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  1. Dont think I have ever seen a dry line marked on a surface pressure chart for the UK, like there is to the west on this one.
  2. THough I would highlight this campaign that the NUJ is running as its becoming a more common issue. https://www.nuj.org.uk/campaigns/useitpayforit/ Increasingly more and more news organisations are asking people if they can use pictures people post on social media (for free) as long as they give them 'credit'. Apart from the fact that if you are lucky enough to take a picture that generates interest from news organisations you are entitled to make some money from it. They still have to give you 'credit' but you also get a bit of money in your pocket. If you are one of the lucky ones this could be in the 4 figures (there are some examples in the article). But the bigger problem is for photographers who make a living from taking pictures at newsworthy events. If the media outlets can get pictures for free then why do they need to buy the pictures from the photographers? If not careful news photography will go the way of stock photography where the income that can be made is too low for photographers to make a living from it.
  3. Had about 15 minutes of light snow this morning followed and about half an hour of gruple late afternoon but apart from that been dry. Not holding my breath about getting any snow over the next couple of days, but at least should get some good frosts.
  4. What are peoples thoughts on the conditions on Saturday evening? My son is going to the observatory at Greenwich with his cub pack to star gaze. A few days ago looked like might get some clear skies but thats looking pretty unlikely now?
  5. Looks like some in the region may have something to look forward to overnight, I'm only at 50mASL so think I'm going to be kept waiting for my snow fix
  6. As mentioned above another dull as dishwater morning this morning. For December so far had an average temperature of 5.3c and 49.3mm of rain.
  7. Woke up to rain about 7.30, had about half hour of snow about 8 then back to rain, currently dry.
  8. Out of Wednesday and Thursday, Thursday looks the better bet for anything wintry, although still marginal TBH. Wednesday uppers and dew points are the wrong side of marginal and freezing level is too high: Thursday evening uppers look better. But were precipitation is forecast dew points look too high and freezing level is also higher: So at the moment East Anglia and the far east of Kent look to be the areas that could see something wintery, although elevation above 250/300m would be needed and dew points need to be a couple of degrees lower than currently forecast for it to be snow rather than sleet. Further west looks dry.
  9. Dropped down to just under freezing here last night with a hard frost up 10c now, nice and clear and sunny...a welcome break from the murk of the previous few days
  10. Another dull grey start to the day today. Looks like today will see the last of the mild air with it turning colder, before the mild air returns early next week.
  11. Yea the weather is not particularly exciting, having to put the heating on not because I am cold but because it is so damp outside that the washing will not dry and having to use radiators. Looks like could see some mist and fog overnight which will not help things....
  12. Medical issues

    Sadly there does seem to be more and more people jumping onto the anti-vax band waggon. My cousin is one such and is very vocal in how were are all wrong in vaccinating our children etc. Think it is very much because, due to vaccinations, people of my generation and younger have not seen the horrors that these diseases can cause and therefore think they are no longer serious. People in older generations such as my mum can remember isolation wards and seeing people ending up in wheelchairs due to Polio, smallpox killing hundreds if not thousands etc and are grateful that vaccinations have stopped these diseases being so verilant. I agree I think @ciel was very restrained, not sure I could have been.
  13. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    You can change from imperial metric in the settings (cog icon on right-hand side of menu bar) don't even have to reload the chart, automatically switches it for you
  14. Lock screen

    Yea I have had this happen a few times, very annoying. No 'official' way of getting rid of the lock screen, this is because windows 10 is designed to work on both desktops and tablets (on which you would want a lock screen). Are a few 'hacks' you can try: https://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/how-to-disable-the-windows-10-lock-screen/
  15. Frustrating weekend comming up weather wise of the region. With the low to the east of us just close enough to feed showers into out area. I'm up London all weekend for Open House, looks like will need an umbrella whilst queuing!