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  1. I am new to this forum and would be interested in views of other members. I live in Monmouthshire, South Wales and have been really interested in recording the weather accurately for some time. I had a Davis Vantage Vue which went back to the suppliers so many times that in the end I gave up! An expensive experiment... I now use a wi-fi data logger in a home-made Stevenson Screen (made from plastic air vents). I'm pretty sure that the max temperatures are not really accurate -- quite a few days I record maximums several degrees C higher than the BBC reports. But in other respects the system works pretty well. I can't really record wind data from my site since my house is in a bit of a dip in the land. That is why the integrated sensor set-ups are of little use to me. And rainfall data doesn't particularly bother me. My data logger is an Omega wifi sensor which connects to my home wi-fi about 20m away and I get a free link to an online site called wifisensorcloud.com It is not perfect by any means. Comments from weather watchers would be most welcome. (Pictures enclosed)