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  1. Looks like it's starting now - clearer on Blitzortung as the red & orange colours in Netweather blend in with the ppn on radar!
  2. I know of one Dr Surgery that was closed due to a suspected case. It turned out to be a false alarm, but they still spend 48 hours deep cleaning the place. Back open now.
  3. I can tell you in my village, people are taking on the challenge to support their friends and neighbours. Using social media to begin organising the local support network... I would imagine the same is being repeated in other communities. I'm not sure that the State can provide in this instance, it'll be busy trying to keep the wheels on the NHS.
  4. True, but expressed as cases per million, it is now 11.5 times higher than the UK.
  5. Think rather than the CMO, it's one of the heads of the medical service in one of the affected provinces. This from BBC: "Italian medical chief dies after contracting virus The head of the medical association in the northern Italian province of Varese, Roberto Stella, 67, has died of respiratory failure after contracting coronavirus. He had been practising medicine at an outpatient clinic in Busto Arsizio, north-west of Milan, and Italian reports say he and a colleague were infected at the weekend. Varese is in the Lombardy region, which has been at the centre of Italy's coronavirus outbreak."
  6. The WHO have said they no longer use the term pandemic. I'm not au fait with the rationale. But this is how they defined a pandemic in 2010 in relation to Swine Flu. WHO | What is a pandemic? WWW.WHO.INT
  7. This was posted on Twitter half an hour ago, showing Italian cases by region - it's definitely more widespread than just the northern regions - but you can see how significant the outbreak is in the top three northern regions.
  8. Coronavirus: advice for employers and employees | Acas WWW.ACAS.ORG.UK Advice for employers and employees worried about coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. I think it's quite a bit less clear if you don't actually have the virus...
  9. I agree that it's unclear. Statutory sick pay doesn't equate to full pay, I think it's less than £100 per week and you have to earn a minimum per week to even be eligible. It would also come down to how the employer / employee choose to treat the absence. Those who can work from home should obvs be paid in full. If treated as sickness leave, it depends on your company's enhanced sick pay policy - you might only be entitled to statutory sick pay. Not to mention those who rely on regular overtime who would clearly see a reduction in pay.
  10. I think it's difficult when they put out a combined snow & ice warning, as it begins to set expectations. Being fair to the MetO, I would say that the wording was clear about snow settling to above c. 200m, and showers falling as rain, hail & snow, snow mainly over higher ground. Seems to be what's happened overnight - albeit disappointing to see wet pavements!
  11. we have had snow further up the conwy valley in Trefriw, only about 120’ elevation
  12. I think I'd remain optimistic for your locations... there's a trough, an occlusion & a cold front in the mix tonight! Should support strong shower acvitity during the coldest portion of the night.
  13. Yes, but looks more like hills & higher ground to me... FI notwithstanding!
  14. Getting nervous. It’s howling here and the valley is flooding.
  15. Very windy and wet now in the Conwy Valley, North Wales - about 8 miles from Capel Curig. If I've understood the charts correctly, the impact of Ciara will not arrive here until sometime after 6am.
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