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  1. Well the France storm has now made it into the channel, doesn’t seem to be dying.....yet. Unless it has a shift eastwards when it makes land, it’ll be hard to even see any lightening in the triangle, but stranger things have happened. I’ll get woken by a collie wobbling if it does indeed get here.
  2. That would still miss the desert of EA. If it makes the channel that is
  3. In the nicest way possible, I’d like to say, I really don’t like you right now (please know this is a joke) I want that temp drop, now, right now and you had a storm, so and double
  4. Would someone with a thunderstorm, kindly pop it in your car and drop it off over the triangle, thanking you muchly
  5. Don’t forget your mask, safety first. If I see on the local news about a naked man in Lidl, I’ll know who it was
  6. 32c, 40% humidity and maybe because it’s been going on for weeks now, today feels worse than any other. Tomorrow forecasted to be 30c again, friday 23c allegedly that’s if they don’t put that up again too. Today was supposed to be the last of the hot days, but now not. And if my moaning annoys anybody, feel free to ignore my posts, just skip on past them, no offence will be taken.
  7. I’ve officially given up hope. No hope of a storm, no hope this god awful heat will ever go away (as everyday it just gets extended for longer!) no hope of meaningful sleep ever. I’m having a bad day, feel so sick n dizzy because of heat n humidity. And nobody say “drink more fluid” because I’m constantly drinking, therefore spending most the day on the damn loo. Women of a certain age, will understand. Hope out.
  8. @thunderpants Closest I can find to you is Luton, showing 33% humidity, so your app is most likely correct. Us here Norwich showing 55% humidity and 29c
  9. Midday, 30c (again) still no breeze to speak of. Went in garden, came in 30 seconds later sweat dripping in places sweat should not be dogs inside panting like crazy, it’s really starting to get to them too
  10. Let us know if it’s any good, be particularly interested to know if it’s noisy. Because I think I’m going to invest in an air con unit for next year, not sure how well they work.
  11. 26c at 9.30am, wind not even enough to notice, 5mph! Another two days of this, surely a storm has to come through here at some point.
  12. Rain on radar, absolutely nothing reaching the ground and extremely humid, today, I feel, is going to be awful. When is the snow coming? Yup just checked, 94% humidity
  13. There is rain coming over from France, into Kent, don’t suppose there is any hope of it building up once it hits land?
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