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  1. bit too close for comfort that last one....my sky dish has gone out of service
  2. just next door to you in Saltdean heard that too looking good for us
  3. Can see the tops of the disturbance over N.E. French Coast..looks to be getting stronger and heading NW..
  4. you really struck gold tonight ..I'm just content watching whats happening over your roof from here as its an amazing light show...I'm so jealous lol
  5. seen first lightning over channel from Saltdean just east of Brighton
  6. Yep same here just east of Brighton..Nowcasting I reckon for tonight...
  7. Yes it seems to freeze for about 15 mins and then all of a sudden all the stikes that were missed appear at once
  8. Felt bad for you last night..Just after u said you were going to get some sleep it fired up in the channel heading your way...Hope u saw something in the end...Good to be back on this thread again lol
  9. my nice thinks I'm a leftover from the stone age .. just content myself with twitter and my email address ...I'm 58 and passed it according to my niece....
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