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  1. Snowing lightly on sheppey now.
  2. Really heavy on sheppey flakes keep getting bigger then smaller where as this come from loving it
  3. Coming down heavy now and flakes getting bigger on sheppey is this going to come to anything as I didn't expect it
  4. Snowing small bits quite heavy on sheppey.
  5. Snowing quite hard here now on sheppey settling on paths and roads.
  6. Been snowing here on sheppey for the last hour one minute light then heavier and the snow is more powdery now like last week blowing up the road we still have a bit from this mornings snow and the flakes seems to be getting a bit bigger now dose anyone know how North kent/sheppey will fair tonight/tomorrow.
  7. Snow here on sheppey starting to get heavier now won't take long to start laying hopefully this keeps up.
  8. Snowing moderately on and of here on sheppey
  9. Anyone know how sheppey will do as some are saying a fair bit and yet others are saying there will won't be much we did very well last time 5 inches went sledging 3 times and said to the kids make the most of it so if we do get enough then we will be out again didn't expect this again for a few years but I am up for it.
  10. Well I might be being greedy but does anyone know how sheppey/North kent will do this time we got about 5 inches here the last time a lot more than i thought we was going to get so this is a extra bonus.
  11. Just started to snow lightly here on sheppey.
  12. Very light snow on sheppey the wind is so strong and bitter a lot of driffing here today some roads had to be closed till the farmers came out and cleared them anyone know if we will be getting anymore snow tomorrow
  13. Silly question but can someone help me not sure why my like symbols have disappeared from my post can anyone tell me how to get them back
  14. Same here on sheppey unbelievable roads closed due to 5ft driffs
  15. Hi Steve do you know if we will be getting any more today here on sheppey as BBC weather app was saying light stuff for us if anything and yet it's been like a blizzard here for about an hour and half and the sky looks full of it not that I am complaining just a bit confusing lol.