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  1. Meanwhile in south Manchester we had a measly 1mm.
  2. Mostly dry here for a few hours now. Just as windy as yesterday.
  3. alr1970

    Hurricane Leslie

    Estofex have issued a level 3 for Portugal for Leslie. http://www.estofex.org/cgi-bin/polygon/showforecast.cgi?text=yes&fcstfile=2018101406_201810122345_3_stormforecast.xml A level 3 was issued for parts of Portugal surrounded by a level 2 covering also parts of Spain mainly for severe to damaging wind gusts and to a lesser extent for (strong) tornados and excessive precipitation.
  4. Frost on my lawn this morning, and ice on the car. That's pretty early in these parts.
  5. After a break of a couple of hours, the rain is back, and the warm front has passed too, now 16c after being cooler all day.
  6. 1821 at Hull on Sunday. https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Hull-England/tides/latest
  7. Wind of 5mph reported from Manchester airport. Thank goodness for that warning, eh?
  8. Thank goodness there's a weather warning starting in 4 minutes, the wind here is unbelievable!
  9. alr1970

    Hurricane Florence

    Video from the eye, pretty boring really...
  10. The first proper wet day I can remember in ages. Think I might light the fire later.
  11. alr1970

    Super Typhoon JEBI

    Some astonishing images here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2018/sep/05/typhoon-jebi-batters-japan-in-pictures The pile of cars stands out to me.
  12. A strong breeze, 24 and sunny here. Perfect for drying 5 sleeping bags that were rather stinky after a 2 week camping holiday.
  13. Funnel cloud spotted over Macclesfield: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/macclesfield-tornado-twister-stockport-pictures-15009716
  14. Funny, I went out at lunchtime and thought "this is ok, not that warm though". Turns out it's 26C, which would have seemed very warm 8 weeks ago. We're getting totally spoiled. The first proper autumn day will feel very cold indeed.
  15. alr1970

    June 2012 worst ever summer month?

    Ah yes, the year they moved the late May bank holiday into June and added a day for the jubilee. Thereby ensuring we had a week of chilly drizzle under canvas in the Lakes rather than some nice weather.