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  1. Think it's safe to say our storm shield has defiantly broken here in Lincoln lol, usually they tend to be a few miles West or East but we got a direct hit with some unbelievable bright flashes. I can now see why Lincolnshire tends to be a hot spot for storms
  2. I think one time as the storm here was approaching real time lightning was picking up 70 strikes a minute. Never expected it to get as big as it did in a short space of time
  3. Sadly the photo is blurry but this was the best still I could get
  4. Main storm has passed but I'm not complaining just witnessed the best lightning In years. Very bright flashes. Can still see bright flashes to my North as its heading up
  5. No cg lightning yet but constant flashes every few secondsml. MCS over lincoln?
  6. Just had a very bright flash. Can also see. Plenty of distant flashes in the distance
  7. Am I right in thinking this is the track of the storm near Sleaford? Can't tell if it's dying down or not. Looks like some heavy rainfall in there
  8. I'm hoping it keeps tracking the way it is, kinda looks like it's heading towards Lincoln. Just hope it doesn't die down
  9. Keeping an eye on this lot, might be one last chance in getting something, can see a few flashes from the storm near Scunthorpe. Hull could be in for a good one
  10. Think that's it for us tonight, had some decent rumbles from a storm nearby and some impressive clouds so better than nothing
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