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  1. isn't it always? There is support from the ens to kill it next weekend though. Relative to the muck we'll have to suffer through the working week anyway.
  2. That place is often cooler than we are in the summer. seems to have its own microclimate.
  3. If a member by the name of slush-man starts posting on here soon, you know its me. I'd have melted. Seriously though, this country is not set up at ANY level for conditions into the 30s. This isn't the US/Canada where you can either get home aircon or duck into an aircon'd building. In the UK, there's no escape. People will suffer from this. Even though the "enthusiasts" couldn't give a monkey's.
  4. Heat is heat it seems. It really makes me laugh when people in this country think its easier to get cold into here than heat. Its very much the other way around. Took a monumental event to produce a 3 day deep cold spell last winter. yet, we seem to be dragging in warm muck over and over again.
  5. Its a case of deaf ears, CC. They won't be happy unless we're dripping like a pot roast.
  6. did i rub your nose in it when your neck of the woods was full of cloud etc? did your own share of moaning did you not? Hypocrite.
  7. because you're north of the usual divide. should think yourself lucky.
  8. When they want oppressive conditions it is. people commuting for work in the underground, cramped into hot and humid trains. people who don't have the luxury of working in aircon'd offices? "summery" for the UK is high teens to lower mid-twenties, this isn't cannes.
  9. Good to know the selfishness runs right through the year on here and not just the winter rabble.
  10. Absolutely bloody disgusting. Nothing else describes it better.
  11. Didn't think the ECM could get any worse, but my god, it has... Nothing against warmth (believe it or not) but that chart would top 30c if it verifies. Absolutely disgusting. I feel sick just thinking about it.