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  1. Mostly went East, went down to Hastings and was under the Western flank of a storm there, got to watch some nice lightning, (also noteworthy was the massive temp difference over just a few miles, much hotter in Hastings) but back home in Hailsham, nothing but a few rumbles and a drop of rain. Still holding out hope for later though.
  2. Channel-watching here in Hailsham with an eye to some elevated stuff later.
  3. This is from Met Monkey, always found him o be more reliable than anywhere else.
  4. Can see flashes to the South from here in Hailsham, E Sussex.
  5. More cells developing further back along that line, and they are more to the East:
  6. They may have fallen off, they never could get those little symbols to stay on the board Seriously though, more a case of just watching the satellite now and hope for the best.
  7. These two burgeoning cells appear to be bee-lining straight for the SE, against all the odds.
  8. Tooth must have been rotten and I didn't know it, snapped off at the gumline with barely a crack. Now I look like a proper redneck. Hurts all to hell. Done up on Solpadeine and will have to see how the night progresses. Difficult to focus on storms with the pain. What an absolute bummer. Good luck for everyone chasing tonight, I hope to at least get out the front door and snap some lightning from the street.
  9. I'm sat here nursing a busted front tooth, face swollen up like a balloon. Bloody KFC! Looks like my plans for a chase are off tonight, will have to window watch
  10. My mate has the car fueled up, I have the camera gear, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!
  11. Could be a rotating mothership supercell, and the TV weather would (and have) refer to it as "thundery rain"!
  12. ESTOFEX have issued Levels 1 & 2 warnings. A level 1 and 2 were issued across western France and southern UK mainly for severe wind gust, large hail and tornado chances, and in Ireland for spout-type tornadoes. http://www.estofex.org/
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