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  1. Just a dusting this morning with higher hills nicely whitened
  2. minus 1 this morning following by glorious sunny morning before high cloud filtered in from the west.
  3. Beautiful morning up here after another widespread frost with temperatures down to freezing, I must tot up how many frosts this winter. There has been a fresh dusting of snow over Ben Klibreck last couple mornings, not the best picture but you can just about make it out!
  4. 15.7C here around lunch time but blustery SW cooler now with spits and spots and bigger shower heading across Loch Shin area
  5. Yes we had couple of hefty hail showers with bit sleet mixed in and bitter winds in the afternoon.
  6. 9c and cloudy here ,least wind has dropped off for now
  7. Couple more of the snow, Breck the snow hound and falling large flakes this morning.
  8. Very snowy morning up here in Rheanbreck just over 8cm lovely fluffy snow.
  9. Nice and sunny here now but early doors it was back to winter, first pic approaching squall then white out.
  10. Hi Mr Frost, this was the scene on the west coast of the Isle of Man in March 2013 where I used to live before moving up to Rheanbreck in 2016, and last one from 2018 Rheanbreck
  11. Just started sleety wet snow up here but bit milder than yesterday as frost never moved all day. This view from yesterday afternoon looking towards the southwest Choin Deirg
  12. Another pic of the cracking sunset tonight, looking west from above Lairg
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