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  1. Dazza

    Make us laugh

    *Dazza realises that he has posted this into the wrong thread, apologises, backs out of the door and tips hat on the way*
  2. Goodness me, you take your foot off the gas and banter gathers up just 75 pages in over 3 years lol, oh my *thud*
  3. You're right there Joey, fantastic storm passed over us for about an hour, plenty of Lightning and cloud rotation too, passed NE though, not sure if you are inline or not. It really built out of nothing and intensified, I got very excited about the cloud rotation but it moved off on its merry way taking the rotation with it into the distance. Some pics:
  4. Ahem, I believe it has now been 5 years between Blog entries, Daniel is almost 6 and Jacob, oh yes, we had another boy, is 3 and a half. I am not sure if 5 years is a record between posts but I gather most of my followers have either passed on to pastures new, have passed into the blue yonder or have dropped me as a friends for being the most un-active and boring NW member. We had a storm today..... That's all I have to add. Thanks for listening, see you in 5.
  5. Wonderful storm passing over at the moment, it built from very little, there was also some cloud rotation right over us which got me a little excited, but it turned to nothing in the end!
  6. *Dazza slips out from behind the sofa, grabs his clothes and heads out the door before Shuggee comes in, whispers 'bye everyone'*
  7. Wrong Evo, but he did have a MKVI if I can remember rightly. Right I'm off to bed too. The missus is working tomorrow and one of the kids are sick so I have a loooooong day ahead. Night Andy, Night triple_x1.
  8. Night Stoxs mate, good catching up, must do it again soon...
  9. Crikey, they must be good, I was going to take one, but I have now changed my mind.
  10. Night Louby, you will be missed, till the next time X
  11. Are you saying that my derriere is a bit on the *ahem* wide side?, or just pointy
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