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  1. A cool but humid, summery feel to this evening. Photo taken from the Purbecks looking North. A very subtle sequence of wave clouds set up briefly over the hills.
  2. Interesting, here are my last two shots before the rain arrived, the camera is pointing in the direction of the line you've drawn. I was on the Sandbanks Peninsula at the time. I saw a small circulation in clouds directly above me but it didn't come to anything.
  3. Lots of refracted light in the rain core as it approached Poole. The sun was out shortly after it passed. Heard one rumble of thunder, good deluge though!
  4. Thanks, yes I think so, you can see the different layers of air quality at the surface being drawn up into the leading edge!
  5. Really felt the teeth of the heatwave here in Poole today, relatively speaking, max 32.4 C. A glorious evening with what felt like perpetual heat, makes me come alive. My temperature readings have become irregular to say the least in the last 27 years, but I think today was up there for highest max reading in a while, at least since 2015? Liked the look of the Alto cumulus bubbling across the channel in a line this evening. Its more than 50% a good sign in my experience if you want thunderstorms, but maybe not just yet. I could do with the tension building a little bit longer and enjoy t
  6. Fields of Alto Floccus/Cas moving quite quickly in land, not that I'm expecting anything here.
  7. Yes I was on the West cliff, very strong wind, got my coat on!
  8. Sky's starting to show encouraging signs now in South Dorset. Edit CG just hit the channel in front me!
  9. One of the best lightning videos I've ever seen. Daytona, about 2 weeks ago.
  10. Just been down to Sandbanks ferry with an old Met office issue handheld anemometer. Not sure how accurate it is, but I recorded a gust of 48 knots (55 mph), it was hard to stand.
  11. If you look at the rainfall radar at around 7am you can just make out the centre of circulation off the coast of Salcombe, Devon. By 10am it's zipped up Lyme Bay just of the coast of Lyme Regis, so it would seem to be moving in a north-east direction at the moment. Very pretty symmetry to the rain bands around this low.
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