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  1. Beautiful video! I just opened my curtains to see surprise snow even here at lower elevation. Really wet though - only leaving a covering on grass and cars.
  2. It's just rain here, well drizzle, we'd need the power of evaporative cooling to get anything going here but I can't make heads of tails out of the radar - it's a messy picture.
  3. Just got back from a walk it's a beautiful day - I love arctic air masses it's so clear. The wind is obviously really cold but it's pretty gentle here and as soon as you're out of it the April sunshine makes it feel a lot warmer than it is. It's been a lovely Easter weekend of weather in this part of the region.
  4. It was interesting synoptically and for it's localised impacts. Remarkable low temperatures and snow in eastern Scotland, heavy snow in very localised parts of the East of England. A reminder however, that an Easterly is not necessarily a 'beast' nor are they all national events. Looking at posts here and in the regional forums for the majority of the UK it was a bit of a let down for snow fans. In my location I'd give it a 3/10 for snowfall as it did exceed my expectations of being completely dry - as easterlies usually are here. There were plenty of light snow showers which were quite pleasa
  5. Still light snow, not leaving a trace. Going to feel so different out by Monday: 12c will feel a lot warmer especially with higher humidity. Gonna miss the sunshine of this week though.
  6. Light snow has made it to here near the border of Merseyside and Greater Manchester so it may have the legs to get a bit further east yet.
  7. So easterlies don't make it over the Pennines, sliders stop down the road and head back south, Irish sea showers are often marginal, direct northerlies are usually dry and now the air is too cold and dry for snow to reach the surface....I'm ready for spring that's for sure - apps are saying 15degrees next Saturday that'll do. It'll probably be half that raining mind. 🤣
  8. It makes you wonder exactly what it is the radar IS even picking up. There is some snowfall in NW wales though. Very light by the looks of it but we might see some snowflakes blowing about in a bit I suppose. Webcam - Tan y Bwlch - Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways WWW.FESTRAIL.CO.UK Webcam - Tan y Bwlch - Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways
  9. The Isle of Man webcams are interesting, settling snow at sea level there must be quite rare I'd have thought. Looks like it's that ridiculous dry snow that you can't make a snowman with though.
  10. The DPs are crazy. Although it's obviously not been good for snowfall here I'll remember this spell for the longevity of this polar continental airmass. Many days of it looking deceptively warm out with the gin clear blue skies until you step out in it. Today it's clouded over now and it reminds me a bit of 2018 BFTE days here where it was much gloomier and windier than this week has been this spell.
  11. So, a weather front is going to fizzle out on Saturday before it gets here because the air is too cold. Then on Sunday rain is going to make it, slight chance of 'freezing rain' in the latest Met Office video but their graphics showed rain away from high ground. In terms of this debate about the Met Office they may bring in an 'ice' warning at some point I guess. This is where we're upto as of now no doubt there's room for change.
  12. This is why most of us in the region forum, particularly in the west of the region, hate easterlies haha. Oh well the sunny, crisp weather has been lovely. I'd take this over endless rain. Sadly I knew my 0cm prediction before this would be correct, I was hoping it wouldn't be but I'd been down this particular garden path too many times.
  13. I'm getting really sick and tired of these snizzle showers while the sun is still out. It was quite pretty the first few times. Now it just makes me sad haha. It's made worse by the fact that is settles straight away too, if only we could get one of these for half an hour we'd be on to a winner.
  14. I wonder if these streamers can get going. The first is skirting just to the south, there's another bunch just to the north incoming but they don't look like they have much life in them. Maybe we can get some settling snow though if they do hit. Rather than vanishing on impact like they did at lunch time.
  15. I wish it would stick for the kids in school they were so happy when it was snowing then while we were on the pkayground. Its this fluffy snow that just vanishes on impact though.
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