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  1. Not sure if you can see but are these towers in the distance?
  2. Yeah, rain and wind has eased off now, its more or less still again, still shows storms in the forecast later
  3. Feels a lot cooler already, if the cell makes it it doesnt seem to have much electrical activity , I'm betting on a few rumbles of thunder at best though
  4. A lot darker now, I have the funny feeling it'll pass East of us
  5. Hope we don't end up brewing for someone else which is what tends to happen lol, but latest to my North
  6. Looks like something is building up to my North Sorry for poor quality, somethings been up with my camera recently
  7. Looks like today has potential, still overcast but Sun trying to break through
  8. Been overcast here all day, skies trying to brighten up though and still feels muggy. Saying possible thundery rain tonight here and yellow warning tomorrow... hmmm
  9. Would be typical if Lincolnshire gets storms next week as I spend the week in the Lake District lol
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