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  1. Just been down to Sandbanks ferry with an old Met office issue handheld anemometer. Not sure how accurate it is, but I recorded a gust of 48 knots (55 mph), it was hard to stand.
  2. If you look at the rainfall radar at around 7am you can just make out the centre of circulation off the coast of Salcombe, Devon. By 10am it's zipped up Lyme Bay just of the coast of Lyme Regis, so it would seem to be moving in a north-east direction at the moment. Very pretty symmetry to the rain bands around this low.
  3. Strobe lighting here in Bournemouth on the West cliff and a sudden one minute of largeish hail guessing about 1.5cm to 2cm in diameter. Photos show no scale, but had to scramble fast to get a shot as it's still 25c out here!
  4. Right, suitibaly enthusued about this one, if just for some cloud skapes, so will head to the Creech viewpoint, maybe kimmerage Bay in the Purbecks for this one. If any of you are in the area feel free to make yourself known, I'll be in and around a tatty old silver/grey clio!
  5. Lovely sunset shots! Here's that very striking sheet of alto stratus that arched over the region most this afternoon. This was taken near St Aldhelm's head, Purbecks using a panoramic effect
  6. Just looked at lightning maps and those storms over North of Bosnia and Herzegovina look particularly intense tonight!
  7. R Alto


    Wow, was that the Colchester storm yesterday?
  8. The line of convergence seen two hours ago from Poole Harbour, this is panoramic view going from South on the left through West and North to the right. Winds were very light at the time. It's now getting very dark, large rain drops.
  9. Another Parkstone, Poole report here, quite surprised to see it sleeting already, temp 4.1c and slowly falling now after being a consistent 5c most of the day.
  10. Snap, same day, same fallout streak hole probably, taken from Poole
  11. I would say virtually due North with maybe a slight Easterly bias.
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