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  1. We doing terrible here. Can still/almost see through the snow on the road
  2. Not a great deal here. Small estate roads were covered, now frozen so be very interesting for any cars. Nothing special though....just looks like theres been a light snow shower
  3. Front from the south stalling as it hits Darlington area becoming a lot e
  4. got to be a glitch....the shape of the lower part is exactly same between most frames.
  5. Looks like similar shape popped up on the netweather radar? about level with Whitby?
  6. Darlington and myself seem to be under a streamer of showers.
  7. GFS looks fairly quiet for any showers tonight for much of the NE
  8. Whats the models suggesting over the next day or so? Havent looked at the MOD thread since tuesday lol
  9. Seem to be getting more intense as they hit land today rather than the sea
  10. Apparently nissan are sending out cars to pick lads up who have been unable to make it into work. With no guarantee of the time they will be home at the end of shift.
  11. Does seem to have vanished tho. cleveland police... giving everyone’s in boro a snow day.