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  1. We've probably had more than a LOT of the south regions. Goes to show, you dont need huge fancy weather patterns to deliver the goods!
  2. Doesnt look like the south are getting much more from looking at a couple of webcams around Oxford!
  3. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/cold-weather-alert/#?tab=coldWeatherAlert
  4. Why does the GFS always have a snow dome above us ?
  5. If only it was built yet! Ive seen numerous runs where it leaves out the exact same patch over the last few days! madness!
  6. What is it with GFS leaving the blob/circle out around newcastle/durham area ?
  7. We doing terrible here. Can still/almost see through the snow on the road
  8. Not a great deal here. Small estate roads were covered, now frozen so be very interesting for any cars. Nothing special though....just looks like theres been a light snow shower
  9. Front from the south stalling as it hits Darlington area becoming a lot e
  10. got to be a glitch....the shape of the lower part is exactly same between most frames.
  11. Looks like similar shape popped up on the netweather radar? about level with Whitby?
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