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  1. You tell how dull the weather is by the fact that nobody has posted all day. It’s just been another cloudy, dull, cold day. My son had football this evening and my hands were freezing by the end. Hoping to see the sun sometime soon
  2. Nice day today, temperatures up to 11 here in Rye. We have just had hail which was surprisingly quite large. It’s got cloudy here now looks like we’re in for a few more showers.
  3. It’s been a rough day here, I popped to Hastings and guess what happened to my bubba again, I was even holding on to her it was that strong. My youngest son who is afraid of tithe wind and rain has had a particularly bad day bless him. I’m waiting for the squall line to come through, it could be interesting especially if it stays windy. I’ve just stuck my head out and it’s now spitting so it’s close by.
  4. It’s very windy here (no surprise) its very grey here. (No surprise) its very cold here. (No surprise) its like everyday this week (no surprise)
  5. Sorry the box won’t clear. I hate this weather, grey wet and windy, I think my little girl has spent more time on her bum than on two feet in the week or so. I have been busy and so haven’t been weather watching as much but mum told me we have another storm front moving on over Friday/Saturday. I’m hoping that this arm air will push in and we will all be wearing flip flops and sunglasses by the Starr of next week.
  6. The weather is crazy here, took my little one out swimming she’s two the wind blew her over that’s twice In a week now. The gusts are very strong here along the south coast. No rain yet thank goodness it’s going to be chaos with the wind and rain
  7. Quite a rough evening we have just had a heavy squall go through, my son came screaming down the stairs in a panic he’s frightened of rain so that’s how I knew how heavy it was raining. He’s like my personal weather man.
  8. mixture of a day today, This morning when I woke it was overcast not windy but we had had a shower at some point in the early morning. At lunch time it was beautiful the sun was out, still no wind hardly any clouds and about 13 degrees, NOOOOWWWW Its very overcast, cold and very windy. Fraya is obviously starting to make her mark.
  9. I don’t want this weather to go away, it makes you feel better, windows are open children outside playing, you can go out and not have to take jackets. What I struggle with is the fact that it’s just so cold in the mornings and then So hot in the day, I can’t remember such an increase in temperatures during a day.
  10. Im absolutely loving this hot weather. I took one of the children to school (others are sick) it was a chilly 2 degrees, Im now sitting in the garden and the sun is reakly hot, it is such a complete contrast to this time last year. We live on the river at Rye and the water is bright blue and I know that they might be a silly thing to say but it makes me feel brighter to look at the nice blue glistening water rather than the dull grey we get used to over the winter months. My children have been outside playing in the sun all day. I know we will soon see the rain and its important that we get it but I want this to last a little while longer PLEASE
  11. I had written a post about three days ago thinking I had sent it turns out I hadn’t at all As many of you are aware it’s half term, I had loads of plans but none have worked out poorly car and very poorly children AGAIN I suppose that the risk you take when you have four children. We haven’t been anywhere really at all but today I have put them out to play for a bit, it’s absolute beautiful out here, itt so warm in the sun if it stays like this I will be happy lady.
  12. I enjoyed reading all the history about Bromley. As you know I enjoy reading your posts @TomSE12 can I be a honouree member of Bromley? My husband is from there and we spend of time there visiting family. Today I took the kids to Hastings, it was very cloudy most of the time but still quite warm my son decided to wear shorts even after I warned him he might get cold and should change them, it was warm enough for shorts so he won that argument. At around midday the sun came out and it was really nice. We had a game of crazy golf which is right in the sea front and it was still pleasant. When we left the temperature was around 13. My husband is threatening a BBQ for tomorrow. That man would BBQ in snow if I would let him.
  13. It’s another beautiful day here in Rye, it started of very cold -1 everything was covered by a thick frost and we were totally blocked in by freezing fog, people were driving around with no lights on. it’s all cleared now and it’s a stunning afternoon 12 degrees here now.
  14. It’s another beautiful day here in Rye. The wind is slightly chilly but nothing to bad, be these days make me feel so much better then th days we get rain and wind. I do like the cold but I have a feeling we might not see to much of that now, it’s not perfect and obviously not set in stone but if it stays like this I will be happy with that too.
  15. It’s been a lovely day here today, it did have a cold feel to the air but nothing awful, I’ve been out and about in a jumper most of the day. We went out this evening for some dinner and it was a lovely sunset with lots of big dark clouds hanging about, they weren’t rain menacing clouds just those pretty dark clouds we sometimes get .
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