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  1. 18z showing some interesting signs that hotter weather is around the corner and that Summer could well make a return in the first week of August... 3/4 days heat = thundery breakdown by the looks of it
  2. I'm hoping us in Lincolnshire gets a chance for something similar with the storm from the other day, but the long range models aren't helping : P
  3. I noticed long range models show no sign for proper heat for a good week or two now which is worrying, especially when our chances for some thunderstorm days are decreasing. Hopefully it isnt the last the country will have some big storms this year but I'm not feeling very hopeful :/
  4. I would love to see a night storm here, but we havent had much luck. We used to get some great big storms in Lincolnshire but we seem to have some sort of shield over us to stop a lot of them going over : P
  5. I feel we'll see a repeat of what's happened so far where we get hot weather, breakdown. Then we have a week or so with damp; cool wet weather. Mid month will then no doubt return with some heat again. But who knows : P
  6. 18z is looking alright for next week temperature wise compared to recent updates, also brings back the risk for some Thunderstorms
  7. Next Friday could be one to keep an eye on if it keeps it up, heat seems to be returning again next week for a few days (or at least tries to) This would be good for the North and West
  8. This would be awesome, it would give Midlands and Lincolnshire a good chance for a thundery breakdown
  9. I have a feeling we could yet see some hot runs coming up; as this Summer a lot of them mainly picks up plumes of heat 3 or 4 days from the event even if they didnt look promising beforehand
  10. Hopefully this could be our next chance for a thundery breakdown, but I'm worried that it looks to just end with low preasure coming from the Atlantic
  11. 12z showing signs of some hope for the first week of August! Particularly down in the South and East. Hopefully this will end in a thundery breakdown and not cool air coming from the Atlantic
  12. Patchy rain in the Midlands, but I know we'll be brewing up storms, and the main storms if they happen will occur over Yorkshire and Scotland which is so annoying
  13. We just need something to go through the midlands that will reach us both : P
  14. Its been cloudy all day but it looks a bit darker here, and hmm. Dont think this will do anything due to the cloud tho
  15. Especially to think a few years ago a lot of us in the middle used to get some great storms : P Even though we have August I feel like giving up on any hope for a decent storm now