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  1. Looking like another wet miserable day, still chilly with that blustery wind. I think the lack of rain over the summer has been made up for in the last 24 hours. Time for frosty sunny days please.
  2. And it’s still raining, no idea what totals we’ve reached today, but I had an empty bucket in the garden and it’s now overflowing, as well as local power cuts and flooding, we’ve had a few trees go down to due to the wind. Autumn has definitely arrived. Had to put the heating on this evening just to take the chill off,
  3. Still heavy rain, with no end in sight, windy too. Flooded roads and I dread to think how the fields are faring, and as I’m typing, powers gone out Edit. Power being going on and off for an hour now!
  4. Looking like a washout miserable day here in the east. Been chucking it down for hours and looks like it’s going nowhere, just swirling round the east coast all day. Winds slowly picking up, but not near the 60mph predicted.....yet.
  5. Bright lightening flash and cracking boom of thunder here in Halesworth
  6. Woah, torrential rain, bright flashes of lightening and cracking thunder boom! Better than we got in the summer!
  7. Woken early by heavy rain which cleared by 6.30, now cloudy but still warm and muggy feeling.
  8. Temps nearly 26c here, light breeze, not a cloud in the sky. Make the most of the useable weather, it’s all down hill from tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some early frosty mornings and heaps of snow soon
  9. Foggy morning again here, do we have a sept fog index? That’s two so far. @stainesbloke, hope you feel better soon
  10. Few, brief drops of rain this morning, not enough to wet the ground mind you. Overcast and quite humid, be nice for the NE wind to pick up and freshen the air
  11. Wasn’t expecting to wake up to fog this morning! Burning off quite quickly though, gonna be a hot humid day.
  12. Cooler this morning, mist rising off the fields this morning, feels atmospheric, like autumn should.
  13. So, who in the Bedfordshire area felt the 3.6 earthquake this morning??
  14. Certainly looked like frost on some of the grass over the fields, only in shaded areas though. Not heavy, just a light frost.
  15. Don’t know what temps went down to here last night, but we had a light touch of grass frost in shaded areas I noticed on my early morning dog walk, wasn’t expecting that. Looks like some incoming rain from the NW this morning, shame as it started so nice and bright.
  16. Sorry about your cat Lassie. As for winter, I’m going to predict heavy snow from Dec thru Feb, with 10ft drifts countrywide. And then I’ll wake up and it’ll be boring damp grey nothingness. Girl can dream
  17. Blimey it’s not that cold, still in a tshirt weather. No heating on in this house until at least October.
  18. Well the blue skies faded quickly and now it’s just drizzle non stop, still not as windy as forecast.....yet.
  19. Seems we had some overnight rain, didn’t hear any particularly strong winds though. Skies clearing to blue, with a gentle wind this morning, still not particularly cold, well not for me anyway.
  20. The triangle shield not only held firm, but reinforced itself to prevent rain too! Not a drop, been all around but nothing fell here, in fact been some very nice sunny spells all afternoon.
  21. Well we didn’t get the torrential rain others have been talking about, had rain sure, but not much and certainly not particularly heavy, the triangle shield doing it’s job. Is today the last chance saloon for the triangulars? We are in the zone, can the shield last one more time before charging it’s batteries ready to become the snow shield this winter!?
  22. Noisy night here, still windy too, branches hanging from trees, luckily seems only small branches have come down. Except apparently a tree down blocking the A47 nr Gunton.
  23. The suns raised temps quickly to 22c, highest gust still only 36mph, but it is starting to get quite blustery now as sustained wind speeds of 26mph.
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