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  1. Flirting with some of the lowest pressure recorded in the UK... Hurricane Katrina made landfall with a central pressure of 920mb - as I am reliably informed by Wikipedia.
  2. Selliso

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    Luke Perry, star of Beverly Hills 90210 dies following a stroke at the age of 52 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47448666
  3. Can we really say that there was no response? (not meaning this antagonistically, btw - just interested in the point some have raised on the "failed SSW") My very limited understanding is that there absolutely was a response in the troposphere, and we saw the PV split into three distinct lobes. We've simply been very unlucky again with how the lobes positioned themselves - one of them over Canada and northern USA and never retrogressing. The Jet was therefore well supported with very large gradients over the northeastern USA. In that set up, everything was stacked against us to promote a cold easterly or northerly scenario. But saying that, that winter was hardly Atlantic-driven, just HLB in our locale was not forthcoming. So my summary is that we have had a somewhat more blocked winter, strongly supported (globally) by a major SSW, but Blighty just wasn't in the right spot for cold again this time. Happy to be corrected on any or all of this - as I'm confused by the failed SSW response point.
  4. I used to live in Egerton, not far from you and similar altitide (about 225m asl) - the issue I always found was too much modification from the Irish Sea. Just a few more miles to the east, say Haslingden, and the snow could be falling while Egerton had cold rain!
  5. There was a wintry mix above 200m in North Wales this morning, definitely something whiter on the mountains above a guesstimate of 350-400m.
  6. Eventually, but MetO have extended heavy snow forecast for Swindon by two hours (was ending 2pm, now 4pm...) Picking up on the point that HIRLAM was a little too far east with the ppn, prob why earlier MetO Amber blob was east of us
  7. Astonishing how this area of ppn just keeps reinforcing... Anyone knowledgeable explain how this is happening?
  8. I agree, there will probably be a small amber warning area created later this morning, once they've been able to observe the behaviour of the ppn and conversion to snow. The models do not give sufficient clarity alone - only observations will count (also known as nowcasting!) Could be that ppn will be long lasting, giving decent totals, but if it falls slowly and steadily over a long timeframe, the actual impact on transport etc. is very much reduced. So might just stay yellow.
  9. Great stuff! What's the northern extent on the super high res?
  10. Wonder how long until an amber warning... The patchy nature of the ppn must be giving them a real headache. It could be a big win for some, bust for others despite conditions being favourable well down into the valleys, and almost to the coast! Not much for the North on Thursday, but we've done quite well from showers over the last 12 hours up near Conwy.
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