hours work in the garden but the heat drove me back indoors, it's unbearable.
  4. Being near the South Coast, I'm watching the Channel as always. A beefy but localised heavy shower and lightning showing up in NW France, headed N-NE into the Channel.
  5. It just rained in Hailsham. Actual water fell from the sky! The birds went crazy! Convection appearing all along the South coast now.
  6. Used to drink in the Waterfront years ago :) I do miss it there.
  7. Dortmund airport webcam showing up the lightning from this storm quite well: https://www.dortmund-airport.com/live-webcam Edit: Choose the West-facing webcam, better view.
  8. Also, apologies if this has already been posted, but levels 1 & 2 issued by Estofex for tomorrow: http://www.estofex.org/
  9. Just back from an excellent storm chase around Eastbourne, Pevensey and Hailsham. What a light show! And so early in the season! Couldn't get many pictures for the heavy rain, but what a great night out. Ps: Is anyone else getting a javascript error when trying to load LightningMaps .org? It was working fine when I left but now it won't load.
  10. I'm a little more optimistic about today. No big deal if we get nothing; as others have said, the weekend into next week looking good and it's early days yet for our decent storms. Just watching the cloud clearing from the South here, heating up nicely behind it and signs of a line of convection.
  11. I moved to E Sussex specifically for the continental storms, entering the 5th Summer here and I haven't been let down yet, been spectacular.
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