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  1. Well, if you squint hard enough at the ensembles, you might see something above average...
  2. Oh dear! LIVE updates: Trafford General Hospital is on fire after being hit by lightning strike - Manchester Evening News WWW.MANCHESTEREVENINGNEWS.CO.UK Pictures from the scene show smoke billowing out of the top of the hospital
  3. Steady rain here for the last hour or so, some heavy bursts, with an intermittent thundery soundtrack. The dog is petrified!
  4. Brighter now, some weak sunny spells. Those showers over North Wales have just grown on the spot without moving much, looks tasty towards the Wirral and Liverpool way now.
  5. Hmm, overcast and vaguely drizzly here, that's not going to result in much convection.
  6. A nice drenching from this. That will save me watering the garden tomorrow. Glad to have it, the weekend looks rather dry here now, though we are off to Bedfordshire Saturday so should get a dose of that. Temp has dropped to a mere 21C!
  7. Something's afoot, we just had a sort of rainless squall. After being mostly calm all day, the wind really picked up for a few seconds, very refreshing!
  8. The shower South of Sheffield. Pity it's moving away from me.
  9. Feels more pleasant here today, the humidity is a little lower and the breeze an little stronger. Beautiful sunshine, it's a shame I'm stuck inside working.
  10. You can't drop videos into a post like you can images. Upload it to YouTube and paste the link from there, to get it automatically embedded.
  11. Perfect! Not too hot, not too cold. Storms can wait.
  12. Not sure I'd call this a breakdown Looks like a return to slightly above average temperatures, but mostly dry, which suggests good sunshine to me so warm and pleasant. OTOH, our friends in Beds have resurrected their annual BBQ after a year's hiatus. It always seems to be a case of dodging showers in the afternoon of the last Sat in July, or thunderstorms if I'm lucky (they wouldn't call it lucky). So that would be my prediction for the 24th: sunshine and showers.
  13. Certainly feels that way locally. Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground WWW.WUNDERGROUND.COM Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weather reports, maps & tropical weather conditions for locations worldwide. shows <15mm rain this month, that's drier than April and a mere tenth of what January delivered.
  14. Aaaaand now South Manchester is forecast to be dry until Thursday (light shower 30% chance). Automated MetO forecast, hope it's wrong.
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