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  1. Hi Nick. Hope you can make it out on the tours this year! Thanks for the info. We will as always be renting a Verizon jetpack but have noticed from time to time we still get some gaps in coverage ie, NE OK, NW NEB, and central MO. Wondered if the other networks might still get something there. Hence the SIM will be just for back up! The Three deal looks good.
  2. Hi Tristrame. Thanks for that link. Do you know what carrier/ network Three uses?
  3. Hi guys, a few might know me from brief accidental meet up a few years back USA. BUT all aside wondered what the best deal is available for pre pay data Sims this year. Will be out from 16th May with a pre paid rental MiFI but noticed some fairly good sim deals as back up? What is your experience?, What deal And what Network?. Thanks in advance! Tony
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