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  1. Hi, I'm totally new to this forum, but I've joined because I want to know an answer to a question that never seems to be answered properly on the TV weather forecasts! Why is the weather in the UK being so dry? We don't seem to have had 'normal' weather' for the country, and by that I mean the predominantly 'mild and wet' weather that seems to come up from the Caribbean, with a lovely soft, low-pressure dampness that is so characteristic of 'proper' (!) English weather. I've looked at maps showing the north atlantic jet stream currently, and it seems all over the place! Is this 'normal'? Or is it more tangled and 'abnormal' because of the mess climate change is making to global weather conditions (I believe at some points the northern and southern jet streams have strayed so far out of place they have been mingling over the equator!). Is the jet stream currently blocking the arrival of low pressure systems off the mid-Atlantic? Or what? What I want to know is, when will 'proper' English weather get here - ie, the mild, wet, windy weather off the Atlantic that I call 'Westcountry Weather'..... Any info and enlightenment gratefully received! (Apols if this isn't the right thread to be posting this in.) Many thanks , Jenny
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