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  1. The perfect time for a deluge. I'm feeling sorry for the usual areas already.
  2. Best enjoy the crisp, cold conditions whilst we have them. may not see it again for a good while.
  3. Yep. This was me when the 12z run came out: He turned back time. Shame I can't...
  4. At this point I'd take average temps. Even that might be a stretch.
  5. GEFS 12z Mean less dreadful than the OP run. I nearly vomited when I saw 15c showing up!
  6. Just seen the GFS 12z run myself. The chance of it bringing us some hope and pulling the Azores loving ECM along with it are quickly dying... I don't think a joint effort from every choir in the country singing Let it Go will save us now...
  7. Looks like I returned from the dead just in time. Models are trying to push for the atypical winter pattern for the UK ala Mild and Wet... Whilst even for my tastes, the last few days have been a tad too cold, I would prefer the average of 8-9 C or so, over double figures with cloud and dullness. Having said that, the ECM was trying for the same thing for this week not long ago and it never got its way then.
  8. If the rain in spain stays mainly on the plane, then why won't the heat?
  9. I've abandoned all hope. Nearly November and we are still chancing low 20s courtesy of that darling azores high with its vile spanish muck
  10. Another run of sickening model outputs. Nearly November for heaven's sake. Getting sick to my back teeth of warm crap from southern europe. Nothing good weather-wise comes out of the south.
  11. Personally I've been in a t shirt since april. Took a long walk today in the last fresh air we'll have for the best part of a week. There's nothing pleasant about whats being modelled considering the humidity will be through the roof.
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    I pray they do. Those poor people might want to start kissing that blarney stone now.