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  1. You got it! Great view's from their garden, I always end up sky watching.
  2. @Luke Best @AldercI think this was the Verwood storm, as seen from Kingston, in the Purbecks. Quite a remarkable cloud, looked like something from the tropics!
  3. That's an impressive reading for one morning! The heavier rain is transferring slowly East, its really coming down near B'mth uni.
  4. Dramatic light and hints of a shelf cloud over Poole Harbour.
  5. This is taken from Southbourne, no storm obviously, but interesting to see the outflow from the storms crossing the channel. Looks dark on the horizon towards Isle of Wight.
  6. Looks like some where in Northern France was getting wet...
  7. Really liking the synoptics being forecast and starting to get excited about what looks like some properly cold weather, snow aside, that would be a bonus. I'm getting flashbacks of February 94, although a transient beast, I recorded a max of - 2.5C on the 13th. Not expecting snow here tonight or a max of - 2.5C in the coming days but who knows?!
  8. Photogenic Sky's over the channel this afternoon and now a line of showers approaching the Poole area.
  9. Quite a heavy, persistent hail shower in Poole just now, decent sized stones, grass is almost white. Went for a walk earlier and there was lots of high cloud about so I was not expecting that.
  10. Sleaty rain and a temp of 3c (car thermometer) near Kingston in the Purbecks.
  11. Thanks Mapantz. Yes it probably is, but I can't imagine parting with it!
  12. 75 knots gust now at Neddles old battery. My old barograph doing it's job
  13. Neddles old battery reporting gusts up to 68 knots.
  14. A cool but humid, summery feel to this evening. Photo taken from the Purbecks looking North. A very subtle sequence of wave clouds set up briefly over the hills.
  15. Interesting, here are my last two shots before the rain arrived, the camera is pointing in the direction of the line you've drawn. I was on the Sandbanks Peninsula at the time. I saw a small circulation in clouds directly above me but it didn't come to anything.
  16. Lots of refracted light in the rain core as it approached Poole. The sun was out shortly after it passed. Heard one rumble of thunder, good deluge though!
  17. Thanks, yes I think so, you can see the different layers of air quality at the surface being drawn up into the leading edge!
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