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  1. Heavy rain turned to sleet and wet snow in Brentwood, I was shocked to see it, there was also thunder and lightning
  2. Not a bad day overall breezy but temps around 21, the dartford bridge is still open, so clearly not any winds over 50mph here, think gusting between 30 and 40mph
  3. Still 29 degrees here, can’t believe how warm it is tonight, warmer than Tuesday night
  4. Super hot bedroom recording 32 degrees as had windows closed all day whilst at work, poor fans are working overtime, looking forward to the extreme heat and hopefully some decent storms, then I’m happy for temps to be between 24 and 28 degrees rest of summer lol
  5. It looks like the gfs continues the heat into Friday and Saturday especially for the south east, on Friday London could still reach 30 and Saturday 28
  6. Currently 27 and good spells of sunshine I expect to reach 28 or even 29 degrees here by about 4 or 5pm
  7. Wow 30 degrees at midnight, that’s not including the humidity, will need 100 fans working overtime this week
  8. Surely the met office will issue a heat warning for London and south east, we could be looking at 5 days of temps above 28 degrees! And 5 days of night temps around 20 with humidity!
  9. With the sun strong this time of year next weeks feel like temps are going to be off the scale! It might be 33 degrees, but it’s gunna feel a lot hotter than that with humidity!
  10. Beautiful summers day 26 degrees and low humidity, was excellent!
  11. Turned into a nice afternoon here temp only 21 degrees, but laying here in the sunshine on my sun lounger that July sun is strong and probably feels more like 25 degrees! Looks like a decent week of weather again here in the south east, temps could reach 28 degrees on Tuesday!
  12. Personally I think July has actually delivered us some amazing weather so far! It has never been overly hot, has hardly rained, some humid evenings which is night for sitting outside and some beautiful sunsets! I understand the frustration further north, but us in the south east have been pretty lucky recently, currently 20 degrees here with sun breaking through the cloud, should reach 23 maybe 24 later, and that’s decent enough for me! I shall be outside tanning in the garden
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