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  1. Can I just mention I don’t think the heat really leaves the south and east at all! Even at the wekeend it still between 25 and 28! That’s still well above average, which is just 22 degrees
  2. It just goes to show at this time of the year you don’t need 30 degree heat to feel good! Its only 21 degrees here, but thanks to the sunshine being so strong it could easily feel like 24! So with temps next week of 27 or 28, it’s gunna easily feel like 30! Bbq at the ready!
  3. Britneyfan

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Going by the gfs you can easily add a few degrees onto its output as it always undercooks temps, so if it shows 27 degrees normally we can reach 29 or 30 so I would not be surprised to see a 30 or 31 later next week
  4. Where is spring sunshine was kinda hoping to see a sneaky 20 appearing, no such luck yet
  5. I do not want anymore cold weather!!!! That’s a definite, So the beast from the east can jog on, and bring us some lovely warm southerlies
  6. Why are people so focused on next Friday, when we have Monday to weds to deal with first?
  7. Met office seem to be siding with ecm no milder weather next weekend, if we get the snow, it will all be snow next Friday
  8. I imagine an amber alert will be issued tomorrow
  9. 2010 they had the same level
  10. Bbc are useless, although they are better on twitter account than their website
  11. Met office have updated their cold weather alert to level 3
  12. There is nothing marginal about next weeks forecast!
  13. Met office website is showing snow in our region from Sunday evening, right up until weds! Bbc weather is showing nothing! My goodness the difference is shocking! And met office is more trusted as they set up the weather warnings! I am expecting a weather warning from them by Saturday for Monday’s snow!
  14. The met office website is actually showing quite a lot of snow showers across the region from Monday to Tuesday, bbc are not showing anything lol
  15. Why are people worrying about the gfs charts in FI? The current signal for early next week is amazing, quite widespread snow showers too! Even if it only lasts a few days, it will be good enough for those snow starved!