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  1. Hoping Middlesbrough gets some good lightning displays on Saturday
  2. Bit of a blizzard like conditions here in Middlesbrough
  3. Moderate snow shower again, noticed a bit of a covering from some of the blank patches in the ground over the past two hours. Still waiting for these heavier showers though. We certainly had heavy showers with bigger flakes last night
  4. Middlesbrough/Stockton areas will probably have a lot of the heavier showers later on tonight into tomorrow as well
  5. Middlesbrough this morning (27/02/18)
  6. Gone dark in Middlesbrough with moderate snowfall, forecast for heavy snow showers most of the night. Already had 9cm (roughly) from last night, so maybe a repeat tonight?
  7. Heavy snow falling in Middlesbrough, has been doing for the past hour now settling. I imagine quite a few cm tomorrow morning
  8. The thundery shower missing us atm, completely dry at Skellingthorpe, looks to be very heavy at Scampton
  9. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Reckon Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire will be in with a chance tonight, shows clear skies till 1am
  10. Nice, I only saw some flashes and rumbles but I was probably looking in the wrong direction lol. Got some good rumbles though
  11. Lincolnshire can sure be unpredictable when it comes to storms