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  1. I think it's because the ground is not very cold, so when the wind drops the snow melts to slush. Then the freezing wind picks up and it freezes again.
  2. Which is, btw, the best we've had this winter/spring.
  3. Not here! The best I have is a couple of inches on a table on the patio, which is very sheltered from the east. The road was covered at 8, but it's all melted off now, there's no depth of cold in the ground to sustain it. Still nice and white in the garden.
  4. Frequent showers here, some of them are heavy. They don't last more than 5 minutes each, though, and the sun melts any accumulations in between. Temp is just above freezing.
  5. North west regional discussion

    That's lake effect snow over the Irish Sea. Cold air passing over the relatively warm water. The east cost of Ireland is getting plastered as a result.
  6. The combination of spring tides and an easterly is having the usual effect on the Dart line just north of Dun Laoghaire: I've also seen a video on FB of folks swimming in Sandycove harbour, the sea is near the top of the harbour wall, I've never seen that before.
  7. North west regional discussion

    There's not a single crane operating in Manchester city centre right now because of the wind. They're all parked. Just a few flakes blowing around now.
  8. North west regional discussion

    Here's the result of snow all night down here: I think it's all blowing off the frozen surfaces until it reaches a gritted road, where it sticks and melts.
  9. North west regional discussion

    Same here, but we've still only got a couple of cms.
  10. North west regional discussion

    The wind aloft must be strong. We currently have light snow under clear skies. The nearest cloud is miles away.
  11. North west regional discussion

    The approaching band is massing nicely over the Peaks: It hasn't lost intensity yet on the radar, let's see what the highest land does to it.
  12. North west regional discussion

    Yes, I've been surprised to see any falling snow at all. Mind you, it's frustrating to sit at my desk and watch Dovestones going misty and occasionally disappearing, then it all fades away before it reaches the city centre.
  13. North west regional discussion

    I think your whole post says it all: "easily beating the winter's deepest snowfall so far - 3 inches on the 11th February". So far this winter, I have not seen a single uniform covering of snow at home in Chorlton. Considering just how many chances there have been, that shows the power of the basin effect. From the perspective of that grey patch - the Manchester basin - it's entirely believable that we will miss out on some of the snowfall. It's why Manchester is here: it's a consistently drizzly place, but not especially wet overall. The hills surrounding it drain a lot of the moisture from the airflow over it, from all directions except a straight westerly. In a sw-erly it's not uncommon to see greens and yellows on the radar become blues over the basin, then reinvigorate as the airmass heads back up over the hills around Oldham. I'll be very pleased to see decent snow at our level next week, and also surprised. See my profile pic for the last decent snow here: 9 inches in Jan 10.