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  1. It’s been a wet and windy few days. A lot of trees are down in our local area at the minute but was to be expected. The mod thread is very excited because there is a sniff of snow ( which is always good) I try really hard not to get to excited but it’s looking promising. If this snow event doesn’t come off I will be happy just to see no rain for a few days. There are uppers of -10 being mentioned (how brilliant would that be?)
  2. This weather is so dull. I just watched the rain beat down the windows all day at work It just annoys me sorry sound very grumpy, I know that our weather can change fast but I have a feeling that we won’t see any really cold patches and definitely no snow. I would be happy to have cold beautiful mornings even if we didn’t get snow or even a nice patch of sun. I have noticed how light the evenings are getting, I used to pick my younger ones up from school after work and it was dark but it’s slightly lighter now, thank goodness
  3. Ou my god this rain. When will it ever end???? I’m shocked to see a weather warning for the SE that will continue for three days. We have a canal near us (military canal) and the canal is big, the banks are extremely high, I have been watching the water steadily creep up the sides and on the way home it had almost burst it’s banks. I have lived around this area most of my life and I’ve never seen that happen before. There are several small houses that run along side it and I just keep thinking about them. I’m also concerned about getting to work because there are big rivers either route that I take that are ready to burst. All the fields are draining on to the roads because they just can’t take anymore. All the man holes are pushing water out at the tops because they are full. It’s so grey and dark all the time it’s ridiculous. Sorry everyone I’ve just got on my soapbox.
  4. Its been raining here for a while now, its just started to hail and now we have had a massive rumble of thunder. Its so grey and dark we have had to turn the lights on. Im so fed up with this weather now. Its been an awful autumn/winter so far.
  5. Today has been beautiful. This morning was amazing this is my favourite type of weather. I love the cold frosty mornings. I don’t like going for a run in this weather I spend more time ice skating than running. I’m very sad to see is disappear tonight. I was reading another story from our favourite weather newspaper and they have said that we will be having weeks of snow all over Christmas and that they have used the charts from of this site. I wonder if netweather know about this?? It would be nice to have some snow but I would be happy to have it cold again like this morning. From what I can see from the charts it’s going to be more unsettled than snowy which is a shame.
  6. It’s been another horrible day, I’m surprised they didn’t put another weather warning for in the south because I think today was worse than yesterday the roads today have been loads worse because we had all the rain yesterday and today all the fields can’t cope and are just pushing water down roads. The river as I said yesterday is now incredibly high which is very scary.
  7. What a few days it’s been, I was driving home from work and the drains just couldn’t cope which made a very wet road a lot worse. I also noted how high the river was, I have lived in the same part of the country for most of my life and that was the highest I have ever seen that river. I think like everyone now I’ve had enough of getting wet all the time. It would be nice to see the sun even for a few minutes
  8. When I got in the car after work it had an ice warning on it which is the first one this year for me it was sitting at the 3 degrees. I then went food shopping and by around 18.30 the temperature had shot up to 9. I’m keeping an eye on the weather for Thursday and the weather warning that we have. I’m so fed up with this wet weather now. We were lucky to have two dry remembrance services once on Sunday and again yesterday.
  9. It’s a beautiful but chilly morning here in Rye Harbour. I like days like this. Today is our local bonfire and it’s one of the biggest on the south coast but it looks like it will be washed out again. Last year was awful and because of how badly it rained it frightened my autistic son who is now petrified of the rain which makes wet days very hard as you can imagine. I’m so bored of this weather
  10. Thank you for posting these, I can quite believe it. I heard they did get a high reading from the needles on the isle of white. It carried on raining well in to the night and in to the early morning. It’s a beautiful day here now. It’s 12 and 982mb
  11. It’s awful here I thought it might of started to calm down but if anything it has intensified which is a shock. It’s so windy and pelting it down with heavy rain. Any recorded gusts on the south coast yet?? I can not understand why this hasn’t been named. It’s some of the roughest weather I’ve seen in a long while.
  12. It’s incredibly rough here on the coast. My garden shed looks like it can’t take much more. Does anyone know if the worst has passed us yet??
  13. The wind is picking up here now a lot in Rye. We are right on the coast. I was wondering if anyone had any recordings that they might post throughout the day.
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