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  1. Think i be heading to usa next year to chase storms snow heat and tornanic actuvity
  2. Im west of wolves. But it feels so oppressively hot. Sky is getting angry. More areas will see storms in wrst than predicted i think
  3. To much of 1 channel watching 24 hours day i think.
  4. Totally agree. I have predicted April will be the month due to PV being displaced due to warmer temperatures in our latitude. Cut the lawns today without a sweater on. Seemed so odd. True good to be true.
  5. Didn't initially think Black Country would see the snow earlier. However it's now looking game on. Ignore BBC forcasts
  6. Is this polar vortex going to become more common and could we see more larger ones. Day After Tomorrow comes to mind
  7. BBC 9.55pm had country almost dry Tues/Thursday apart from Snow showers. Then potentially milder. WTF
  8. Just been able to login. What ad day. May Be Winters Are On the Bite Back.
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