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  1. Already very warm with a temperature of 24C at the airport. Don’t think I can remember two days here as warm as this in a row before.
  2. Proper powder snow here now with icicles. It is blowing off the roofs.
  3. Just been out for a walk. Tractor has been along most of the local streets leaving big piles.
  4. Snow is now dry here and sticking to the roads which were gritted earlier.
  5. Just been out for a walk and this is the most snow I have experienced since 2013.
  6. Yes and everything seems to be turning a bit less marginal. It is amazing to think only a few miles away there is nothing.
  7. Certainly beats waking up to the disappointment of a car driving through puddles
  8. Yes, the snow is the heaviest it has been all day here and is accumulating at a much faster rate. Just looked out the window to see a car struggling up the hill.
  9. Heavy wet snow however the sort which almost does more damage to existing snow cover than good.
  10. Looks to have been a decent amount of snow overnight. Difficult to tell how much without going outside but nice to look at.
  11. The easterly muck continues. Lets hope the weekend sees an improvement.
  12. Yes, the weekend onwards looks better for here. Thursday looks dodgy in terms of cold rain. Fingers crossed.
  13. 6z runs all moving the mild air much further north for the middle of this week. Looks like more easterly muck here unfortunately.
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