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  1. Very mixed this afternoon, will be chilly this evening .
  2. Had thunder and lightning this afternoon and very sudden heavy downpours . Lots of surface water and deep puddles on the roadside . looking like we are in the middle of a lull before the next rain band approaches .
  3. I've had a yellow warning out for rain in my region from 1300h to 0630 tomorrow morning . Probably very localised , but thundery showers causing chaos is in the region . As for today, beautiful cloud formations of various colours , shapes and sizes. Warm enough to get a whole heap of washing sorted out and dried and enough warmth for the cat to enjoy the lounging around on the patio . And cooler later to make a cottage pie. I shall all report later if anything significant develops .
  4. Had a few sharp showers falling a minute ago and bubbling cloud , but alas not much sun to feed them. Beautiful day though , lovely autumnal breezes and showers . I love autumn !
  5. Even I have now got a warning for the wind and previously I was clear . Will be interesting for sure . Stay safe those who are weather chasing .
  6. The main band is mainly to my south and east, but, the clouds out the front of my property are huge towering affairs . So hopefully it will build and continue, brief lull but low ominous growls in the background
  7. There plenty going on here in Somerset too. No lightning as yet but the thunde is building very nice,y thank you beautiful clouds and the sun poking through to stoke up the temps . Cracking stuff ....
  8. Who hoo , a right old ding dong going on here , beautifully building as the sun is still poking through ! Very excited !
  9. Well it's supposed to be a thundery shower day here for me . Sunshine at the moment , after a very brief but intense shower at stupid o clock this morning . ( about 2am )
  10. Very heavy rain showers and I think a distant rumble or two.
  11. Judging from what I've seen from my window I'd agree with you . Still, yesterday was rather pleasant here .
  12. Two rumbles of thunder and more rain . The sun though keeps popping out in between , I think that is what is feeding the thunder and showers . Interesting weather . Dont like the headache and feeling sick and unsympathetic that I get with it though . Very odd as to why it happens . Think I will consult Mr Google .
  13. Very heavy rain shower , lightning showing on radar nearby . Warm and muggy feel to things . Sunshine and showers forecast .