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  1. Panic over,the Express are on board,not like them to go out on a limb..
  2. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but can anyone explain what this means.. cheers..
  3. Could anyone explain what the difference in the background signals are please.. thanks..
  4. Still heavy snow in cv3.. best so far for us.. won’t make up for last nights near miss..
  5. My lads were sent home from there night shift in gaydon at 1.30 am.. it snowed heavily all the way back to kenilworth,which meant my side of Coventry missed it by 4 miles.. don’t know how the north side faired
  6. Still Snowing steadily in Coventry now
  7. Snowing steadily in Coventry now
  8. Been following this model forum for years since it won me money betting on a white Christmas... thought it was time I joined.. very limited knowledge but love the extremes weather can bring.. especially cold...
  9. Hi there.. newbie here from a snow covered Coventry.. which makes a change..