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  1. Was sat on the beach at Pevensey from 10pm til midnight, watching distant lightning on the French coast. Had to leave eventually as my friend needed the loo and the buggers had padlocked the disabled facilities! Noticed it had started crossing the Channel by the time we got home.
  2. ESTOFEX have issued a Level 2 warning for Thursday for Southern England / South Wales: https://www.estofex.org/
  3. I hope we get some videos from above these storms uploaded.
  4. Blowing virtual raspberries at ya! 😄 Just 5 years ago I'd have jumped on my mountain bike and pedalled it down there, not so fit now unfortunately.
  5. Watching the lightning from the back garden in Hailsham. Will be bu**ered if I'm going out again today after the fun and games at the Co-Op. Got so angry my left eye actually drifted out of alignment before snapping back in place...that's a new one. Anyway back on topic...hoping we catch something decent tomorrow, even rain alone will be welcomed at this stage.
  6. Well, with luck we will, even if it's just a Kent Clipper. Hoping for more cells to bubble up to the West of that.
  7. Does this mean I have to go without my beer tonight and pour it in the Channel? Hmm, it's a tough one...
  8. Way too hot for me. I'll be down to Pevensey though this evening if a light show is in order.
  9. As always, from my location 8 miles from the coast, I'll be looking to France for my action. We tend not to get "home-grown" here; they always start just a few miles North and then head Northwards.
  10. Been watching that clinging to the French coast for hours. Think it's finally broken its moorings and gradually pulling out into the Channel. Might be worth a journey to the beach even it's for a distant light show.
  11. Just spent an hour sat on the beach at Pevensey and watched the lightning out in the Channel. Lovely red moon to go with the pink lightning. A few distant booms. Looks like it's fizzling now.
  12. Latest GFS looking good for the SE corner overnight tonight:
  13. What a chase! Went to Pevensey Bay to watch a couple of distant cells, didn't expect much. Then noticed the Western cell was headed straight for the coast so intercepted it on the South Downs near Eastbourne just as it made landfall. Very close cg's, booming thunder and torrential rain. Some spectacular lightning! Great first chase of the year.
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