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  1. Very bright and sunny here too. My temperature sensor says 20 C but I'm not sur that's right .
  2. Well good call so far, as very heavy rain is now falling here in the south West .
  3. According to a local weather station 24.5 C and 62% chance of rain - cloud bubbling up milky hazy sunshine . not sure that Northern France will throw much this way , I imagine the channel is still pretty chilly still especially after the cold sunless spring we have had .
  4. Seems very quiet now on netweather radar . Sleep well everyone .
  5. Met o still giving out rain warning today . I think personally further north of our region . Warm, sunny but still humid considering last nights offerings !
  6. Absolutely hammering down now and has been for the lqst30 mins or so. This will water the garden nicely
  7. Yes it was very very impressive . I've just seen lightning now - been woken up by it but no thunder
  8. Have had a cracking storm in Taunton Somerset. It's insane where my daughter lives in Devon too.. i think your turn is approaching later on tonight .
  9. I think the south west might rumble on all night you know . Looks very busy o n the radar
  10. It's all calmed down now, and with the dusk and night falling hard to see if there are any more rain clouds forming . The huge thunderclap was about 300metres away I think . I hope no one was hurt . cracking storm though
  11. Can't make up my mind if that's it or there's more to come as the rain clouds haven't gone .
  12. Did you hear that almighty rumble of thunder about 10 mins ago Jon?
  13. Have had an almighty flash and immediate crash of thunder . Like the sky was being torn in two. Quite scary .
  14. Had start d to die down here and now cranking g back up again
  15. Heavy showers I think cheesepuffscott.