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  1. Somewhat of a shock out repairing a fence as very dark cloud spread across from Ben Assynt and Northwest to give a hefty shower of sleet and then wet snow! Temps at the moment 4.4c after early frost at 1.6c
  2. Morning all Down to 2.7C this morning here and there is a good dusting of snow on the Munroe tops , Ben Klibreck , Ben Assynt and Foinaven others probably but low cloud and mist hogging some tops.
  3. Interesting as our swallows seem to have slipped away already , a tad early I think I wonder what they know we don't?....
  4. A miserable 7.4C here until around 1pm but a brief flicker of brightness in the gloom has seen temp rocket to 9.4C , Added to this is a keen NE wind ...
  5. Been snowing here most of the day and now heavier and being driven along on a nor easterly , little drifts forming on the bigger drifts. Awoke to a fresh covering of 3 or 4cms and probably had another 3 today. Only bit of thawing is on the car .
  6. Yes further 5-7cm fresh snow overnight and still snowing. More digging to get to the hens
  7. 4pm and the snow setting in again, in excess of 40cms now and drifting on top severely now
  8. A very snowy lane this morning and we have had a further 15cm maybe more since
  9. Thought that this would be a good time to share these picture of my lane when I lived on the west coast of the Isle of Man at Ballaleigh between Kirk Michael and Peel. This was taken on the 29th March 2013 three days after the blizzard had struck. Ist pic is looking down on a full size motorhome and second is on top of the lane further down. The third was a drift still holding on 68 days later on Sart Fell reach is about 1600 feet at highest , the snow in the gully pictured is about 950 ft .
  10. It has been snowing lightly here for couple hours with temperature hovering around 1.5C , picture below was around 8am this morning , not the best of pictures as wind was a tad cutting
  11. Great Pic, I'm in Rheanbreck above Lairg looking north towards Ben Klibreck, we had about 5cm in the early hours after earlier rain then some hefty snow showers including this one pictured about 530pm this evening. No thaw today here and freezing hard tonight already. Second picture from top of Choc na h Inghinn looking over Loch Shin towards Ben Hee. this afternoon.
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