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  1. I was joking earlier when I said the storms would die out and form further east but it looks to be happening. (at least we saw something though) That storm near Biggar looks like a strong storm from the radar..
  2. Saw a nice cloud to ground strike close to the M77 while driving about half an hour ago. Everything seems to have skipped past pretty quickly but it feels a lot cooler and at least the hay-fever sufferers will begin to get some relief!
  3. Plenty of storms out west, will they make it... Or will they just give drizzle in the west and reform for the east coast?
  4. Sorry to hear that @Stormeh Weather warning for Monday looks interesting, highest impact with danger to life! (English warning is lower impact) Its mainly associated with that torrential band of rain coming in Sunday night into Monday, GFS has the band slightly further west initially impacting the south west Early Monday then brings Glasgow/Ayrshire into play before transferring north east with thundery showers to follow (although I'd trust the meto short range models more)
  5. Convective available potential enegery, the higher the number the more energy there is for the storms to feed off effectively. High values can be a good indicator of large hail Only thing is, GFS tends to inflate the values so it normally looks really high until the day before and if there is no trigger for the storms to form then high CAPE is useless. That's a very brief explanation, loads of science to it.
  6. Associated with that lowcoming out of Northern Ireland so maybe 2hrs. It's even more unlikely I'd say now given its all merged together but possible on the edge of the current mess I guess.
  7. Just jumping in with a ramp, Torro just issued a convective discussion with the (small) risk of some low topped supercells for Western Scotland this evening...
  8. Couple of rumbles of thunder here in Durham. Not going out for a drive as it looks like it'll probably fall apart quickly!
  9. Yes good shout, we've already had a torrential shower with hail this morning. (I got soaked! )
  10. New storm over Kilmarnock now that friends have reported.
  11. Covering of snow here with it still coming down. Snow is sliding off the cars so a slushy affair.
  12. Interesting radar return over Eyemouth. Phone won't let me upload a screenshot!
  13. M77 looks very snowy, looks good for Ayrshire (away from the coast) to end up with a covering of snow at least tonight given the radar.
  14. Woke up at about 7am to the sound of of heavy rain... Just looked out the window and we now have a slushy covering of snow. Must've been heavy! Melting fast though.
  15. Now now, cooking and driving is dangerous Plenty of snow on cars driving around Kilmarnock after the last sleet/snow shower.
  16. Not sure but it doesnt look far north enough given traffic cams at Abingdon. I'm off down the M74 early tomorrow so I'm keeping an eye on it, although I expect it'll just be white at the side of the road by then...
  17. Yellow snaw warning out now for the boarders.
  18. Snaw turned back to rain and tomorrow's snow warning has been cancelled and moved north of the central belt. That's the cold spell finished here!
  19. It started off as rain here but its now snowing
  20. Snaw here too, not particularly heavy but we have a dusting already
  21. You can get that from freezing fog, it's pretty cool (literally)
  22. It could be my eyes but the showers look like they might have made a steer to a more westerly direction south of the central belt?
  23. From sleet 30mins ago to heavy snow now and everything covered
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