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  1. Yeah we have a flood alert now for Halesworth/holton area. Not seeing any reports of power out here in Halesworth, having said that, my power will likely go bye bye
  2. 16 miles from lowie, roads impassable round villages here, rain coming down off fields too has raised the levels of the roads, travel to lowie in the morning, as I do twice daily week days for sons school, will be fun, may need a boat!
  3. The winds have picked up here and definitely swung round to westerly, trees are bending. Just opened front door to check outside, my doorstep has a drop down from path and my heavy coir doormat is floating, rain an inch from coming in now! Argh
  4. Any ark builders around? Non stop torrential rain here in Halesworth since 7am, light/moderate rain since 3am ish! Roads were bad last week after the rain, flooded, mud covered so I dread to think how bad they are today. Looks like it should start to clear soon looking at radar, but is it suppose to swing back around again?
  5. Yippee another no doubt useless thunderstorm warning issued for Suffolk! Don’t think we’ve had a single one that’s come to anything this year. Thankfully last hot day of this spell of weather too, I know some love it, but not me, although to be fair it’s been more bearable than the July heat, with night time temps reasonable for sleep. Humidity is already higher here today though, which makes it sticky and uncomfortable. Look forward to the torrential 1% chance of rain later
  6. Brief power cut here in Halesworth, winds really starting to pick up, but still sunny and humid. BBC app showing a single thunder symbol for 9pm tonight, hope the flying pigs take cover
  7. Wasn’t it supposed to be raining here today/overnight? You’d have thought with the warning covering Suffolk we’d at least have gotten a puddle or two! And anglia weather saying thunder showers to come through later, believe it when I see it
  8. Finally some cooler air has arrived, not as much rain as expected, seems to have gone west of us after a couple of short lived heavy showers early this am.
  9. When’s the cooler air supposed to arrive? Still horribly hot n humid here, felt lousy all day, especially after the lack of sleep due to heat and thunder last night. And the suns come out again, so temps feel to be going upwards! Still 28c
  10. Oh joy a yellow rain warning for most of the weekend, so long as these awful temps drop, let it rain I say Bonus rain in Germany for the GP, makes for an interesting race
  11. Crazy lightening this way, some claps,of thunder like a bombs gone off, rain on n off. No sleep tonight.
  12. Another storm coming through now, hope it clears quick, need to walk dogs! Been a busy night!
  13. Lightening is blinding, car alarms going off all around and biblical rain. Woken by dog jumping on me then realised why! wasnt supposed to come this Far East!
  14. If we can keep this lovely strong breeze we have here currently, I might just survive the heat, but I fear it won’t stay. Don’t like heat or humidity, makes it hard to breathe. For those that love it, enjoy.
  15. Thundering nr Halesworth, no rain yet. Bright and sunny out, assume it’s to the SE of us as large clouds building out that way.
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