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  1. I'm guessing that this is more leg-pulling with this sounding exactly like the 'I'm British (English) not European so don't recognise the ECHR' rubbish that the that Brexiters come out with
  2. Dont need experience ?? The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 sets out conditions for appointment as a President, Deputy President or Justice of the Court. That person must have held high judicial office (judge of the Supreme Court, English High Court or Court of Appeal, Northern Irish High Courtor Court of Appeal, or Scottish Court of Session) for at least two years,[5] or have held rights of audience at the higher courts of England, Scotland or Northern Ireland for at least fifteen years.[6] I'm pretty sure you don't get to any of those positions without experience and knowledge
  3. As Supreme court judges they can rule on any legal system in the UK - were when and for how long they practised is immaterial. I saw no qualms from anyone about legal experience or knowledge when the Supreme Court ruled that minimum alcohol pricing was legal, allowing the law to be passed in Scotland. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/nov/15/uk-supreme-court-rules-minimum-alcohol-pricing-is-legal
  4. It's the same supreme court Judges that deal with any matter Scotish or otherwise - two of which are Scotish, one from NI the rest from England. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judges_of_the_Supreme_Court_of_the_United_Kingdom#Current_judges Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by The Queen by the issue of letters patent,[7] on the advice of the Prime Minister, to whom a name is recommended by a special selection commission. The Prime Minister is required by the Constitutional Reform Act to recommend this name to the Queen and not permitted to nominate anyone else.[8]
  5. What are peoples thoughts on the conditions on Saturday evening? My son is going to the observatory at Greenwich with his cub pack to star gaze. A few days ago looked like might get some clear skies but thats looking pretty unlikely now?
  6. This sums up the situation. Legally the UK Government can pass any law for Scotland even without legislative consent, there is no legal argument around this. But as you say this would lead to a majority voting for leave in a referendum. As with everything to do with Brexit the whole situation is becasue May has to jump through hoops to keep the Eurosceptics in check. This is what will happen in the end. Fully expect an amendment to be in the bill when it gets passed which will be along the lines of the Labour amendment that was rejected in the commons (which the SNP agreed
  7. As per the Supreme court ruling the matter of legistive consent has been ruled as not a metter for the judicery. They were quiet clear on this matter: So the Scotts judiciary (nor any other judiciary in England Wales or NI) can not revoke any law on the basis of legislative consent not being given 1
  8. Looks like some in the region may have something to look forward to overnight, I'm only at 50mASL so think I'm going to be kept waiting for my snow fix
  9. As mentioned above another dull as dishwater morning this morning. For December so far had an average temperature of 5.3c and 49.3mm of rain.
  10. for £20 better than rest of the UK a year at best, no one is going to be rushing up to Gretna for what amounts to less than a penny a day, Scotland may have many things that could encourage people to move north of the border, the tax policies in the budget today is not one of them, nor was it designed to be.
  11. Woke up to rain about 7.30, had about half hour of snow about 8 then back to rain, currently dry.
  12. Out of Wednesday and Thursday, Thursday looks the better bet for anything wintry, although still marginal TBH. Wednesday uppers and dew points are the wrong side of marginal and freezing level is too high: Thursday evening uppers look better. But were precipitation is forecast dew points look too high and freezing level is also higher: So at the moment East Anglia and the far east of Kent look to be the areas that could see something wintery, although elevation above 250/300m would be needed and dew points need to be a couple of degrees lower than currently
  13. Do you not? How do you suggest that you make sterling more attractive? You have pretty much said that the other main options (improving the balance of trade, GDP growth expected to constantly rise, political certainty and stability) are off the table. The only option they had at their disposal was interest rates going up, especially once a rise had been priced into the market. Are you saying they should not have put rates up casing Sterling too fall and increase inflationary pressures?
  14. The BOE is mandated to keep inflation at 2%. With inflation continuing to rise during the year the chance of an interest rate rise became more and more increased (interest rate rises are really the only mechanic to push inflation down). Add in the bullish comments about interest rate raised back in September/October and an interest rate rise this year had been priced into the currency markets. So even if they had not wanted to do so / needed to do so (ie inflation would of fallen naturally) the BOE had to put up rates otherwise sterling would of fallen sharply , which in turn would of increase
  15. I guess we will find what method is right after any future referendum; no way of knowing for certain till then.
  16. lol, how can a 5 point lead (constitution question) be clear yes but a 10 point lead a narrow no? If 5 points is clear then 10 points is clearer and if 10 points is narrow then 5 points is narrower.
  17. Equally, you could say the no voters are the hardcore no voters who would vote no come what may. Based on the last round of polls the average is: Yes: 40.3 % No : 50.6% On a 5 point average it's : 39.2% yes 52.2% No So no has a tenish % lead amongst 'hardcore voters'. So as you say it will be the middle ground undecided voters that make the difference.
  18. Been a fair amount of polling : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proposed_second_Scottish_independence_referendum#Opinion_polling the last one was the start of October, been about every two months so should be another one soon.
  19. I watched it for the Puigdemont interview, he has not done many English language interviews. But again even though he kept referring to him as the President of Catalonia, the bottom third caption referred to him as the 'Former president' - he can't be both, again poor production. If your business is producing a TV show then you cant make simple errors like that, even more,so when you are high profile. I
  20. It is if he says that they have been inundated with tweets, and then goes on to answer tweets that have not been sent or been sent by a member of his staff. Its poor production, if they did not have tweets they wanted to answer, just miss that section out, it was only a couple of minutes long just fill the time with something else.
  21. Dropped down to just under freezing here last night with a hard frost up 10c now, nice and clear and sunny...a welcome break from the murk of the previous few days
  22. The minimum pricing on Alchole introduced in Scotland is certainly to be applauded. My father was an Alcoholic so, along with other members of the forum, I have witnessed the effects and damage caused by addiction first hand and fully support any measures brought in to help prevent it. Even though the argument for Scotland to have the developed powers to tax alcohol directly is a strong one, I don't think even if they had the powers to do so they would have still used minimum pricing. For a start to increasing the current lowest price per unit (18p) to the 50p a unit level would nee
  23. Another dull grey start to the day today. Looks like today will see the last of the mild air with it turning colder, before the mild air returns early next week.
  24. Yea the weather is not particularly exciting, having to put the heating on not because I am cold but because it is so damp outside that the washing will not dry and having to use radiators. Looks like could see some mist and fog overnight which will not help things....
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