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  1. Another Parkstone, Poole report here, quite surprised to see it sleeting already, temp 4.1c and slowly falling now after being a consistent 5c most of the day.
  2. R Alto

    Cloud Help?!

    Snap, same day, same fallout streak hole probably, taken from Poole
  3. I would say virtually due North with maybe a slight Easterly bias.
  4. Think I just heard thunder here in Poole! Must be the storm in the channel but seems a long way off. Opps sorry wrong thread
  5. Thanks Clipper, very nice, deep blue sky and love the oddly stable looking alt c's in the first pic, an interesting variation for a storm environment.
  6. Sunny, breezy and warm today. Some nice cumulus/alto turrets this morning. Interesting clouds around midday, alto cumulus being stretched and twisted in waves, Kelvin-Helmholtz ish? Also being watching the cumulnimbus on the horizon over the channel in the last hour. Good cloud day!
  7. Can clearly see the storms near Cherbourg from Poole they are low on the horizon and pink with haze. A large dome of updraught just pushed up above the flat anvil, looked impressive.
  8. I've just been watching it flicker away on the horizon and I'm in Poole, that's one highly charged storm.
  9. Good storm to my South east, less frequent lightning but brighter, probably closer and heading more my way. Moons still out though illuminating the changes of wind direction at varying altitude.
  10. The cell over the channel, South of Poole is letting out strikes every 3 or 4 seconds, heading North west in believe.
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