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  1. Thanks for this very interesting. It was my 5th birthday but can't remember it at all!
  2. This thread is most impressive, informative and entertaining c.f. Welsh one! Thanks.
  3. 151mm for the three days to sat 13th here near Lampeter, much of it fell in 36 hours. Easily my wettest day here, 0900 total on sat 80.6mm in 24 hours.
  4. My wettest September day too TM, 44.6mm here, though records only back to 2006.
  5. Thanks Paul yes its been normal since 2120. Thanks very much.
  6. Thanks Paul yes that does it although I cant tolerate the gaudy colours of the other schemes!
  7. Hi Paul blimey you were quick :). Will try that then but never had it do this before (in over 12 years subs). Actually the first blank frame was 1300 (alternate frames blank still back to then).
  8. Radar been a pain all day (my wettest September day!). Only appearing every other frame (10 minutes instead of the usual 5.
  9. Well that was the warmest night of the year here min 17c.
  10. As a Mushyman surely you cant wait for Autumn ?
  11. About 5cm slushy covering first thing at my parents in Long Lawford Rugby, 40.3mm in the Snowdon gauge, imagine if that had all been settling snow!
  12. 30.6c the high last week here near Lampeter, a June record srb 2006.
  13. Daily summary Llanwnnen, Ceredigion Clear intervals, fresh to strong NNW wind and sleet and hail showers last night. Touch of grass frost around dawn. Sunny intervals, rather cloudy at times, occasional mostly light sleet and hail showers. Fresh north wind am decreased to become near calm this evening. Clear spells frosty this evening. Stats Overnight min 1.6c @ 0800 24 hour min -1.3c 2038 Daytime max 4.6c 1504 24 hour max 4.6c 1504 24 hour rain to 0900 today 4.7mm Rain since 0900 today 0.2mm Monthly rain to date 0.2mm Annual rain to date 174.9mm Estimated sunshine from webcam captures 2 hours Currently: Temperature -1.0c Dew point -2.9c RH 86% Pressure 1008mbar steady Trend per hour +0.05 Weather Clear spells, near calm, frosty State of ground Slightly damp patchy ice
  14. I know I annoyed people going on about it not being a polar low, but honestly how could it have been? We are just diluting our weather terminology so that it is becoming meaningless dumbed down garbage! This has really peed me off and everyone gets suckered in by the hype it's just pathetic, perhaps I contribute to the wrong kind of forum
  15. How on earth can this be a polar low - it's close on 5c here in the warm sector of this standard secondary low.
  16. Rain reports over NI so its official this is the first ever rainy polar low to hit the UK!
  17. Seems a bit extreme Roger - that would surprise me there were 100mph gusts over Pembrokeshire tonight!
  18. Nah back in the 70s you knew it was a polar low alright, it put down a foot of snow in 6 hours at -5c!
  19. Not convinced, a polar low proper would be sat in at least sub -5c 850s and be an all snow event. This will be a wintry mix event, it has a mild sector within it.
  20. Cold and windy today, occasional wintry mix showers, some briefly heavy with hail and snow. A few sunny intervals. Fresh west/ wnw wind gusts to gale force. Min 2.5c yesterday evening Max 4.2c @ 1045 Rain yesterday 3.9mm Rain since 0900 today 2mm approx Est sun 1 hour Max gust WNW 39mph @ 1520 Currently Rather cloudy 3c/ 82%/ 982mbar rising steady
  21. It is not being considered a true PL on UKWW: http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/107044-polar-low-29-jan-2015/page__pid__929706#entry929706
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