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  1. Looks like a good night for the South if it makes it over the channel and doesn't die off, not at all jealous 😉 Hoping theres more chances this Summer
  2. Lincoln but yeah I do agree there's zero chance today just with how models are looking and how conditions are here
  3. Being very optimistic, low key hoping that a surprise storm pops up but given this overcast cloud all day it's looking unlikely
  4. Doesn't look like anything for lincoln with this breakdown. Not even in a Warning area anymore
  5. That's our chances gone for the day. Everything was building perfectly but it's all heading South, blue skies now at the back, great cumulus clouds though, precipitation showing on radar but not quite there to go pop
  6. Building up very nicely now, I know what will most likely happen, it'll end up kicking off a few miles South due to the way it's developing on top of us, ideally needed to start precip a little more North
  7. Looking interesting now towards the North , lots of cloud developing since 12pm
  8. Noticed one or two small towers here, net weather forecast hinting storm risk around 4pm time
  9. Can see little bits of convection with one or two small towers but mostly blue sky
  10. Got my eyes on Saturday night, hopefully it comes off. Would be good to get some photos of a storm at night
  11. So apparently 70% storm risk even though we have pure blue skies... hmmmm
  12. Looked like this one was dying down but it's gained strength with increased lightning again
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