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  1. Unofficial station in Hartford at 38.4 https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/live_weather_map.asp
  2. I think you're right, we'll know in the next 45 minutes - but the announcement might come a little later. I think it will be close! (My guess was 38.9 in the competition, which I now think is bullish!)
  3. July record has fallen... All eyes on Cambridge https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49106092
  4. It’s ramped up again in Swindon, frequent lightning. Should be well visible from birdlip area on A417
  5. Just north of Winchester and the sky is flashing like crazy. Time to head west & try to keep ahead of crazy ppn rates! Fantastic viewing!
  6. Seeing reports of 36 at Jersey airport for today - breaking their July record, others to follow no doubt... Never considered Jersey as an option for hottest UK location! Would it be included for this competition?
  7. Oops! 38.9 c on Thursday somewhere between Canterbury and Sevenoaks
  8. Best guesses for the week! 33.6 on Tuesday somewhere between Oxford and Heathrow 34.8 on Wednesday somewhere between Cambridge & Ipswich 38.9 c on Thursday somewhere between Canterbury and Sevenoaks 30.5 on Friday somewhere in East Anglia
  9. https://www.viewsurf.com/univers/surf/vue/13586-france-haute-normandie-sainte-adresse-live moving out to sea across the bay, frequent lightning on horizon
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