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  1. I can confirm here at Brentwood we still have a decent covering, probably 5cm still, has melted some what though, but still there, we usually do fairly well cos of height! I expect all snow to melt by tomorrow as heavy rain and temps of 6 degrees, but has been nice having snow around past 3 days and better than anything for the past few winters!
  2. Settling here in Essex too
  3. Rain turning to snow here in Brentwood
  4. Looks like it will turn back to snow soon, bbc have heavy snow here from 8am
  5. Pretty sure it will start as rain snow later
  6. Looks like light snow over london
  7. Tomorrow’s highest temps for Brentwood are 2 degrees at 7am!!! By 11pm the temp has dropped to 0!
  8. Bbc weather now has Brentwood under heavy snow at 3am till 5am, then heavy rain until 8pm and then back to heavy snow, will probably be slushy accumulations I imagine
  9. Who is staying up to see the first snowflakes fall?
  10. My bbc weather app has updated for my location (Brentwood) now showing heavy snow from 9am right up until 8pm!!
  11. At least we should all see some snowflakes over the next 48 hours
  12. Going to be watching the radar closely tonight, I think everyone will see a spell of snow before it turns sleety and wet
  13. I hate these marginal events, never good for this region, we really need north east winds and a themes streamer! Then we’re in business
  14. Now we need him to do Monday lol