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  1. This is the same reason I love the weather so much I would love for my younger family members to see this the picture of the cars buried in a road in Sheerness when we on the Isle of Sheppey was cut of for nearly a week Canadian forecaster Brett Anderson did say the main bulk cold would move away from there so hopefully that might benefit us.
  2. Hi was this Jan 1987 love to see that again the Isle of Sheppey was the same as you can see
  3. I don't pretend to know much about the weather or the computer models.but I don't like this time of the year when people start putting winter's over/ sun getting stronger/mild for weeks plus all the bickering that is now going on it's really off putting nobody can say winters over you only have to look at last year 27th February here on the Isle of Sheppey north kent we had a week of school closures and snow with a night low of - 10 yes it doesn't happen that often but it can back to the models just question I was looking at bret Andersons Canadian monthly update for Feb and he said he thinks the worst of the extreme cold is over for Eastern Canada now over not saying it won't still be cold there but would this have any help for us and blocking in the weeks to come? Hopefully we might see some more seens like this that we got here last year.😁
  4. Yep just passed a gritter in Sheerness Town north Kent so hopefully there expecting something as they never grit here this early in the day.
  5. Very frosty here right on the coast Isle of Sheppey north kent currently - 4.4 and at the moment BBC weather app still says light snow for tonight.
  6. Rain just turned to snow here on the Isle of Sheppey north kent right on the coast didn't think it was coming 😁
  7. Hi dose anyone know how we are looking regarding snow here on the Isle of Sheppey north kent as we have a weather warning still but yesterday the BBC weather app showed heavy snow now it just shows sleet. And I've still not given up hope of another easterly like we had here last feb/march heavy snow and night temp of - 10 we can dream
  8. Yes nice surprise its now turned to light drizzle now but it was nice while it lasted hopefully better to come later next week.
  9. Now getting heavier and starting to lay here on sheppey really didn't expect this where did this come from.
  10. Nice surprise just started snowing lightly here in Sheerness Isle of Sheppey north kent at see level wasn't expecting anything.😁
  11. Nothing here at the moment in Sheerness north kent I am hopefull as the BBC weather app saying heavy snow here at 7 and again at 8 so you never know. πŸ˜€
  12. Torrential rain here now a more thunder and lightning on sheppey.
  13. 4 rumbles of thunder so far on sheppey north Kent.
  14. Really gutted been lighting here on sheppey for the last hour or so really loud booms of thunder but iam in work😣 hopefully some more tomorrow every one else enjoy.
  15. Snowing lightly on sheppey now.
  16. Really heavy on sheppey flakes keep getting bigger then smaller where as this come from loving it
  17. Coming down heavy now and flakes getting bigger on sheppey is this going to come to anything as I didn't expect it
  18. Snowing small bits quite heavy on sheppey.
  19. Snowing quite hard here now on sheppey settling on paths and roads.
  20. Been snowing here on sheppey for the last hour one minute light then heavier and the snow is more powdery now like last week blowing up the road we still have a bit from this mornings snow and the flakes seems to be getting a bit bigger now dose anyone know how North kent/sheppey will fair tonight/tomorrow.
  21. Snow here on sheppey starting to get heavier now won't take long to start laying hopefully this keeps up.
  22. Snowing moderately on and of here on sheppey
  23. Anyone know how sheppey will do as some are saying a fair bit and yet others are saying there will won't be much we did very well last time 5 inches went sledging 3 times and said to the kids make the most of it so if we do get enough then we will be out again didn't expect this again for a few years but I am up for it.
  24. Well I might be being greedy but does anyone know how sheppey/North kent will do this time we got about 5 inches here the last time a lot more than i thought we was going to get so this is a extra bonus.
  25. Just started to snow lightly here on sheppey.