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  1. Yes, it still seems quite unlikely we will go completely snowless. There has been one shower in my location (while I was away) which left a dusting back in late November but I believe Aberdeen has’t seen a flake yet other than possibly some sleet mixed in with rain.
  2. It really it incredible the way a winter northerly has become so difficult to achieve here since 2010. The amount of snow in my location must be a third of what it was in the previous decade (at a guess). Even the beast only produced the sort of depths that prior to 2010 were an annual occurrence.
  3. Certainly the best week of snow in my lifetime and my favourite weather event. Anything close would be very welcome indeed.
  4. Hoping for similar scenes to the March 2006 event here. The wind is obviously easterly instead of northerly but it is looking good.
  5. 22C here just to the west if Aberdeen. There is a moderate breeze from the south east keeping things much cooler than otherwise would be the case.
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