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  1. A couple from Ditchling looking towards Eastbourne. I've had had much better chases.
  2. 19th July 2017 was my favourite - and i got fairly close...
  3. Sadly in the one part of the country that didn't see much action - this was Reigate Hill. Obviously no Tripod and what i forgot i had anti shake on (doh!). Nothing like as good as last year for me ?
  4. Wouldn't the humidity today suggest it will? Last week's "Sussex n' Kent" storm stayed together and it wasn't even humid!
  5. You want to be near the A27 in case it shoots NE, although current posts seem to suggest a more northerly track? Not every good at reading weather stuff, but Brighton maybe better - then you can access A27/A23. You'd be close to Ditching beacon.
  6. Reckon i know that spot. Thats where the North downs crosses towards Chaldon? With the airport to the right? If i didn't have work in the morning - i'd have come up and joined you. I missed out last week out of sheer laziness and that french storm doesn't look like it will get here until about 3am.
  7. No problem at all. Just odd that it wasn't a hot day and certainly wasn't expecting it. I'd missed the cloud formations you'd photographed, which i presumed were a bit earlier this evening?
  8. Really odd. I was expecting the transition from yesterdays hot to todays "autumnal" weather to be the real killer storm. It was relatively cold today so interesting what was feeding the storm. I presume it just brought its energy with it. Where was the heat?!
  9. Not been about much as been on hol's in Europe and doing some lurking! Love from Croydon...(actually Titsey Hill, but close enough). Only a little storm and i was a bit late but got a few.... )
  10. Looking west/South west from here in Selsdon/Croydon and pretty sure theres a developing cell above me. Somewhere around Reigate/A23 corridor towards Purley.
  11. One from Crawley last night....couldn't position myself as i was on duty...
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