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  1. It’s got very cloudy here now, it’s still very warm. It seems like the weather that was due to be with us today is coming in later now. Any ideas on this.
  2. . I love this time of the year it’s been a beautiful few days. It starts if very foggy here and quite chilly(not this morning) the evenings et very cold here and I don’t like the cold
  3. My husband has been sent back up to Aberdeen and I was swiftly told to “stop complaining about the cold, you should go to Aberdeen then your know what the cold is like” he has a way with words my husband. I have to say that yesterday all day And again today I’ve been cold all day, had a hot water bottle in bed last night. I’m like an old lady it’s been a dreary day with nothing much to report. There has been lots of cloud about. Tonight moon is beautiful though.
  4. I have just picked my head out the door because I thought aliens had landing outside my door turns out it was just a recovery truck with loads of odd coloured lights. I was so so surprised to feel how cold it was. I know we are in autumn now but I can’t remember nights being this cold this early on I’m autumn.
  5. I’m right on the coast in Sussex, it’s absolutely hammering it down here, when I woke this morning the wind was just a light breeze, in the last hour or so the wind has got up ALOT and it’s howling. I’m finding it quite cold this morning as well. We have had no signal on our tv since last night(due to the weather). Roast dinner and board games for us this afternoon I feel.
  6. Does anyone know what the long range forecast is suggesting( madden if your on here not from you)
  7. I’ve just popped over to the mod thread, it’s scary to hear them talking about the weather turning autumnal. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago we had snow. The summer seems to have flown by that I feel like we haven’t even had one even though it has been a unusually hot one. The nights are drawing in, the kids holidays are nearly over. What is going on????
  8. I had to close my bedroom doors last night I was so cold. I woke up come as well. I do like warm days and cold nights.i think it’s starting to feel autumnal
  9. No last night. All the way home until I got to near Hastings. The humidity has drove me potty today, the clouds have kept the heat in and it driven me mad.
  10. Just driove back from Goudhurst the temperature was 31 at 18.30. I can’t ever remember temperatures like that this time of night
  11. I don’t mind the heat in the day at all but it drives me mad at night. I am very lucky I do live on the coast so we get a nice breeze
  12. Watching lightning maPs and the southeast seems to be missing out to be honest. We had a small storm that lasted about 5/10 minutes and then it was gone but in its wake it’s left really bad humidity.
  13. Hi everyone, its been a few months but I hope your all well. Been crazy my end. I’m loving this hot weather but not so much the hot nights. My kids have been out playing in the sun every day with plenty of sun cream on and their sun hats. I’m waiting for a storm, east coast of Scotland seem to be getting in on that action. Not fair( stamping my foot) they haven’t been as hot as us. Why do they get all the fun ????
  14. Yesterday me and my husband went to Duxford Museum and It was cloudy and quite chilly. It was that cloudy there that they suspended the spitfire flights that happen from there. Today had started off cloudy but now that’s all cleared and it’s a beautiful sunny warm day. I love these days. The heat doesn’t bother me or my kids at all, my oldest was annoyed with the school because they kept asking if he wanted his jumper off and he refused because he’s so used to the heat because they spent most of their life in the UAE it’s not an issue for them.
  15. It’s a very dull grey day with not much to report really. It’s very windy and because we have had the lovely heat recently it even feels a tad on the chilly side. Mosquitoes are out in force and I got bit places I never knew existed I never usually get bitten but for some reason the night before last they decided that I was on their menu. B***dy things they are.