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  1. We just got a quick shower, so exciting.......should have had a warning for that surely
  2. Oh goody, another warning of thunderstorms this afternoon, another bust no doubt.
  3. Met office warning for thunderstorms today, thats put the kiss of death on anything occurring here then. So far a bit breezy, no more so than yesterday yet and a few light showers since the rain first thing this morning. Slow progress of the low as it gets closer to the east, no doubt will dump heavier rain just as I need to walk woofs this evening.
  4. Sunny and blue skies this morning with quite a brisk breeze keeping everything nice and fresh, lovely
  5. Been a quiet afternoon here so far, had more fun yesterday when we werent supposed to get storms!
  6. Surprised you didnt at least hear a few rumbles of the thunder, the rain finally stopped about half 6, was torrential for a while.
  7. Now had thunder and lightening and torrential rain for the last hour, garden flooded, roads like rivers, wooo hooooooo finally
  8. I think, I just heard a rumble, but it could be Im gonig bonkers also. Nope just checked the radar, strike to the east of bury st edmunds. Edit, which then disappeared a minute later, ok Ive lost the plot.
  9. And west of east anglia. I firmly believe east n west should be split and the west should be west anglia, because the east of anglia is almost devoid of anything nearing interesting weather!
  10. Looking at the radar, shower just cropped up to my NW nr Bungay, alot of large fluffy white clouds all around now. One huge one has been sat growing just to my north for the last hour now, humidity has dropped though as has the temp (or so it feels)
  11. Blue skies arrived, followed by a rise in temp and humidity and now very large cauliflower clouds are appearing all around, if it doesnt go pop today around here, it never will.
  12. Dull, misty and horribly humid here this morning, think I heard a few rumbles last night around 9.45pm but could also have been the noise coming from Lattitude, but was in bed with ear plugs in so might not have been. Gone from rain/thunderstorm symbols on weather apps to dull and a bit of drizzle today, whatever happens I hope the humidity drops away.
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