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  1. Absolutely beautiful here today, already 21 C , clear blue sky, breezy but good gardening weather . Love the photo Mapantz. Thanks for sharing .
  2. Similar to the set up I had at one point this morning .
  3. Heavy rain showers and a rumble of thunder here in Taunton :-)
  4. I would agree with you . It hasn't been at all bad . I feel for those on school hols now , but to be honest don't we have a fair bit of rain in August anyway? My tomatoes have ripened already, sweetpeas blooming .
  5. Whooo hoo just heard a decent crack of thunder . Maybe the only thunder we get but it was a decent one . The Sun I think helped it along it's way , looking at the sky there maybe more to come but not like the storm we had Tuesday or Wednesday night .
  6. Been absolutely hammering down here in Taunton, and surrounded by cumulus and baby cumulonimbus. The sun keeps trying to poke through setting off more rain. Its the type of sky where you think a flash of lightning should appear , but doesn't . Birds are out in between the showers .. delightful .
  7. Still bucketing down here , no wind and temp dropped to 13C . .of course brilliant timing for the school holidays .
  8. Lashing down , wind completely dropped . Just checking local reports to see if anything has occurred .
  9. The glares have ruined my sweet peas , outdoor tomatoes and blowing everything else around . I think the main rain band is about to announce itself rather forcefully . 16 C , goodness knows what wind speed !
  10. Very blustery and stormy here in good ol Somerset . Rain just creeping in . Lot cooler and fresher but that's not a bad thing .
  11. More rain this evening and temperature 19 C .
  12. Well, rain has started to fall - heavy and loud on bathe conservatory roof .
  13. Ilookingblack , but so far nothing I'm afraid
  14. Just popped out of nowhere it seems. . Sky dark here and humid with temps at 23C .and slight breeze picking up . Mind you we had a good storm last night so will be interesting to see if this does anything .
  15. Yes, it was a brilliant night. , a slow burner and as you said much better than May, and that was a good one . The thunder when it got its act together was very powerful and a tad scary at times . The lightning was amazing too with all types of lightning making an appearance . Very happy. Still muggy ish here with the sun poking through .