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  1. Well they are at it again, the newspapers. That’s all I have seen all day from the express and even the sun. Coldest winter, -14 I struggle to believe this even though a few scientists have come up with the same answer. I know they know an incredible amount more than me but I don’t think it will work out that way.
  2. just seen video from hurricane centre they said the eye of the storm has grown and so has the width of the whole hurricane. They still believe that the eye will pass just of the coast but he said it will only take a little to change this completely. the pressure is still dropping.
  3. noaa have just said that its the strongest hurricane in modern record for the Bahamas. 913mb
  4. I have been watching this hurricane for a few days. A lot of people I think underestimated what she was capable of. ive just seen a twitter post from the National Hurricane Centre saying that the wind speed is now up tp 180 with gusts of 200mph they are telling people to seek cover. whilst writing this they are telling people that a storm surge of 18-23 will hit in the next few hours and seek elevated shelter. I feel so incredibly worried for all of those people in its path. im sitting here in my sunny garden with a slight breeze and they are going through this devastation. mother nature can be so cruel.
  5. We’ve had some beautiful days here. I’m really lucky because my kids have grown up in the heat of Dubai so it just doesn’t seem to bother them at all. My neighbours think my kids are crazy playing outside in the middle of the day for hours. It’s so nice to have these lovely days, someone posted on my fb about Christmas coming with a snow scene, that’s always a nice thought.
  6. This morning when taking the kids to school it felt autumnal, it was slightly misty here. It’s been a nice day if you’ve got out of the wind. My kids have turned their heating on in their rooms tonight and even I have to say I feel slightly colder tonight. I’m hoping it warms up lovely for the weekend.
  7. 03.28 and I’m wide awake, it’s so humid in the house even with the windows open, the storm has decided to come this way which explains the humidity. I’ve been tracking the storms all night it’s been to hot to sleep so these are what’s on they’re way to us. It’s been lightning on and off for about an hour now. We’ve had extremely heavy rain. Humidity is up to 97% and it feels like it is as well.
  8. I remember that storm I had just got back from Brownies and there were thousands of those flying ant things about. ( I’m sure it’s the same storm) they covered my parents car, it was incredible looking back on it but at the time I think I was sitting under the stairs like Harry Potter with my head between my legs crying. I was petrified of storms as a child.
  9. I have been watching the storms in France for a few hours now and they seem to be stuck. The path of the storms seems to be uncertain I think, lots of charts say Brighton way but a lot are saying slightly more to the right now e/Sussex clipping Kent. Who knows wait and see I think.
  10. It’s extremely overcast here in Rye 21 degrees, humidity is 73% it’s very windy here, the wind has got up since this morning. We were going to the beach and having a BBQ today but it’s just been such an odd day. I have been reading about the plume coming up from Africa. It will be wonderful to have the heat but we still have to be worried about the elderly. I told my eldest that it might be that hot and he thought that was brilliant, Im lucky that my kids are so used to the heat from living in Dubai, my kids are all still wearing their jumpers because it’s “not that hot” they tell me. People think we’re mad.
  11. It’s raining here again but it is incredibly humid around 91% at the moment it’s very humid in the house. Because we live right on the SE coast we could see the storm advancing for hours. My husband said it’s some of the worst Thunder and lightning he has ever seen.
  12. Just seen this, wouldn’t this be interesting (it isn’t the express ) they said that the thunderstorms heading our way tonight have got an unusual spinning cell in them like the storms in America. It would cause a lot of trouble I’m sure and if it did ever happen but what a thing to see.
  13. We popped to Hastings this morning it was a lovely day but the wind was slightly chilly we were planning a BBQ but on the way back home to Rye it became very overcast and started to rain. It’s now been raining on and of very lightly for a few hours. I have opened all the doors and windows because it feels quite humid in the house.
  14. I’ve been thinking about humid it is tonight in the house, I have actually felt quite uncomfortable all evening. I have just gone on to lightening maps and there are lots of storm coming up from France and Belgium and there has just been a lightning strike not far from here. I’m not surprised the weather has been so imup and down. I was amazed at the length of the storms currently going through Europe and how many counties it’s passing through.
  15. Odd day today. It’s been very overcast here all day and not very warm at all all of a sudden it seems like the sun is trying to push through at long last. It’s very breezy here which is t helping with the temperature. We were heading to our local water park today but it’s to grey and cold.
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