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  1. They are not much fun if you are the target of their good works have an allergic reaction to their sting. They are aggressive nasty little things particularly later in the season.
  2. Awful lot of queen wasps about. Does not bode well for the summer. Keep an eye out for wasps taking on water from a bird bath and similar. You can then get a fair idea where the nest is by the track of those wasps after getting water.
  3. Unless slow cooked I expect the remainder was still tough and unpalatable.
  4. Ok it was for two of us. Roast in a bag chicken for £3.09 from ALDI . It roasted well and at the end I gave it a little tweek with some left over white wine. Carved the chicken. I had the leg portion plus a bit if breast meat (I like my food so no holding back). My wife had plenty of breast meat from the chicken. There was one side not touched plus the other side not eaten at all Had the meal with home grown brocolii, potatoes and carrots. Was suitably stuffed. So we still have some left over breast meat from one side and half a side of cooked chicken left. Plen
  5. Usually some form of login is required. Name, email address etc. You are likely to find that if you put in a completely random email address such as *[email protected] will work. A fictitious name as well. Some times a verification will be required. Such as respond to an email. Worth having a throwaway email address to use not your main or usual address. They are easy enough to have. These thing might help but use with caution as there are plenty of nasties out there.
  6. Many of us have accessed free wifi away from home. How do you try and keep your device safe? Various ploys to stop possible threats. What are recommended ways to do this?
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