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  1. Similar here as well Matt . The air feels damp and the cold is in my bones . What a softie I am !
  2. Very very breezy this morning after a very very wet and windy night. In fact I think the wind speed is picking up. Those travelling out and about will need to be very careful in the wind affected areas as full leaved trees - and there are quite a few left , are more susceptible to being blown over. Very warm too.i have to say that this is my favourite autumnal weather
  3. Non stop rain in Somerset today, chilly, breezy at times proper autumnal it be and I loves it
  4. Yes , it did just that . Mind you looks like we haven had a drop though . Dry again here .
  5. Brightened up again here after about ten drops of rain lol . Wind really quite brisk , but again warm and humid too.
  6. Very cloudy here as well, with interesting cloud formation. I see Exeter are having a heavy shower or two. Very breezy but very humid .
  7. Even with the rain it's stil, very humid and even the sun is poking through too! Weird .
  8. Deep rumbles of thunder here in Taunton accompanied by heavy rain . Horribly humid .
  9. Probably not reliable but , car thermometer got to 32 C and our school have advised that students can attend school in pe kits . I love this weather but it hates me . Currently indoors fighting off headache , feeling sick and sore throat. Plus my meds make it impossible even with sun cream to sit out in the garden . Plus side sweetpeas are flowering whop whoop. I do hope though that others are enjoying the weather . .
  10. Very bright and sunny here too. My temperature sensor says 20 C but I'm not sur that's right .
  11. Well good call so far, as very heavy rain is now falling here in the south West .
  12. According to a local weather station 24.5 C and 62% chance of rain - cloud bubbling up milky hazy sunshine . not sure that Northern France will throw much this way , I imagine the channel is still pretty chilly still especially after the cold sunless spring we have had .
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