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  1. Is it still heading southwards and less deep? Lost track of some of the posts in the MOD thread
  2. Thought id pop into the Scotland Regionals to see if there was any more detailed discussion on the storm expected wed/thurs. We planning a skiing trip to Glencoe on Thursday and friday so hoping the wind isnt too bad as 50mph+ can cause issues with the chairlift. Getting a lot of variations in the wind speeds all the way out on Thursday from 15mph up to 55mph gusts. Thankfully GFS 18z tonight plays down the wind a bit for the highlands but will be dropping into the thread to see if any more detailed discussions for the area happen.
  3. So foggy tonight. Temps pretty high aswell. 6-8c on way back from washington to Crook. Be interesting to see what the NW'ly brings next week for our region. Hopefully get something from it. The easterly has been terrible (back shift at work so havent seen any early mornings) but its just been 1/2 day light days with a hefty covering of cloud and just generally poor weather all round.
  4. Would class that as south midlands (down to bristol and then eastwards) for someone like us thats right in the North of England in Durham/Newcastle area. Be much more better if people used a city to describe the location rather than North, South, East, NW
  5. If people explained their reasonings behind their presumptions it would make the thread a lot better to those who dont understand fully whats going on. What use is close to brilliant and downgrade all within 3 posts for the same model, same timeframe as doctor pointed out. Justify your thoughts and helps everyone learn better or look at the reasoning for your comments good or bad.
  6. PM.... Polar mass? Sorry, seen the abbreviation used a few times and never been sure what it means,
  7. This it? Looks like I was beaten though wondering which image was the right one. haha
  8. Got to say, Steve has been spot on with his thoughts for the next runs for the GFS chasing the ECM/UKMO.
  9. Whole of UK (minus London) are in -8c uppers on ECM +120
  10. @Bring Back1962-63 Another awesome update as always and its always a pleasure reading through your very informative posts. One of the few posters on here who always makes their posts nice and easy to explain for new kids like myself (who have no idea what all the weather charts mean, but slowly learning) Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank yourself for the efforts you bring to the forum (along with others) and wish you all the best for 2018.
  11. Plenty here in Crook and Hunwick. Seems pretty set in.
  12. I wonder if the models just use a revised version of the previous years outputs.
  13. Fairly warm here tonight +2.5c-4c reported at home. Odd how the road still was sparkly as if to indicate freezing though. All the frozen snow (albeit a bit out of direct sunlight) has now gone. Regarding the wednesday/thursday episodes.....the NE must have some sort of miniature sun in the centre. Once again the snow is a perfect circle around many of us in the NE region/ tees/durham/newcastle. Typical! Could all change though and could only take a 50mile swing.
  14. Wonder how those clouds/rain from the west are going to land. I might go with the above form met office like...could see some snowy showers on higher ground
  15. Dont forget the snow we had last week too! That was a couple inches in a few hours!