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  1. The rain is ridiculous the cell must have back built. Constant thunder still, noticed a few flashes but I guess it's all elevated?
  2. I was under that cell in the north west, constant thunder, very heavy rain but no lightning. It's just about gone over now heading north. Thunder grumbling on.
  3. After a lovely day yesterday, we were woken up by the storm at about 2am. Best one in years! My photos were all rubbish but lifted this one from a local facebook group. So this was taken at Garswood in Merseyside: it look's like they used their phone but it was the shape of the lightning I particularly liked in this shot. Again, credits not to me.
  4. It's certainly roasting. Enjoyed a day at Southport beach yesterday, the peak was around 29c I believe but with a very keen breeze being at the coast. Not experienced the 'hairdryer' type of weather in the UK for a long time it was great. Forecasts predict 33c imby tomorrow which is as hot as I can ever remember it here. We had a great storm as well last night. I can't believe summer 2019 was written off a month ago!
  5. Daily Mail headline (I know puke) "Londoners are warned to be home by 9pm when snowbomb hits the capital after 'deadly' blizzards blast South West, causing chaos on roads and rail, airports to shut and schools to close early." Meanwhile in't *edit part of the north west under the streamer on Tuesday night* the other day dropped 10cm imby and only gets a mention in the local news - and that was a moan about some schools daring to close. My commute took an hour rather than the usual 20 minutes, wheels were spinning everywhere in Billinge, home to the highest point in merseyside at 179 m (although the village is nowhere near that alltitude.) Rainford and Billinge still have a good covering on pavements, fields etc as does my north facing backgarden.
  6. Wow even the main road outside my house has a covering. First time I've seen that in the 3 years I've lived in this house, normally the gritters are well on it.
  7. A clear sky here now, an earlier hail shower has left a now frozen covering on my car and favoured surfaces, tomorrow morning will be an interesting and icy trip to work.
  8. Still just chucking it down here *with rain last time I looked, having a sulk in the staffroom Hoping for a lot of showers later because I doubt it'll turn here before the front has passed.
  9. It's an update to the snow and ice warning that was previously just Scotland I think (with there being 3 seperate ones) Now it's extended through parts of cumbria and down the penines Updated: 21:50 on Mon 28 Jan 2019 GMT Reason for update Parts of northwest England, particularly higher ground, have been added. Northwest England may see localised 2-4 cm above 200m. Ice will affect some untreated surfaces. There we go.
  10. Sleet mix just turned to snow, didn't expect it, certainly not the settling variety but if it survives again bodes well for further inland/more altitude. Edit: textbook sleet actually - pretty disgusting where you get a burst of flakes then rain but I suppose at least it is wintry.
  11. Light shower here, rain but with ice pellets in the mix, hope it doesn't mean my car will be an ice cube in the morning but bodes well for anyone higher up if these showers pep up.
  12. I hope that Euro4 accumulation chart happens. If it's organised from the front I can see a chance. If it's from showers from the northwest then I can't (unless the conditions are just right.) That's the challenge for accumulating snow from the northwest, in the low lying/coastal northwest. So often it's showers where any accumulating snow melts inbetween like last week (which I still really enjoyed.) I reckon that this is from the cold front, it'd just be nice to have some snow on the ground before it goes dark rather than it all ruddy melting.
  13. It looks like there are a lot of opportunities for snow this week or...I've read these forums for a long time but have only been a member for 2 years (and made a handful of posts.) I've just read the last 10 or so pages and to make a summary: We have a low pressure system on Tuesday that may give snow and or rain to most areas of England or Wales, but it may track too far North/South/into France, but don't worry there will be corrections upto t+0. Then we have another low pressure system on Thursday which may again give snow, rain, rain to snow or snow to rain for most of the country. After this, winter is officially over except for the reloads and potential easterly? I don't mean to sound facetious, I love the discussions and seeing the models but what must new people think? It's giving me a headache which I guess, ironically reflects the actual position of the models at the moment...Still opportunities abound. I'm quite excited for some more actual winter weather.
  14. Good evening, just popping in to wish you all luck with the Tuesday snow. I hope it comes off for you lot. I have mates in Cambridge and Canterbury and I really want snow there so they can send me some good photos as I've only ever visited in the summer. This week is a bit of a nightmare forecast wise, it reminds me of 'slidergate' last year here in the north west (amber warning to yellow to nowt) but hopefully the powers that be can forecast this one a bit better. It's radar/lampost watcher for sure!
  15. The level of uncertainty is interesting. I think this week will be a series of nowcast events. I'd ignore the weather apps, I don't know why they have them. They only show a projection from one model anyway so inevitably they change after every run - kind of like those in the mad thread on their emotional rollercoaster. I'm expecting a repeat of last week imby with perhaps a little more lying snow. You never know what surprises may crop up though.
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