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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-parliaments-41473976 Like you i am very much playing devils, advocate. I actually support the EU as a trading block / free trade/free movement economic organisation. I think it is ineffective in other regards. As for the 'debate' let's be Frank it was not a debate it was an hour of the party leaders making statements. As for the 'proportional force statement,' it was a bloody stupid thing to say. With tensions as high as they are nothing should have been mentioned that could be seen as force is acceptable under certain circumstances.
  2. He was not just a leftie MEP he was the European Commision deputy Chief, I'm guessing that he was speaking in some sort of official capacity.
  3. Your right, I'm sure many right wing Brexiters will be changing their mind about the EU. I mean in the EU Parliment you can stand up and say that sometimes 'ensuring respect for the law sometimes does require the proportionate use of force' and this coming from a centre left politician in a debate that was meant to be about condemning violence no less. Sounds perfect for the fascist right you know we all do love a bit of proportionate use of force to deal with those troublesome lawbreakers! Wouldn't get that in Brexit Britain, say something like that in Parliment and people would be cal
  4. Yea I get that you probably are, but I don't think that not condoning the violence means that they support it, and that goes for any country/leader that has not condoned it. Its not as if the UK and Spain are bosom buddies, politically the best course of action would be for the UK to lay into Spain and encourage other countries to do so, all the time they are getting pressure and condemnation over there use of violence they are in no position to make any statements regarding Gibraltar. But I think that the reason the EU is getting so much anger directed towards it is that people expecte
  5. In the same way that Sturgeon tweeted here condemnation from her personal email account, ie speaking personally. May has not said anything nor have other EU leaders.
  6. Nothing from Macron, nothing from Merkle?
  7. yea both Liam Fox and Michael Fallon condemned the violence yesterday.
  8. I hope there is some serious diplomacy going behind the scenes because at the moment things are rapidly heading towards a car crash with neither side looking prepared to swerve out of the way to prevent it. Rajoy has quite rightly received condemnation regarding the brutality on Sunday, but aside from that has the backing of the European community. He will receive further condemnation tomorrow from the EU parliament, but nothing more no resolution or formal proceedings will be voted on. Puigdemont may well be ruing some of his statements in the run up to the referendum. If you publ
  9. Still struggling to see how the UK goverment supported the attacks, is it by calling Spain a Friend Like Leo Varadkar also did yesterday, or because May failed to condem the violence (although various government ministers have) in the same way that Macron also did not. If it for either of these reasons I trust that they are also being accused of supporting the violent attack on voters.
  10. Yea bloody predictive text. yes she could, one of the advantages of leaving the EU I guess.
  11. The EU is fully backing Spain But yes the Uk government should of condoned the Spanish Goverment regarding the violence so should of the other European governments, I believe only Scotland, Belgium and Slovenia have done so.
  12. To be fair more may of probably turned up if they were not afraid of getting hurt if they did so.
  13. yea calling it a 'so-called' referendum probably didn't help
  14. Indeed, although these days seems that unless a leader is immediately on social media condemning the situation, people imply they are somehow supporting it.
  15. As far as I can tell no leader of any g7 / eu country has condemned Spain as yet.
  16. EU is pretty toothless to do anything substantial to be honest. Most it could do is trigger article 7 and strip Spain of its voting rights but that would take a 2/3rds majority in Parliament. It has also been going on about doing the same to Poland for months and appears no closer to actually happening so would not expect that to happen any time soon. If Spain was a non EU country it could impose some sort of economic santicion but it has no laws/regulations for doing the same to a EU country. Any sanctions (should the international community feel they are needed) would have to come
  17. Sort of. The UK Supreme Court is the highest court in the UK for non Criminal matters so would make the final ruling on any legal matters should it get that far. You are right though it is not an 'English' court, rather a court that happens to be based in England. (and well worth a visit if anyone is ever in in London).
  18. Don't think they will be that worried. As Junker says above: so for the short to medium term and problems will be for Spain/Catalonia to sort out. I suppose they will have an interest in the border as it will be between and a EU and non-EU country and the withdrawal of the Euro from Catalonia, but can't see much apart from things like that they will be not involved much.
  19. Yea i understand that, I would be the same. FWIW testing weapons is exactly what they down there, it's one of its main purposes.
  20. Test firings of weapon systems go on all the time on the Thames Estuary at Shoeburyness
  21. Yea I have had this happen a few times, very annoying. No 'official' way of getting rid of the lock screen, this is because windows 10 is designed to work on both desktops and tablets (on which you would want a lock screen). Are a few 'hacks' you can try: https://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/how-to-disable-the-windows-10-lock-screen/
  22. Serious question.. why has Scotland not had a referendum yet? Why is the line 'wating to see how Brexit develops'. Scotland voted to remain in the EU, it didn't vote to only leave the EU if it's a hard option or any other variance on membership it voted to remain in the EU as is. Also, the SNP have written extensively about full membership of the EU is the best economic and cultural solution for Scotland; to achieve this it has to become an independent country, so now it has the legislation on the statute books why has it not announced a date for the next ref. Been reading this blog a
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