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  1. Have to admit here in south essex it’s been a nice day, rain cleared by 10am here, has sunny spells, it’s windy now, but not massively so, about 30mph, lots of sunny spells though, so overall, fairly good
  2. Looking at the gfs it seems to keep things pretty warm in the south east through the weekend, showing temps of 26 degrees in London, if you add a degree or two then could still be about 27 or 28 through the weekend, still very warm
  3. Looks like temps will exceed 30 degrees in the London area for 3 days minimum, Thursday Friday and Saturday! That’s pretty good, even Sunday and Monday look about 25 to 28 degrees in London
  4. Next week isn’t looking to bad for us in the south east, no heatwave, but temps around 23 to 24 degrees and sunny spells, looks like a lovely summer week without sweating everywhere you go! Imagine the pubs will be busy
  5. I don’t think the gfs is correct for Friday, I’m sure every user on this forum knows that the gfs is over bullish to break things down, I think we will see it fall in line with the ecm model which usually proves more useful when it comes to this type of set up
  6. It will be glorious and warm right up until July, then when the pubs finally open ..... bam, nothing but Atlantic rain for August
  7. Looking forward to a good winter holiday this year instead! If we can get a wonderful summer here, when it gets cold January time I’m out of here lol
  8. Well don’t think it’s going to be that awfully cold down here in london, 15 degrees forecast for Sunday, it looked a lot worse than that few days ago
  9. I wouldn’t pay any attention to those cold charts, they are out of any reliable timeframe
  10. Hopeful for a hot humid thundery spell during May!
  11. Absolutely amazing weather! Been sunny here all week! Temps have been climbing too, currently 21 degrees and with light winds it feels much warmer! Makes this lockdown seem like a slightly better situation! I can enjoy the garden my gazebo is up and it’s bbq time! I miss the world so much, but this weather helps
  12. Oh I wonder if we could hit 22 or 23 in the upcoming week
  13. Looking forward to the sunshine coming! Will make isolation a much more welcome experience can sit in the garden even if it is chilly, will be decent enough in the stronger sunshine
  14. Heavy rain turned to sleet and wet snow in Brentwood, I was shocked to see it, there was also thunder and lightning
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