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  1. 26 C here , incredibly breezy , strong sunshine, no clouds . Weather warning out for Sunday / Monday for heavy rain and not as I thought for tomorow .
  2. Hope you dont mind me asking , but what does that mean ? Does it mean that it would keep the lows at bay for now (the stallling trough? ) Very new to all of this .
  3. I must find a good weather station .. I bought a temp monitor for the garden, but I'd like one that gives wind speed / direction etc . Beautiful morning , outside temp 14C, clear blue sky, just wonderful.
  4. Beautiful day here too, 23 C , beautiful evening bliss !
  5. Varying cloud cover and enough at one point to produce a light shower . Pleasant temperatures, bringing out bees, butterflies and birds . Sweet peas and tomatoes loving the conditions too. 22C . Not bad at all .
  6. Beautiful day after a cloudy cool start, warmed up nicely this afternoon .
  7. Ho hum, here come s the rain again ... sorry matt111 ...;-)
  8. Grey and dull all morning, sun breaking through and temp shooting up rapidllly 14 C to 19 C in 10 mins , along with some cloud building .... I don't believe another re run of yesterday is about to happen , in fact I'm hoping it won't. I have washing to put out ! Lol .
  9. Okay, I'll be good , I promise :-) . i think today's offerings were more than generous and I hope now that we have some warmth to kick start the seedlings . And I hope that you do receive some rain .
  10. That's impressive . Another torrential downpour just coming to an end I believe. What a wild afternoon !
  11. I think Somerset has bagged it ! No thunder, but boy oh boy the heavens have opened and showing little sign of easing . I feel quite greedy when others could do with a lot more .
  12. Absolutely torrential here again ..... happy days .
  13. Faint rumbles and bucketing down now (again) . But no complaints here .