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  1. I changed the blog title thus rendering the original blog obsolete. Its now here although merely records notable weather minus the forecasts! https://weeklyweatherlog.blogspot.com/
  2. 151mm for the three days to sat 13th here near Lampeter, much of it fell in 36 hours. Easily my wettest day here, 0900 total on sat 80.6mm in 24 hours.
  3. TonyH

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    My wettest September day too TM, 44.6mm here, though records only back to 2006.
  4. Thanks Paul yes its been normal since 2120. Thanks very much.
  5. Thanks Paul yes that does it although I cant tolerate the gaudy colours of the other schemes!
  6. Hi Paul blimey you were quick :). Will try that then but never had it do this before (in over 12 years subs). Actually the first blank frame was 1300 (alternate frames blank still back to then).
  7. Radar been a pain all day (my wettest September day!). Only appearing every other frame (10 minutes instead of the usual 5.
  8. Well that was the warmest night of the year here min 17c.
  9. TonyH

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    As a Mushyman surely you cant wait for Autumn
  10. About 5cm slushy covering first thing at my parents in Long Lawford Rugby, 40.3mm in the Snowdon gauge, imagine if that had all been settling snow!
  11. TonyH

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Swifts still here.
  12. 30.6c the high last week here near Lampeter, a June record srb 2006.
  13. TonyH

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Not trying to be clever at all CH its just that I have been recording the weather each day for over 40 years and cant abide inaccuracies or exagerration. I think the fact that you were only 13 has tinted your view of the event, and no doubt you do honestly perceive that there was over 2 feet, all I am saying is that would have been on the side of the road where it had drifted, as there are no measurements of level snow approaching 2 feet in the lowland Midlands for that event. Carry on and believe your perceptions but I actually measured the stuff All I try to do is inform and provide accurate data from my life long hobby of recording the weather, I am dismayed at the hype that has taken over Netweather and so will leave you all to it.
  14. TonyH

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    My post in a previous thread about the Dec 90 snow event: I had 31cm in E Coventry, I know the west of the city, Solihull and Kenilworth had more, with greatest depths of LEVEL snow over 40cm. Some depths of level snow from 'COL' Dec 1990 accounts: Coundon Coventry: 28cm, drifts of 2 feet Knowle: 42cm, many drifts of 3 feet. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs: 28cm, 2 metre drifts Middleton, Derbyshire: 38cm, 3 metre drifts Willenhall, W Mids, 23cm, 2 feet drifts across drives and lawns, This illustrates the difficulties in obtaining measurements of level snow following a blizzard. https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/52188-the-great-midlands-blizzard-9th-december-1990/page-2