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  1. Rain turned sleety at Loggerheads (between Market Drayton & Stoke on Trent) c. 200m
  2. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to be shovelling snow off the driveway again (the last piles of the stuff melted here overnight last night) and the Met could be wrong!
  3. Agree that ppn might extend into our neck of the woods, but the warning is rightly adjusted south as an indicator of where the core of ppn now appears most likely to be and therefore highest risk of accumulating snow and distruption.
  4. Much further south - as expected with model outputs
  5. Grew up in Bury / Bolton in the 90s and hated being referred to as a Mancunian - definitely a Lancashire lad.
  6. Yes, said he’s “keeping his beady eye on it” shortly after quipping “Storm Christoph has gone on holiday to Norway.” Full of bants tonight!
  7. I seem to remember these events were more prevalent in the 90s (growing up in North West, near Bolton) I can remember several rain to snow events during High School days and the ensuing school closure and bus chaos - probably 4 events between 91 - 97, with back edge snow from systems moving south east over the region. Seemed to stop happening after that - every event became a front edge, with mixing from the Irish sea meaning nothing but cold rain anywhere west of higher parts of Rochdale, while Huddersfield would get a pasting! Found this scenario similar to those 90s event, albeit with an exceptionally sharp temperature gradient and possibly the fastest rain to snow transition I've ever witnessed.
  8. Transition here seemed to take no more than 15 minutes from the first signs of sleet
  9. Snowing in Loggerheads - covering readily on all surfaces
  10. Increasing snow shown on the local forecast for overnight period
  11. And here's the Rain warning update Reason for update Warning end time shortened to 0600 Thursday and the area adjusted slightly, particularly by removing Norfolk. Mention of possible snow as rain clears. Storm Christoph will continue to bring heavy rain across the region through the rest of today and into Thursday morning. An additional 20-30 mm is expected to fall widely with 50-60 mm further rainfall over parts of Wales and northern England. Rain may temporarily turn to heavy, wet snow as it clears, leading to a cover of 1-4 cm in places, possibly more on high ground. Strong winds will accompany the rain at times and may add to travel difficulties across higher and more exposed routes.
  12. I agree with this - it's an assessment of risk. You can look at the grids they provide to determine how likely they think any given situation actually is. Just an opinion, but although weather is a system with patterns and trends, it's ultimately a case of super complex computers trying to model chaos, with human intervention to add art to the science and make it relevant for a human audience. The warnings can never be read to say, for example, "there will be exactly 2" of snow in exactly your back yard at exactly 4pm next Friday" - they essentially say "somewhere within this area, it might snow - be aware" with caveats usually on distance from coast, elevation and if ppn is expected to be patchy etc. etc. etc. etc. It's just unrealistic to expect a warning area to be gospel. Sometime lower risk events never materialise at all, sometimes the risk is undermodelled and we get surprises.
  13. Apparently to do with his view that Greenland HP evolutions were not possible - quite vehement. Followed the next day by model outputs showing Greenland HP - lots of toy throwing ensued.
  14. I have no opinion on Mr Murr, but I do also remember Atlantic 252!
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