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  1. as a newbie I was just wondering is it a coincidence that at the time the models are showing possible cold for us in the UK that temperature mid to back end of the month that places in Canada like Montreal and quebec go from the likes of daily highs of - 21 to 5 above freezing by the way it feels bitter here on the north Kent coast today in the wind.
  2. Just started snowing hard here again by the sea in sheerness Kent hopefully more to come temp now 1.3😁
  3. Funny the difference in such a small area we had heavy snow for a while what has fallen is still there even the slush on the road and yet sheerness is right on the sea anyway I am happy for now.
  4. Just woke with the kids screaming it's snowing hard what a lovely surprise didn't expect it as here we couldn't be any closer to the sea in sheerness Kent even if it doesn't last long it's nice to see.
  5. Didn't expect the weather to turn out like it did today started of nice and sunny then turned about 5pm with thunder lightning and absolutely torrential rain not seen that amount of rain in a long time very nice though.
  6. Here just across the water on sheppey we have had it for well over an hour torrential rain I am 43 and I can say I've never seen anything like that before.
  7. Still going I thought this sort of thing only happens in films in America it's the best I've ever seen and it's absolutely pouring down.
  8. O my God I have never seen so much lightning in my life it's amazing and now the thunder I can't believe it I didn't think we would get it
  9. No thunder yet but the rain is now heavy.
  10. Sky's starting to get darker and some large blobs of rain now and then so fingers crossed.
  11. Fair bit of lighting &thunder here as been for about half an hour another big flash already better than I thought we would get.
  12. Large drops of rain now hopefully a sign of things to come.
  13. Sky's starting to get dark here and I've just heard 3 distant rumbles and now lighting and thunder getting closer iam happy.
  14. Nice unexpected storm very heavy rain and lots of lighting very nice.