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  1. Meto surely about to go to at least amber for Eastern areas on Tuesday... Yellow warning now covers most of mainland UK.
  2. Meto text forecasts are now talking about significant or heavy falls of snow for the east! Don't remember seeing that before... Usually locally moderate falls. Looks like I might get stuck in North East England next week...
  3. Na, you've got to watch out for the travelling killie snow shield
  4. Swedish girlfriend, not surprised he's disappeared. /end stereotype
  5. Heavy sleet/wet snow here now with it accumulating on car windscreens... Those higher up should do well!
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-43075477/thundersnow-and-lightning-hits-west-of-scotland Cracking video!
  7. Just rain here at 100m above sea level
  8. Yeah good plan, there were another couple of showers inbound just as I left the house so I think I made it down at the best time between the showers.
  9. I made it down the m74. The roads around Glasgow were bad at 6am with snow on all roads. 74 wasn't bad, just the outside lane covered
  10. A68 at Carter bar has had a flurry...
  11. Massive upgrade to weather warnings for here over the next few days, my journey down the m74 early on Monday is looking in doubt at least I now have a dash cam to record the snow if I go for it! @Hairy CeltI have had the weatherproofs on a golf for the last year. They are brilliant - particularly with deep surface water as well as the snow.
  12. Nope, so annoying and I'm sure there may have been a few others when the rest of us got sleet and you were snowed in! You made up for it last year though (or the year before) with the 30cm meto Amber warning that you had in which you had the ruler out and set up before it even started, you ended up with 0cm of snow if I recall - I'll never forget that one (I'm more annoyed most people missed the Arran event if its any consolation!!)
  13. About 15-20years of course there have been exceptions(e.g. 6th December 2010, multiple Kilmacolm burials and the Arran storm) , but living under the killie snow shield we even managed to get a few fronts each year which guaranteed a couple of hours of heavy snow before turning back to rain/all Snow events. They just don't seem to happen as much now and be of widespread nature. Snowing away here now which is good news 😁
  14. It's probably a non event but something everyone would be jumping at if it was last winter. There's barely been any decent frontal snow events during previous winters that I can remember so this year has been good so far!
  15. Looking at the radar, I think you might be top of the snow total tables after this event
  16. The front looks pretty strong still...
  17. Woah, heavy hail shower with a massive flash and instant boom from the Thunder overhead - awesome!!! Alarms going off everywhere.
  18. Still - 1c here, 2inches so far from today's fall, motorway covered - no yellow warning
  19. Heavy snow. Snowing settlong on top of 2 previous snow events, I can't remember the last time that happened!
  20. Good plan,the other option is to take a sceeenshot but not as good.
  21. This shower looks better on radar for the Glasgow area.
  22. Looks like lots of cars stuck on the M77 northbound...