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  1. With stories like this 



    You have to wonder how much longer it is before the European Tour becomes widely considered a second-rate tour.

    It's not just about the money.  The PGA tour has long had the bigger prize pots and for a journeyman player if you can get your PGA tour card then it makes financial sense to use it, the 100th ranked payer on the European tour got 391000 euros this year (£345000) PGA tour 100 ranked player $1.2million (£945000).  Nothing wrong with choosing to triple your potential earnings.

    But the top European players in the past always seemed to try and support the Euro tour.  But that seems to be slipping away.  For them it is not about money, it is now all about peaking at the right time for the big tournaments and if that means sacrificing the Euro tour so be it.

    Then it becomes a downward spiral, less big names at Euro Tournaments, less sponsorship, less sponsorship smaller prize fund, smaller prize fund more players switching to the PGA tour.  If not careful the Euro tour will be made up of players who either cannot get their PGA card or, for whatever reason, don't want to base themselves in the US.

    Think drastic actions may need to be taken, such as saying if you won't play on the Euro Tour then you cannot play in the Ryder Cup.  Won't be a popular decision but its better than seeing the Euro Tour become nothing more than a second Division tour.

  2. 2 hours ago, jules216 said:

    I will be skiing in Austrian Alps first time in my life during Christmas so I hope this warmth  will be gone by then ? 

    It is a very slow start compared to some of the previous La Nina esque autumns which bring early shots of cold to central Europe.

    Looking at EPS from this morning I struggle to see how are going to achieve the advertised amplified pattern in vicinity of UK near the end of the month.

    Well thank goodness its only November. 


    The model ensembles still do build high pressure over the UK but not till day 15ish, of course the question will be what happens to that high afterwards.  But the theme of high pressure over the UK does seem to drifting from mid month which was showing a week back towards the final third of the month now. 

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  3. Phillip Morris has launched its own stop smoking campaign:


    Lots of gnashing of teeth and moaning about them doing so:


    but car companies have been seeling up gas guzzling polluting cars for decades and can't see anyone calling them hypocritical for now selling us 'green' cars.

    At the end of the day they have an advertising budget that the traditional anti-smoking organizations could only dream off if through this budget they can get out a good quit smoking campaign going, does it really matter where the money comes from?


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  4. On 24/08/2017 at 19:43, cheeky_monkey said:

    A victim of genetics unfortunately ...matured early ...aged early also..its almost like he peaked 5 years earlier than most sportsman and went into decline 5 years earlier also..bit like Gazza..best years were before he was 25...had he not broken his toe in the Euro 2004 QF against Portugal i am 100% certain England would have gone on to win that tournament.

    bit late to this thread but...

    Is it a case of genetics or a case of too much too soon, players may have the talent to play top-flight football at 17 18 or 19 but are there bodies fully ready.  Does starting players too soon increase the risk of meaning that they will have to retire at an earlier age?





    Overall Score USA 14.5  EUR 13.5

    Top USA Wild Card    Tiger Woods 

    Top Euro Wild Card     Ian Poulter

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  6. BCC updated its long range model overnight and showing the same sort of change in pattern mid-month as CFS /EC46


    EPS clusters are showing the change showing up high pressure in the majority at 240 hours:


    but in a majority by the end of the run


    Things certainly to be firming up on a pattern change past the first 10 days or so of October. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Summer Sun said:

    Always been a fan of Justin so a shame that winning the FedEX going to be overshadowed.  Not many golfers (if any) who have Order of Merit, FedEx (or there equivalents) a major and world number one (plus Olympic gold) on their CV's.  Probably needs to get a couple more majors under his belt to get more widespread recognition that his talent deserves. 

  8. regarding England having the easier teams to beat so far;  three off the four teams in the semi finals run in has been are equal, having all faced one higher ranked team, Croatia slightly harder having faced two.

    France 1 higher ranked team - Argentina

    Belgium 1 higher ranked team - Brazil

    Croatia - 2 high ranked teams - Argentina, Denmark

    England  - 1 higher ranked team Belgium

    Main difference I suppose is that England has not beaten a high ranked team so far.

    Croatia has the hardest route to winning now - needing two beat two higher ranked teams (England then either France or Belgium).  Belgium has the easiest with France and then either England or Croatia ranked below them. 

    Of course, at this stage of a tournament paper rankings mean very little and its all down to how the teams play on the day. 

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  9. 21 hours ago, Dougal said:


     Is it the next step? 


    I think the next step is the banning of tobacco.  Raise the age limit by a year every year for say 15-20 years then ban its general sale, those who have been unable to quit after this date will have to apply to get a licence to continue to buy tobacco products.

    Let's be honest if tobacco was discovered now it would be a Class A drug.  Unlike alcohol (the other main legal drug) it has no health benefits even if taken in moderation, can't see any real arguments that anyone could present against its banning.


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  10. 21 hours ago, davehsug said:

    HIs explanation made it even worse I think. He could have taken anything, but took the penalty, from which he may even have benefitted, not what the rules are there for. I would never have expected it from Phil, and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it.

    Yup, he deliberately stopped the ball knowing that the penalty would probably be the lesser of two evils and didn't seem that bothered in admitting doing so.

    Not playing the ball when is motion is a fundamental part of the rules of the sport, just as not using your hands is in football or passing backwards is in rugby, completely wrong that Mickelson though it was ok to do so for gain. 

  11. Never thought would ever see a Professional Golfer doing this


    sort of stuff you would do at crazy golf, not at a Major

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