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  1. It’s looking very unlikely that the SE will see any snow I think it will probably be just hit and miss and knowing the SE mostly miss.
  2. They always cheer me up, wouldn’t this be nice
  3. Looks like my toddler got her crayons out again but if she’s decided to make it colder on Christmas Day that’s all right with me.
  4. It’s so nice to have a cold sunny morning, it’s so good to see the sun even if it is cold. It’s about time we have some calm weather. It would’ve been nice have a cold run up to Christmas but the charts are saying otherwise. It would be nice to see a white Christmas (I know I’m dreaming) but hopefully it will like today and that would be my second choice. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather as much as me
  5. Thank you @snowray and @Wimbledon88
  6. @snowray can I ask a learners question?? I’m sure I saw you post in theHunt for cold thread about snow in Feb/March time, that the suns to hot by then. ( I think it was you, sorry if it wasn’t) could you tell me what was different about last years cold spell was there a extenuating circumstance??? I have tried to follow charts but as a leaner a lot still fly over my head. Thanx
  7. I’ve been keeping my on Iceland, they have had a very poor start to their season so it’s brilliant to see that snow and money will be returning back to Lapland. It would be lovely to have a cold run up to Christmas, I have 98% of my kids presents so if we did get a dumping of snow they hopefully wot be disappointed. I believe that this time year it had turned cold and we had a few days of wet snow. I was looking through my photos and had taken a picture of all the snow packed on the window. I also remember it being this time last year because my children’s carol concert was cancelled due to the snow.
  8. I’m so bored of this dull wet grey weather. I swear to god the sun has packed its bags and headed of on holiday somewhere. I really can’t remember the last time I saw any type of descent sun. ive been watching the mod thread and Im hoping they’re right about the chance of colder days (with no rain, snow would be nice) I have to take my daughter to the Evelina children’s hospital on Tuesday for the night and I’m hoping the weather will be kind, I don’t want to drag a toddler and all our clothes across London in the rain.
  9. To be honest I thought today was going to worse than what it was, a few heavy showers but nothing much, the wind irritates me, it doesn’t do anything to upset me it just irritates me, it blows my hair about and makes me colder than what I already was and blows mess in my door it’s rather rude to be honest. It’s been irritating me all day
  10. What a dull boring day, cold, damp, windy and by the looks of it were in for a lot more of the same. I would prefer either cold sunny days or stormy days at least it gives us a bit to chat about but this dullness is irritating. I have been keeping an eye on the weather in Lapland it seems slightly more interesting than ours
  11. Today has been pretty warm (I think) it’s been dull and drizzling on and off most of the day till this evening. Ive been having a peep at the cold thread and trying hard to learn from the charts and people’s comments, I have to say I have a feeling nobody really has an idea about when or if the cold will arrive(please let me know if I have this wrong) I enjoy the mod threads because of Everyone’s comments and how much I learn from the different charts.
  12. Woke to find a small amount of snow, places like Hastings got a lot more than us.
  13. Extreme heavy rain here in Rye with lots of hail, it’s very windy as well. I haven’t been able to get warm all evening. It’s knocked out our sky box a few times tonight. I dont think I know of a time when we have had lots of rain and it’s had ice in it nearly continuously it’s always been storms or hail never rain and hail all the time (hope that makes sense) its very cold
  14. Today is horrible, dark, grey, windy and wet, to be honest if any of those especially not all together. I have a quick question; @TomSE12 maybe you could help?? If we have blocking and early cold spells in early winter does that mean there is a higher chance of that continuing or is it just what we get??? (Hope that makes sense)
  15. It’s been a very odd day, very grey, very warm most of the day and very dark. Went to pick kids up from school and it started to turn really cold. It’s also very merky here in Rye, I had to turn my light on really early today. Popped over to the mod thread and most people seem quite excited about this coming cold snap.