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  1. Hey matt111 , you try putting kids to bed ! lol it's like rounding up an octopus and putting it in an open holed shopping bag ! ! If you have more than one , well good luck with that . I know you were only joking . So this cold snap thing, looks like it's the real deal eh?on a serious note we had better look out for any elderly neighbours as the cold can really get to them ( says in a whisper even if it doesn't snow ) on a weather note, My temp gauge says 3.1 C . And you can feel the raw bite starting to creep in even in a light beeeze . Happy friday everyone ! Edit. On a weather station in my area it says -3 C feels likes -8 easterly wind 10 mph , dew point -3 pressure 1021 pha .
  2. Showing my age here , but I remember that I the 1990s especially early 90S March was often v v cold and bitter .
  3. S after a very wet and blowy start the sun is now shining and after a brief lull in the wind it has now picked back up . ive been out and about on the levels and the rivers are looking rather full and the roads are turning into small streams , so it's good to see that the lorries are out unblocking drains etc. If tomorrow is correct and it is rain then we could be in for some " fun" Im really sorry storm force Beka that you aren't having fun with your mum . It is her loss but your children will know that yo love them very very much and that's all that counts . X
  4. Seems like Devon / Somerset bore the brunt of that front. Accidents on M5 again closing motorways . Trees down and power outages , rivers on flood alert . Apparently after. A brief lull in the wind it's supposed to be increasing again and heavy rain and wind tomorrow according to the Met O. Not fun . By by the way SSW ? Stratosphere warming or a south south westerly ? Just asking .
  5. TMI ! Lol ohhh the weather type wind ... yeah ( sorry, I'm needing a giggle at the moment my rheumatoid arthritis is absolutely off the scale at them moment ) Im not drinking gin alas or any other alcohol based drinks but the humour o. This thread keeps me going. Its blasting away here as well ( according to a nifty new little weather station site I found ) at 36mph . . And my basic little station seems to be cutting the mustard too . Cant keep up with the change in conditions at the moment makes me very dizzy.
  6. Had a dusting of snow that has frozen overnight . Very pretty. Beautiful early rly morning sunshine good start to half term .
  7. Yes,the weather went totally bonkers today . I was sensible stayed in prepared anicdlunch for my Muma d Dad , watched the rugby and a good afternoon had by all.
  8. Blowing a hoolie here and itsxrattling the front porch doors and letterbox violently . Where has that come from ?
  9. Had an intense hail shower / sleet / snow this morning, then a fresh cold wind that made driving to Exeter a little dodgy. There was an almighty accident on a stretch of the M5 this morning which shut the motorway completely really horrific .aI did wonder if the weather had played a part as it was black ice in places but it seems like a very tragic accident not weather related . Half term this week and it looks chilly and unsettled . Only thing I like is that the light levels are increasing now and I'll turn my attention to the garden . The notso MAD thread ( the two day forecast output ) with JH and Knocker is a good thread to learn from and join in with . That seems civilised to me.
  10. Throwing it spdown herd too and windy . Temp 7.4 C . have a drive to Exeter tomorrow :-) .
  11. Cloud encroaching and slightly warmer than it was this morning . -2 this morning . What fun :-) mm dont fancy a cold spring, but you never know snow lovers the snow will turn up in bucket loads . Lol .
  12. ''Twas very odd when I left work this afternoon . Hazy sun, bitterly cold rain and sleety then the odd snowflake. cloudy when the sun set and really cold now. Im feeling flu like despite the flu jab wing given in September . Did you see anything dec' 10 snow? In Taunton I mean ?
  13. I was about to add you or the equipment ?! Lol... only teasing mpantz.
  14. Belting it down here with a tropical temperature of 4.8 C but feeling colder than that . Off to Yeovilton air museum later on . I'd better check the road conditions .