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  1. Indeed, this is Manchester: That's impressively dry right out to the end of the run. The 00Z was even drier. The last hosepipe ban here was in 2010, starting July 9th. The rain started a week later, just as the schools broke up for the "summer".
  2. The cell south-east of Leeds is clearly visible from Manchester.
  3. I suppose that was the convergence zone setting up in exactly the right place. It's all died away now but not before dropping 20mm or so here.
  4. Lovely day out at Hilbre Island on the Wirral, mostly sunny and the sea breeze eventually picked up a little. Driving back up the M56 towards a wall of cloud, and there's been a decent shower here, maybe 5mm, the most rain we've had in over 2 weeks.
  5. Well, despite my best efforts to repel it, it is actually raining lightly in the city centre. It doesn't look like much on the radar so I doubt it will amount to anything useful.
  6. I'd say the airport are right, given that's the text forecast for the whole NW. Rainfall at low elevation will be minimal and patchy. Beyond that, I'd say the GFS is overestimating precipitation as it always does 5 days out and the "pattern change" will result in a slightly cooler version of what we've experienced for the last 4 weeks. Which is a shame as the soil in my area is getting very dry. Local weather station on Wunderground shows no rain at all since last Wednesday, and less than 25mm in the 3 weeks prior to that. That's less than half the average for May. Luckily there's a water leak outside my house that I can catch and use to water the garden a bucketful at a time but some natural watering would be most welcome.
  7. Other than a 30 second downpour last Sunday, it's been bone dry here all week. I'd love to see a chart of the rain across the country since then. I reckon it would show great stripes of heavy rain, interspersed with holes where the showers have missed all week. One of them over south Manchester and my patched garden!
  8. Cor, that storm in Belgium is...half the size of Belgium. I wonder if any will make it across the North Sea?
  9. Warmer and more humid this morning. It looks like the muggy murk will hang around all day, with the sun peeping through occasionally and the outside chance of a shower.
  10. alr1970

    Hurricane Maria

    It seems the death toll in Puerto Rico may have been in the thousands, rather than the official 64. Puerto Rico: Thousands more died from hurricane than official toll, study finds https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/29/puerto-rico-hurricane-maria-death-toll-study-official-estimate?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  11. For the deprived, some lightning porn.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, parts of the GM area are under the Estofex level 2 warming area tomorrow. Bring it on!
  13. It looks like the best of the rain is going slide past us to the south. That's a shame, my garden needs it. With the warm temps forecast, it would make for some strong growth.
  14. Well, that was a beautiful day. A trifle fresh at first, but warm enough as the day wore on. Cool enough at lunchtime to sit out in the sun, whereas yesterday I sought the shade.
  15. Back home, only 3 miles away, it's barely rained at all.