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  1. Boxing thread.

    Can't believe this is actually going to go ahead: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/40577417 Well, I can in a way because is going to make people a lot of money, but its nothing more than that. Can't see how it benefits either man or their sports long term. Plus reportedly $99 to watch on PPV!!
  2. Had a few rumbles here overnight but was just too far north to get anything else. 9.6mm of rain overnight though.
  3. Beautiful day to have off work today, reached 25.5c making it the hottest day of the year so far.
  4. Ended up with 36mm of rain yesterday making it the wettest day I have recorded on my station since June 2016
  5. Was a lovely day yesterday plenty of sunshine and feeling warm with a high of 21c. Wet start today with it looking like will need to take umbrellas on the school run for this first time in a while. Wednesday still looking like the wettest day of the working week.
  6. First time since the start of February that I have had four consecutive days with measured rainfall here; not amounted to much though (2.6mm). Still only at 25% of average for the month. Even though not looking forward to a wet day hope any rain mid week amounts to something.
  7. Recommended camera gear??

    Nothing wrong with it and take it if you have room, but the 50mm is a faster and the 10-18 is wider if it was a faster lens like a 2.8 I would say take it instead of the 10-18mm. I would take the 55-250, nothing worse than wishing you had something longer, I know you could crop in the 18-200 images but with the sort of conditions your shooting in your ISO is going to be relatively high and you don't want to be adding more noise to your images by cropping them too much in post.
  8. Recommended camera gear??

    18-200 for a general walkabout lense 10-18mm for wide angle are the two that would say definitely need. 50mm 1.8 prime is always a good solid lens to have. Can't see much need for the 17-40 or 60mm. Might want to rent or buy something a bit longer as well, even on with your camera being an APSC you might find the 18-200 a bit short; something like a 70-300 or a 100-400.
  9. Yea apart from the odd shower in the far west looks like we will all be dry until the evening, with temps in the high teens at least it will be nice and warm
  10. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Yes, sad news. This song brings back good memories of my clubbing days...
  11. Yea it is certainly nice that we have got rid of the dull as dishwater weather that we have had recently. As mentioned above the hi res models are all showing slight variations on the same theme for Thursday/Friday, but the main theme seems to be that rain will first affect more western areas and then move into our area during the evening on Thursday / over night into Friday.
  12. TV drama

    This series is worth a watch if you have Netflix looses its way mid-season as it tries to fill the story out to 22 episodes (could have done with being a 15-18 episode series) but is now picking up the pace again as it heads towards the final episodes.
  13. Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    The Great Wall: Not as bad as thought it would be based on the reviews, plot is a bit predictable but some impressive SFX
  14. was dull and chilly with drizzle this morning when was out and about but a vast improvement this afternoon with the cloud breaking and it feeling quite pleasant in the sun - high 17.1c 11am 16.30pm
  15. Yes, yesterday was the best day of the week (and typically the day I was back at work ) Some good sunny spells and a high of 16c. Grey chilly start today but the sun is now trying to break through.