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  1. going back to the question I asked was Junker right to say: Nationalisms are a poison that prevent Europe from working together which as you cliaimed is in the same vein as what May and Rajoy has said? Should we, therefore, critisise him in the say way that May and Rajoy have been criticised? Not talking about anything else just that statement.
  2. not accusing you of anything just asking if Junker saying now is not the time is open to criticism in the same way that it has been levelled at May and Rajoy?
  3. Sure, I see you criticising the UK a lot, but rather a lack of criticism towards the EU as you say all should be equal, so you will be equally critical for Junker saying 'now is not the time' as Rajoy and May?
  4. love how you always seem to twist the discussion away from anything else back to the UK. For someone who comments about how things are always portrayed as 'SNP bad' you seem more than happy to turn everything into 'UK bad'
  5. Strong words from Junker: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-spain-politics-catalonia-juncker/juncker-calls-on-europe-to-reject-separatist-poison-amid-catalonia-crisis-idUSKBN1D925W Juncker calls on Europe to reject separatist 'poison' amid Catalonia crisis “Nationalisms are a poison that prevent Europe from working together”, said Juncker in a speech at a university Spanish city of Salamanca, where he received an award. “We cannot stay with our arms crossed because it is time for us to do what needs to be done. I say ‘no’ to any form of separatism that weakens Europe
  6. All i'm saying that if we are going to stop legal tax avoidance schemes to stop people from earning large amounts of money and not paying the tax on it then, then we should also fully tax other ways of earning large amounts of money. So if you have say £10 million sitting in your bank account you should have paid the same amount of tax on it whether you 'earnt' that money through your job, or won it through the lottery.
  7. So we need to close that loophole then, if we are saying that all loopholes need to be closed so that people pay the correct amount of tax then we need to start taxing lottery winnings over a certain amount.
  8. Let's not forget lottery winners: https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/life-changing/winner-euromillions-rich-list if we are saying rich people should have to apologise for legally not paying tax on huge sums of money, they must be on the list?
  9. Sadly there does seem to be more and more people jumping onto the anti-vax band waggon. My cousin is one such and is very vocal in how were are all wrong in vaccinating our children etc. Think it is very much because, due to vaccinations, people of my generation and younger have not seen the horrors that these diseases can cause and therefore think they are no longer serious. People in older generations such as my mum can remember isolation wards and seeing people ending up in wheelchairs due to Polio, smallpox killing hundreds if not thousands etc and are grateful that vaccinations have st
  10. Not saying your wrong, just not going to happen, not just in the UK but also in the other major countries. Not saying its right just the way things are.
  11. To flip things around if the referendum had been deemed 'legal' would you want Parliament to vote to recognise it, or the government to immediately state that it recognised Catalonia?
  12. To be fair to her, and am by no means her biggest fan, this will be the norm when countries publically state that they do not recognise Catalonia, I doubt that you will have any major countries leader actually make the first statement. As an example the German declaration of not recognising Catalonia was also made by a spokesman:
  13. Sorry, don't follow, i dont care about the nationality of a person just that they are the best person out of the people who have applied for the job; this has always been my ethos in 15+ years of recruiting for open positions in the companies I worked for. Of course there will be rouge nations that free movement will have to be withdrawn. But by the same argument should also mean that countries that have good records should also be allowed free movement. New Zeland for example scores higher than many EU countries in rights, freedom and democracy index yet its citizens do not have free
  14. Where do you get that from? I have never said that English people should get priority? I do not believe in free movement of people though no, unless as I said it is applied to all, not a select few countries. If you think that makes me zenaphobic then fair enough ill sleep ok at night knowing I'm not
  15. sure if you want to completely redesign the system at the cost of million go for it; the issuing of NI numbers does not fall under immigration anyhow so it would not be able to be implemented at a devolved level; would have to be UK wide. I see nothing racist or Zenophobic in saying that people should have their immigration status based on the skills they bring rather than their place of birth. Why should someone born in an EU country automatically have the right to work in a country but someone born in a non EU country does not . Doing so is showing discrimination to someone based on
  16. Might be logical but not practical. Your NI number does not provide the necessary information needed by an employer. It does not tell them if your right to work if still current or if on a visa that restricts the number of hours that can be worked (ie a student visa). It was never designed to be a form of identity. Noting to do with Brexit, just practicalities - bit like saying that you should be able to use your Libary card to get money out of the bank as they both have your name on them. That was a typo on my part, meant to say the border will be in the Irish sea so no need for
  17. NI numbers are not proof of right to work or residency.
  18. You have already said that the only thing that will happen in is that NI stays in the EU with the border in the Irish sea, so a hard border would not be an issue there. I'm assuming that Scotland would have visa-free entry for all as you have previously stated that putting immigrants on 'lists' is xenophobic /fascist. So how do you stop people who have the right to be in Scotland not entering the rest of the UK, were they may not be entitled to residency.
  19. Were would the visa control happen, if Scotland had its own visa then would have to have a hard border between Scotland and England to check they also had a visa to enter England.
  20. I'm sure behind the scenes there is plenty going on to try and find a solution that both sides can agree to as well as sell to their supporters. Both sides will realise that a UDI would be catastrophic, not just in socio-economic terms, which in the short to medium term will see Catalonia at best out of the EU overnight with all the economic and social problems that will cause, at worst she will find herself as an unrecognised country by all but a couple of countries. But also in terms of the civil unrest which will follow (don't think there has ever been a UDI that has gone peacefully)
  21. Catalonia independence: Puigdemont 'will not accept' Rajoy plan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41710873
  22. Just playing for time, he knows that Catalonia is not ready for an immediate independence, aside from anything else, it would be outside the EU with all the problems that will cause, it would be Brexit on steroids.
  23. You can change from imperial metric in the settings (cog icon on right-hand side of menu bar) don't even have to reload the chart, automatically switches it for you
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