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  1. Hi All, Im looking for an app that I can use to see current visibility reading from weather stations in my area displayed on a map. the wunderground weather app comes close - it shows humidity on a map (displayed as a percentage not a colour), but not visibility. To get visibility readings I need to click individual weather stations and jump though a couple of hoops, and obviously I get no overview, I can only view individual stations at a time. If there's no app, a website would be just as good. Appreciate any help you can give. cheers!
  2. Hi All, Hope Im posting this to the correct forum. So....You know how you have storm chasers? Well Im a mist and fog chaser Lots of amazing apps/websites about, many of which will give you humidity information, but so far Ive not been able to find one that forecasts humility information on an actual map (the UK in my case). Every app Ive found will forcast information for specific places that I happen to have in my favourites or I search for. But this means is a real chore trying to find out where mist might be. Id like an overview. Basically Im looking to find where mist is at not necessarily what the weather is doing immediately over my house. Anyway, if anyone can offer any help or advise I would really appreciate it.
  3. Hi all, without signing up, I was wondering if the Netweather Extra subscription has detail/forecasts for mist, fog and dew points etc. Locally and nationally? And what kind of forcast info might it have for cloud cover? cheers all, appreciate any help!
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