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  1. Here's the first part showing Monday nights storm at Silverdale in Lancashire showing highlights of frequent bright flashes of lightning and loud rumbles of thunder as it started from around 11pm and lasted till about 5am
  2. Hoping these storms making it North West. Though probably too far North for these lot
  3. Looks like those down South may finally get that storm lol, seems to be holding up well
  4. Seems to be calming down here now but still a fair bit of heavy rain with the odd flash and rumble
  5. One thing I've noticed since this storms arrival its deffo got a lot warmer.
  6. This is shaping up to be a good decent storm, nothing compared to monday but a fair bit of lightning
  7. Actually glad I didnt walk down now, here comes the rain and more thunder lol
  8. Had a cool breeze now it feels a lot warmer again, now debating if I should take a little walk to the end of the field to see if there's any action hmmmmm
  9. I can see lightning here in Silverdale looking out towards Isle of Man direction, got some deep rumbles here and lightning heading your way
  10. Really hoping the storm around Lancaster peps up to a decent size, precipitation seems to be getting heavier and flashes of lightning every so often
  11. Can see a fair bit of elevated lightning here This will explain the warning for Isle of Man... bet its going to be too far out at sea
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