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  1. First time its felt quite chilly out early morning, 9c at half 6 with a mist over the fields, but the sun is now out and should be another sunny warm day
  2. Warmer here nr the east coast @Soaring Hawk, 11c when I went out with dogs at half 6 but cloudy with the sun still in hiding.
  3. Well at some point in the night we must have had some rain, because the ground is damp, not wet but damp. 15c outside and feeling humid and sticky.
  4. For the area that has the rain, maybe, its been sat in the same place for hours, but to the east here of the rain band not a single drop of rain and doesnt look like it will reach here at all. Same area that had the deluge the other day has had it again by the look of it.
  5. Still no rain here, still sunshine but can see the clouds to the west, but still long way to get here and they dont seem to be moving very quickly.
  6. Very bright orange sun first thing this morning, which has led to a sunny morning with temps up to 21c so far, rain is way out west so far, wondering if/when it will reach us here in the east
  7. Reached 23c this afternoon, breeze picked up a bit from the SE, lets see if we get any rain tomorrow, could do with some round here as we missed the deluge in the week.
  8. Was another foggy/misty morning early on, but suns burned that off and currently 18c, barely any breeze today too. Edit, another weather warning for rain tomorrow from 12pm til midnight, so I expect it to be dry all day then
  9. Foggy start here this morning, slowly lifting to what should be a nice day like yesterday where we reached 22c and it was sunny most of the day.
  10. Had about 20 mins of heavy rain around 4pm, then drizzle on/off since, not enough to make puddles, but the grass is wet, definitely didnt warrant being in the warning zone today, although west of us must have had a real good soaking.
  11. Main bulk of the rain is west of us here and going northwards so missing us, but there is another band coming from the south, northwards across Kent area that looks to come over us here in the east in the next few hours. Whether it drops some heavy rain or just annoying drizzle, time will tell.
  12. Sunny spells and patchy blue skies today, 18c and the wind has turned NE/E'ly but still a pleasant breeze. Met office warning issued for rain tomorrow.
  13. The morning has started out well, sunshine and a nice refreshing NW breeze, temp 17c.
  14. The sun has broken through in the last hour or so, which has dropped the humidity thankfully and the temp has risen to 23c.
  15. Well muggy/humid/blurgh sums up todays weather, cloudy and 21c so far today. Not a hint of rain yesterday, been ages since we had any kind of usable rain in these parts, ground absolutely solid, plants withering and grass brown and dead as a dodo.
  16. All of em. Can hear very distant rumbles to the north, just north of you I think?
  17. As expected not a drop of rain, let alone a storm, looks like it all went NW/N of us. Still warm and now more humid, yipppeee.
  18. Warm and muggy here today, 23c. A thunderstorm warning has been issued, so thats put the kybosh on that then (not that we were gonna get a sniff anyway).
  19. Watching temperatures drop to the west but still cooking over here in the east, hurry up n drop please
  20. Day 4 of the heat, I thought it was supposed to be on its way out by now, but its 25c here and blue skies still and whats worse, not a hint of a storm getting anywhere near us
  21. No storms here, wasnt expecting anything, might have had a couple of drops of rain, but blimey it is humid this morning.
  22. Misty morning across the fields as I walked the dogs this morning and felt quite chilly at 14c. I see the storms predicted wont be reaching anywhere near these parts as usual.
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