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  1. Still needs to be watched..... I've experienced plenty wind storms over the years to know that when the pressure is still dropping with a very strong jet-stream above then not to be complaisant.
  2. More exposed I agree but this is developing as it crosses so one to watch. It's not that high to add, only couple hundred meters. Not a thousand meters......
  3. Completely agree yamkin. 87mph latest.
  4. Windy here........same outside
  5. Latest gusts suggest it's deepening rapidly which has been the concern regarding Arpege and ICON outputs. Maybe 65mph gusts a bit reserved? 75+ would be damaging
  6. I wonder.....Arpege may have this nailed. Whhhhoooossssshhhhhhh........that's strong Yamkin
  7. Thanks.......all the above posts are quality. Been tracking this system 44 hours since it exited Eastern Seaboard US. It has the potential to be really nasty here. Thanks peoples ^^^
  8. Maybe I'm being a bit hasty here then......lol. Love my severe weather.........hang on I'll pop my head out the back door.
  9. Wanted severe gales....... turd Winter
  10. Comparing GFS latest run with current surface pressure plot the low is 4mb lower than predicted at this point. MetO will be watching this closely especially with a 200mph Jet-stream above.
  11. Winding up now...... https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/rainfall-radar#?map=SatelliteIR&fcTime=1516090200&zoom=5&lon=-29.53&lat=52.54
  12. Storm force winds across Lincolnshire and Norfolk if this come off. ICON very similar as is UKMET
  13. That's correct Eagle. Notice the angle is NW to SE rather than the current west to east. I think this is when we have a better chance of the Jet undercutting the high that is presently to our east. Increased chances of pressure rises pulling west from Scandinavia to our north. Result = bitter cold + especially snow nearer the lower heights to southern UK. Interesting week ahead for sure.
  14. Vigorous Jet-stream exiting the Eastern Seaboard States currently. Will be interesting to see how this evolves over the coming 7 days or so. Instinct tells me that the Jet-stream will head south into Spain mid-month with height rises extending to our north then northwest plunging the UK into the freezer with the highest risk of heavy snow in the south initially then the east. BV