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  1. https://longrangesnowcenter.net/2020/10/20/october-preliminary-2020-21-winter-outlook/ Looking like for the European winter IMO: Moving onto Europe, we see a colder December for the UK, and a pretty average winter overall, with a weaker backend of the season. The Northern Alps (Northern Europe) should see an average snowfall season, maybe slightly better than normal. The Southern Alps (and the rest of Southern Europe) should see a slightly below average season, with the best conditions early in winter. Climatic factors: A basinwide moderate (possibly strong) La Nina th
  2. At this stage of the game, no news is good news. Average allows for a large spread of potential options, depending on what the climate does. Looking at the clues we have: Tropical upper stratosphere is currently colder than average, that indicates a stronger than normal Brewer-Dobson circulation, pushing ozone towards the NH Strat polar vortex. So again we certainly have the capacity for inducing a SSW, it's just whether the tropospheric factors allow for it.
  3. My first seasonal prediction for the NH this season: https://longrangesnowcenter.net/2020/09/06/early-september-seasonal-2020-21-winter-preliminary-outlook/ Western & Central US and the Northern Alps to benefit from a Canadian Vortex/Aleutian High and +NAO driven weather outlook for the winter ahead from the preliminary look of factors (still got more to loom at in coming weeks...). Not so great for the Southern Alps or Southern Europe in terms of snowfall, and a pretty mild and wet outlook for the UK on the cards. Take a look at the details above 🙂
  4. https://longrangesnowcenter.net/2020/02/23/europe-on-the-long-term-23rd-feb-2/ My final forecast for the long term in Europe this season. The final days of the month and first 10 days in March look a little more hopeful for snowfall prospects according to models and the tropical drivers. But this will subside in mid-March. At the end of the day, the season was not that great, and the drivers failed to get us into a conducive state.
  5. The positive AAM anomalies are resuming in the extratropics (at a similar latitude to the UK), which is partially behind the continued and now reinforced +NAO flow. In order for the UK winter pattern to be changed, we need those tropical +AAM transports to move north and -AAM deposits establish close to the poles to help to dislodge the strong tropospheric polar vortex. Looking at the top chart’s upward trend, which shows a strengthening stratospheric polar vortex, we are running out of options, except looking towards a consistent zonal outlook. However later in February may be
  6. My latest outlook doesn’t exactly bear very well for the UK, until perhaps mid-late February: https://longrangesnowcenter.net/2020/01/07/europe-on-the-long-term-7th-january/ A little snippet about the current GWO forecast, more details in the outlook. “The GWO is currently in Phase 8-1, and is forecast to proceed through the lower phases of GLAAM orbit over the middle two weeks of January. This is likely to keep the current +AO/+NAO phase in a holding pattern, waiting for the next GWO cycle through the positive phases. The past cycle has been so far inadequate in getting the mom
  7. Yeah, last week of a December looking better and the first 10 days of January. I’m not promising anything, it’s just the drivers look more conducive to better cold and snowfall risks.
  8. https://longrangesnowcenter.net/2019/12/16/europe-on-the-long-term-16th-december/ Some -NAO prospects over the next few weeks, propped up by the -GLAAM orbit. Then a +NAO forecast over much of January, per the descending SPV and it’s currently strong status. Potentially another turn to a -NAO in February, on the back of another GWO cycle and a potential SSW. Details of my outlooks in the link above ?
  9. https://longrangesnowcenter.net/2019/11/14/european-winter-outlook-2019-20/ Here is my European and UK winter seasonal forecast for 2019-20. We should see a troughing and more snowy pattern in January and February, with a more average pattern in December IMO. Thanks everybody ?
  10. The current snowy pattern is due to an underlying base state that is still quite negative in terms of AAM and a tropical state which is more progressive in terms of the expansion of momentum. The combination of a MJO Phase 6-7-8 progression and the underlying negative momentum anomalies have introduced Scandi blocking and potentially -NAO (+ 10 days) responses to the brief tropical momentum progression. You can see the meridional pattern induced by the negative momentum anomalies in the medium term by the polarised difference between the block and the trough. Anyway,
  11. I’ve just been going around and around in circles with the European forecast. It’s a bit all over the shop. I can concur with your idea though, something I have been mulling over. My European forecast for the season should be out later this week ?
  12. As @Met4Cast uses in the chart above, there is a significant cold anomaly right in the middle of the Atlantic. So that could help spur the -NAO and a colder winter for the UK. This isn’t the final forecast, this is just the last one I do for the entire globe, hence the global charts. I do a specific final UK/Europe forecast, where hopefully I have a bit more stratospheric guidance. But yes I am banking on a SSW at some point. I do see perhaps a good chance for some strat warming in November/December though. And there’s plenty of factors supporting the potential for a SSW anyways.
  13. You beat me to it! Thanks @Summer Sun Snow & Ice conditions good for Eastern US, Japan and Europe/UK. MJO largely good for European and UK snowfall, perhaps less so later in winter. Similar for Eastern US and Japan. Oceanic ENSO good for Japan, Southwest US and Eastern US. -AAM good for Europe, Eastern US and Japan, less strong later in winter. Stratospheric conditions favourable for Eastern US, Japan and Europe/UK. Solar minimum favourable for more snowfall for Eastern US, Japan and Europe/UK. Atlantic favourable for a snowy UK winter and colder E
  14. For example, have a look at this -AAM analog I used. Showing some potential for a -NAO/Greenland block, with the trough lying over Europe, but still with potential for a cold winter for the UK. Though this is just one driver/idea.
  15. Chill out. The UK could see a -NAO pattern that would bring a colder winter for it and the rest of Europe. I did discuss Europe in the outlook. It explored the different model solutions heading towards a winter +NAO, and then I explained why this may not be the case.
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