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  1. Dropped down to just under freezing here last night with a hard frost up 10c now, nice and clear and sunny...a welcome break from the murk of the previous few days
  2. Another dull grey start to the day today. Looks like today will see the last of the mild air with it turning colder, before the mild air returns early next week.
  3. Yea the weather is not particularly exciting, having to put the heating on not because I am cold but because it is so damp outside that the washing will not dry and having to use radiators. Looks like could see some mist and fog overnight which will not help things....
  4. Medical issues

    Sadly there does seem to be more and more people jumping onto the anti-vax band waggon. My cousin is one such and is very vocal in how were are all wrong in vaccinating our children etc. Think it is very much because, due to vaccinations, people of my generation and younger have not seen the horrors that these diseases can cause and therefore think they are no longer serious. People in older generations such as my mum can remember isolation wards and seeing people ending up in wheelchairs due to Polio, smallpox killing hundreds if not thousands etc and are grateful that vaccinations have stopped these diseases being so verilant. I agree I think @ciel was very restrained, not sure I could have been.
  5. You can change from imperial metric in the settings (cog icon on right-hand side of menu bar) don't even have to reload the chart, automatically switches it for you
  6. Lock screen

    Yea I have had this happen a few times, very annoying. No 'official' way of getting rid of the lock screen, this is because windows 10 is designed to work on both desktops and tablets (on which you would want a lock screen). Are a few 'hacks' you can try: https://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/how-to-disable-the-windows-10-lock-screen/
  7. Frustrating weekend comming up weather wise of the region. With the low to the east of us just close enough to feed showers into out area. I'm up London all weekend for Open House, looks like will need an umbrella whilst queuing!
  8. At least tomorrow looks a bit better, brighter and dry for most, maybe just the odd scattered shower:
  9. Yea i'm the same, got a week off work next week and would rather things were looking better. Not going away but if its raining then i'm stuck inside and got no excuse not to do the decorating that my wife is nagging me to do
  10. Need to keep an eye on next Saturday, defiantly looking Autumnal at the moment.
  11. Cetertainly looks an interesting book Oliver, will pick up a copy of the e book in a couple of days . just on a side note, you might want to update the info on the paperback page as looks out of date now:
  12. Medical issues

    yea thats what was trying to say, if the cataract is not effecting lifestyle then no real need to risk removing them (however small the risk). Maybe optimal is the wrong word more a crossover when the negative effects outweigh the risks / time etc of removing them.
  13. Medical issues

    Glad it went well for you @ciel, both my mum and father in law have had their Cataract removed and they were equally impressed on how quick the processes was, especially compared to what it was like in the past. @Daryl Dixon my mum not being able to drive in the dark was the main factor that got my mums op pushed up the list, she lives in a remote area with little public transport, so needed to drive to get about so needed the operation sooner as it was effecting her mobility and lifestyle. So defiantly a route to take in saying that his life is being effected by not being able to drive. apparently there is a on optimum time of the Cataract development that they like to remove them, too soon and the risk of infection or other side effects outweighs the reduced vision, and this could be what his doctor is basing his decision on.
  14. Other Sporting Discussion

    How a man who has been banned for dopping not once but twice can even be in the stadium to have a chance of winning a major athletics championship is beyond me...what sort of message are we sending to the next generation of Athletes?
  15. Action Cameras

    Been hunting around for a cheap action camera, something that can let the kids use during the holidays without worrying about if they break it. Picked up the Floureon Aaction Camera for £30. https://www.amazon.co.uk/FLOUREON-Waterproof-Wide-Angle-Camcorder-Accessories/dp/B01IGYDJOA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501315625&sr=8-1&keywords=floureon+action+cam Even though it markets its self as a 4k camera naturally at this price point it is not 'real' 4k and to be honest the 4k is not usable. It does offer 1080p at 60fps which many of the low-cost cameras do not. Still playing around with it but the footage is not that bad bearing in mind the price point, below is some stationary footage at the various resolutions: This is 1080p 60fps with some basic Luts applied, so there is some limited potential to improve the image if you have the time/software/inclination to play around with grading: If you are after high-quality footage then this is not the camera for you and your budget needs to be a lot higher; but if you are just after something to use around the pool or beech on holiday with out worrying if it gets lost/broken or a dash cam (has a loop record function), then it is not bad for the price.