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  1. Certainly looks like a mixed bag as we go into June. Nothing wrong with those that try to look ahead with the different indicies ie glaam , mjo ,qbo etc etc etc remembering of course that these predictions, thoughts, or musings call them what you want often go the way of the pear.
  2. Getting snow in January is a bonus these days. Hopefully down here in the south east we can scrape through Bank holiday Monday before the inevitable breakdown.
  3. That would be the form horse imho not wanting to get suckered in by the models just yet.
  4. The cold spell that I posted about occurring post Easter rather than the Easter period itself really seems to be gaining momentum now. Large temperature drops in heavy convective wintry showers likely almost anywhere I would imagine and if the 06z gfs is on the money (that's a big if) then perhaps a more prolonged period of sleet and wet snow working its way down the country.
  5. I think it is almost a given that any pronounced colder weather will be post Easter weekend. Quite a few of the gefs showing -8c 850 temps pushing down across much of the country post Easter.
  6. I would say the opposite. The colder weather that looked set for the Easter weekend now looks to have been put back but the Gefs suite looks almost unanimous in agreement on northern blocking and Greenland heights after the Easter period with the depth and southern extent of cold push still undecided.
  7. A very cold looking set of gefs once this lovely weather breaks down.
  8. I must admit I would not be surprised to see weekend temps especially on Sunday hitting the low seventies in many southern locations. As for the 06z gfs run well its showing the sort of synoptics we were graving for back in Dec, Jan and February with plenty of precipitation to boot.
  9. It looks like the much colder spell for around the middle of the month is starting to gain a lot more traction now although nothing set in stone of course. Loving the warmth and the weekend to come that's for sure.
  10. I for one feel confident we will see a potent Arctic incursion sometime around mid month lasting for several days perhaps.
  11. Here in Lehighton county we received approx. 9 inches. Due to the more northerly track of the storm this was way below the expected 18 to 24 inches forecasted.
  12. Can not believe my luck. After such a poor winter in UK, I am on a business trip here in eastern PA just in time for their biggest winter storm of the season. Could very well be the biggest snowfall I have ever witnessed with amounts predicted for the area to be in the region of 18 to 24 inches. The deepest laying snow I have seen in Hertfordshire is approx. 12 inches with drifts to around 3 to 4 feet.
  13. A cold snap (spell) is definitely gaining momentum now but as to how cold and how wintry is still very much up for grabs. This should become a lot clearer I would of thought by the start of the new working week.
  14. I would not be at all surprised to see substantial height rises to our north in the 8 to 10 day period which may well usher in a much colder outlook beyond this.
  15. As expected really and not just be myself height rises being modelled to the north of the UK in roughly 8 days time very similar time line to what we saw with the stratosphere warming and trop response earlier in the month. This is what led to the Scandi ridge and there is no reason why this should not happen again perhaps with a more potent cold spell this time. This is almost certainly a trop response to the ongoing strat warming