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  1. Started at 3:30 ish and still coming down upto 10 inches (photo taken 2 hours ago) now have a power cut lots of trees down
  2. Wind now coming from the north west, Dew point tumbling! I expect snow within the hour
  3. I will keep you updated from the north.... Temp 3.4 dew point 1.8 my weather station: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ICHADLIN2#history
  4. Hi, It was using the domain name not the IP, for some reason it stopped working. Never mind its all good now
  5. Update. good news I have fixed it. for some reason the IP address for that was in my original settings (that have been working fine) stopped working, i dug out the IP address for Wunderground and manually entered it..... and it's working. i would like to know why it changed? Any ideas?
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