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  1. Personally I've been in a t shirt since april. Took a long walk today in the last fresh air we'll have for the best part of a week. There's nothing pleasant about whats being modelled considering the humidity will be through the roof.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    I pray they do. Those poor people might want to start kissing that blarney stone now.
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

  4. I've been the local pariah since May lol. I'm used to it!
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Seriously though what my neck of the woods looking at based on current projections?
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    Getting *really* nervous now.
  7. You've got nothing to worry about.
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    I don't know about the GEM, but the ECM does seem to be on its own right now, with the GFS keeping to further west and the UKMO being closer to it in its analysis.
  9. The ECM Mean is much better for the 850s at least.
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

  11. Best make that week a month if the ECM has anything to say about it. Any cold snaps we do get this year will last about as long as a virgin in a frat house.
  12. Tell that to the heat lovers. The Azores High they love so much is what keeps dragging that crap our way.
  13. If the wind charts are anything to go by, then yes.
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    I am praying to god that the ECM is wrong.