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  1. It’s been an odd day to be honest. A few time’s today it looked as if we were goi g to have heavy rain, even the radar suggested it but nothing came of it. We have had a bit of rain later this afternoon but no where near I thought and that they had forecast. We have had our back garden turfed and I still needed to give it a good watering because it wasn’t nearly enough rain.
  2. We have a big mix here in Rye. It is mostly rain but then we get sleet then it goes to rain mixed in with big bits of snow, we have now just had hail for a few minutes. Im sure thats our lot for winter and because of the current situation maybe that’s not such a bad thing. The BBC app today has said that no rain is due ALL DAY. I never really use apps anymore but keep them for days like today just to see what they say. It’s interesting to see how odd they can be.
  3. I Abdool love this nice weather. It gives me a chance to be able to get my kids out. Three of my children have asthma and one of them has bad respiratory problems. She’s under the care of the Evelina hospital in London. We have been going for walks along the river bank and up the sea. I live in Rye Harbour and it’s always packed full of people walking their dogs and enjoying the sea so it’s very odd. I’m not sure if I like the idea of cold weather now to be honest. It should be getting warmer not colder.
  4. I was wondering if any one could answer this question I was slightly curious. As we are all aware of the current situation around the world, I wanted to known if now we have had a drastic drop in pollution levels around the world due to lockdowns will this have an effect on our weather a few months/years down the line??? The earth has had a lot of pollution for so long and the pollution levels have dropped fast I read. I know it’s always a good thing for us to have less pollution but i was just interested on its impact.
  5. I have never know rain like it has done today, it just hasn’t stopped here all day and it’s been heavy all day. There are a massive amount of flood warnings out for here in Rye. I drove back from work and it was awful I’ve never seen roads so full of water. It’s unbelievable and it’s still raining. It’s the south East’s turn for flooding.
  6. oh my god this relentless rain. It’s driving me mad. My son has football training tonight as well?
  7. Please send any type of white cold stuff this way, it would be nice to see. If not I want the sun so I can enjoy my new garden
  8. I’m confused about Thursday apps roughly saying 5+ degrees here in rye could be 9+ but charts (some) mentioning snow
  9. I was caught in that downpour and you were right the temperature just fell away. I think we might be the unlucky ones @SenlacJack
  10. I don’t think I will get anything right down here. I know I sound very pessimistic but I don’t have elevation and I live right on the coast. It would make me smile just to see a snow flake on ANY of my weather apps. The Met off tells me I’m not going to get anything, no rain no sleet and 100% no snow. Good luck to you northerners ? (your mostly all more northern than me)
  11. We spent the day at Legoland today it’s been quite a nice day. It started off grey and over cast with drizzle but it gradually cleared and I even saw the sun. We did have a big shower around 1.30 but we had made our way on to a covered ride and didn’t realise till we had come out it had rained hard. It was a nice drive home which is good. Tomorrow looks awful AGAIN. The wind and the rain are getting on my nerves. 72% chance of snow here on Wednesday. We shall see
  12. Wind has all of a sudden picked up in the last 5 minutes which is very intresting
  13. I hope your all ok, look after yourselves and stay safe ?
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