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  1. Well the jolly bbc app shows Halesworth is supposedly having light snow all day on Tuesday 22nd. Somehow I doubt it, but stranger things have happened ⛄
  2. and yet more sleety crud for the evening walk, why does it happen when I have to go out!! Supposedly freezing rain tomorrow afternoon evening, there’s something to look forward to 🤬
  3. At 6.40am, whilst out with doggies, for about 30 seconds, we in Halesworth had light sleet and that’s prob all we will get 😛 winter is here 🤗
  4. Photo taken last night above halesworth as I went dog walking, the rainbow went up through the clouds and came down several miles away, was stunning to see it, but was a quick walk in order to avoid the rain inside it. Cold showery walk this morning around 7am but has since been largely blue skies but that wind is a wee bit chilly.
  5. So yup it’s raining, managed to walk the woofs before it started, hopefully it stops before their evening run across the fields, although it will be a muddy run after all the rain that looks to be heading our way ☔
  6. Barely a drop of rain all day, was expecting more from the forecasts I’d seen for the area. Been a tad chilly though, but I refuse to turn the heating on. Hoping tomorrow isn’t as bad as forecasted either, emptied my pond today for a good clean before winter, gave the plants a good soaking, so don't need the rain now.
  7. Well I didn’t hear the wind last night, but this evening is very blustery. Anyone any idea how bad Sunday is supposed to be, Beeb not showing particularly strong winds but plenty of rain.
  8. Bits of trees down all around here, both journeys today I’ve had sticks come down on top of my car, made a lot of noise but thankfully no damage. If the winds are predicted to be stronger tomorrow night and Sunday, I imagine driving might be a bit hazardous 😨
  9. Definitely windier this morning than it was this time yesterday, still warm at 17c at 7am. So do I need to batten down the hatches on Sunday then? Nothing mentioned on regional forecasts yet.
  10. Barely a breeze when I went out with dogs at half 6 this morning, but winds have picked up in the last hour or so, not bad though, sunny blue skies and wind drying my bed sheets nicely 🌬️😊
  11. Does the radar not cover us here in Halesworth? Been constant rain for the last two hours but radar shows nothing! Wet morning, 15c and gloomy. Glad I cut the front lawn yesterday as I was going to do it today.
  12. So am I the only one with the doors to the garden still open 😄? Admittedly I’m wearing a jumper today, but I’m not that cold. Light rain for a couple of hours now, the heavy stuff seems to die off before getting here.
  13. Clouds building looks like rain is incoming ☔
  14. After the humid last few days, this morning we have clear blue skies and sunshine with a nice cool breeze. 11c at 6am for dog walk, now 13c. Now this is my kind of weather 😁😁 Patio doors and windows open with some lovely fresh air 🤗