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  1. R Alto

    R Alto

  2. This was a good one, I had just started art college in Bournemouth. I remember the cut off low towards the biscay in the second week of September sending lots of rain and warm air our way. The first 8 or 9 days of October were very dramatic with lots of heavy shower, thunderstorms, high rainfall totals and 5 days of thunder. Then there was some very sunny and cold weather around mid October. Then the cold that arrived around 21st November and peaked on the 23rd was extremely impressive to me, I recored a maximum of minus 1.5 that day. I remember it being very still and grey but it had that charged feeling. That was the day it started to snow in the afternoon whilst we were outside on a fag break, every flake of snow was settling on all surfaces. We were disscussing how good it would look if it was at night and we had a strobe... It doesn't really count but there was a good gale around the 8th December, It was all good stuff to go in my weather log anyway that I had just started in May that year.
  3. You got it! Great view's from their garden, I always end up sky watching.
  4. @Luke Best @AldercI think this was the Verwood storm, as seen from Kingston, in the Purbecks. Quite a remarkable cloud, looked like something from the tropics!
  5. That's an impressive reading for one morning! The heavier rain is transferring slowly East, its really coming down near B'mth uni.
  6. Dramatic light and hints of a shelf cloud over Poole Harbour.
  7. This is taken from Southbourne, no storm obviously, but interesting to see the outflow from the storms crossing the channel. Looks dark on the horizon towards Isle of Wight.
  8. Looks like some where in Northern France was getting wet...
  9. A shower of soft hail arrived in dramatic fashion just an hour ago.
  10. Really liking the synoptics being forecast and starting to get excited about what looks like some properly cold weather, snow aside, that would be a bonus. I'm getting flashbacks of February 94, although a transient beast, I recorded a max of - 2.5C on the 13th. Not expecting snow here tonight or a max of - 2.5C in the coming days but who knows?!
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