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  1. Absolutely lashing down here now after a beautiful day of sunshine. Sounds like boulders are hitting the conservatory roof ! Well you cant be bored with the weather in good old England .
  2. All quiet all of a sudden . Is that it now for this area I wonder ?
  3. I can't tell you the exact wind speed I'm afraid , but it is now really starting to build up here in Somerset and I'm fairly well inland. Clouds are scudding across the sky at a rate of knots and the trees and shrubs are taking a real pasting . Already quite dim and dark .
  4. Yes, I. Am quite surprised too at the met office weather warning for my area . Tonight it is already have a little practice it seems in terms of gusty winds and sporadic heavy downpours .
  5. Very heavy showers overnight and continuing again this morning, very very localised though , and supposed to continue throughout the morning.
  6. Whoah , fog tonight . It has been a beautiful day though . Stay safe everyone .
  7. Beautiful clear blue sky today , slightly chilly now but still beautiful. Hope your laundry day is going well Mapantz .
  8. Flu prospects this winter

    I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and now qualify for the flu and pneumonia jab . I decided to have it as my illness can give me severe distress at the best of times and even a simple cold can knock me out . yes I had a painful arm and a couple,of days later I felt rotten forc48 hours but that could have just have been my illness flaring . Since then though I've had no side effects and feel grateful for being able to get the jab .
  9. It brightened up later on and was quite pleasant .
  10. Still lovely and grotty intermittently here this evening .
  11. Storm Brian - Weather discussion

    My house has just been shaken by a gust of wind . It isn't constant but boy oh boy when it does gust it doesn't hold back . We have our carnival tonight , not going to be fun in the rain that's forecast for later on !
  12. Well that gust shook the house ....exciting !
  13. Storm Brian - Weather discussion

    I have no idea of wind speed I'm afraid, but suffice to say it is , judging by the fence panels , rather breezy in Somerset. Dark too , but little in the way of rainfall. Although that is set to change I believe in the coming hours .
  14. It hammered down about ten minutes ago and the wind has been howling on and off all night . The netweathe rrsdar showing small, intense bursts dotted all over the place . An interesting day. To come methinks.
  15. Not so moderate rain here ! I do hope that everyone stats safe for tomorrow , but also I hope that the weather can be enjoyed whatever you are up to this weekend .