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  1. Yesterday me and my husband went to Duxford Museum and It was cloudy and quite chilly. It was that cloudy there that they suspended the spitfire flights that happen from there. Today had started off cloudy but now that’s all cleared and it’s a beautiful sunny warm day. I love these days. The heat doesn’t bother me or my kids at all, my oldest was annoyed with the school because they kept asking if he wanted his jumper off and he refused because he’s so used to the heat because they spent most of their life in the UAE it’s not an issue for them.
  2. It’s a very dull grey day with not much to report really. It’s very windy and because we have had the lovely heat recently it even feels a tad on the chilly side. Mosquitoes are out in force and I got bit places I never knew existed I never usually get bitten but for some reason the night before last they decided that I was on their menu. B***dy things they are.
  3. Storm forming of the channel to the south of rye and Hastings
  4. Just a quick one. When a storm goes over water does it make it stronger? I’m aware of the precipitation aspect but just wondered how much it affects it
  5. It’s a beautiful evening here in Rye. It is very humid still but not an issue for us.m
  6. Ooopppsss sorry about the last message Just checked the radar and there are storms popping up all over Europe quite a few over northern France where they started last night
  7. I agree still very sticky here, extremely uncomfortable
  8. I can’t ever remember a time when it’s constantly thundered it sound like wind here, it hasn’t stopped. The lightening is still going.
  9. This is one of the worst, amazing storms I think I have ever seen. In Rye, hasn’t stopped lightening and thundering, there is also hail thrown in. It’s absolutely incredible
  10. Hi everyone, Beautiful day today, still loving the sunshine. I have to say it’s started t cloud over and it feels very humid now
  11. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been about for a few weeks because of one thing and another. Missed you all mum is noe hopefully on the mend. Mom loving this weather, I love the heat and seeing the sun everyday it always makes me feel more happy within myself. The kids have been out in the paddling pool and we have had a few bbq’s. Today is slightly cooler boooooooooooooo but still nice. Does anybody know how long this weather streak will last?????
  12. I was stuck trying to get out of Victoria for ages because of a signal fault. We got moved three trains till they found one, we sat on that for ages in the sweltering heat till a conductor could be found. I felt like how I imagine a turkey on Christmas Day feels like. A bit on the warm side
  13. I was in the circle line and district line which was like a sauna for most of the day.
  14. Please send it this way. Another depressing grey day, cold, boring. Sooooo bores of this now