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  1. 12z showing a thundery breakdown during the first week of July
  2. Imagine if this actually came off, obviously it's very unlikely but if by the fraction of a chance it did that would be insane. Especially for late June
  3. Nah, looks like they're starting to weaken
  4. We brew them but the North gets them... impressive skies here but just not for us
  5. Us here in Lincolnshire haven't had much either, I hope late June and July brings something as we tend to get some decent home growns now and again
  6. Looks like Thunder to my North from looking at real time lightning, but the suns coming out at our end
  7. Electrifying near Gainsborough, nothing here yet
  8. This has intensed a fair bit just now
  9. Too far West for me but can see the cell building here, muggy and still at the moment. Doubt there's enough Cape to electrify it though
  10. Feeling still and muggy here, not expecting anything though
  11. Ahhh right, that makes sense. Not had a proper storm yet but still early days with the rest of this month and July to go through
  12. I thought as soon as the sun cleared in Lincolnshire and how the cells on the radar were looking that it would produce some great lightning but just hasn't manged on this occasion